Best Gym Equipment Fully Reviewed

Starting an exercise routine is intimidating when you first begin. Walking into the gym and seeing fifty plus different machines with no idea which one does what can be quite daunting. You may be scared that you might use a machine wrong or may fail because you put too much weight on.

With this handy guide, we will walk you through exactly what the most popular exercise equipment does. This list of gym equipment will cover 95% of the exercise equipment you will see at your gym.

The mecca of strength training. This station may be a bit advanced for a beginner but is imperative to any serious strength training routing.

Muscles Used: Everything!

Rogue bar

Great for strength training. This is a necessary purchase when buying a squat station.

Muscles Used: Everything!

Weight Bench

The quintessential multi-purpose machine, primarily used for Chest building.

Muscles Used: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Lats, and Upper back

Sport Bench

The incline bench press is another great workout for chest growth. Make sure you practice proper form as should injuries happen often with this workout.

Muscles Used: Upper chest, deltoids (shoulders), triceps

Glute Ham Developer is effective to strengthen glutes and lower back. Increases glute strength and endurance.

Muscles Used: Glutes and Lower Back

Power Towers

Power Tower is used to perform pull-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, dips, push-ups, and chin-ups.

Muscles Used: Chest, Arms, Legs, Shoulders, Back

Home Fitness Exercise Machine

Reformer Pilates is used to improve flexibility, overall body strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Muscles Used: Overall body

wall ball

Wall Ball can be used for a great cardio workout.

Muscles Used: Back, legs, shoulder and arms

The single most effective machine to stay fit, healthy, burn fat and a complete body workout. Specifically helps increase stamina and strengthening leg muscles.

Indoor Cycling Bike

Increases your overall strength and endurance, it is low impact and is always accessible.

Muscles Used: Lower back, Calf, and Thighs

Threaded EZ Curl Bar

EZ Curl Bar is effective to strengthen arms and wrists. Increases arm strength and endurance.

Muscles Used: Arms, Biceps and Triceps

Cable Crossover

Grips are attached to cables. A number of exercises can be performed with this. A real toolbox of exercises. Do some research to find exercises that work for you.

Muscles Used: It depends on exercise performed. Potential to hit every muscle.

Dip Station with Rings

Lower your body and lift up! It is super important to practice good form to avoid shoulder issues.

Muscles Used: Triceps and deltoids (shoulders)

Sport Bench

Similar to the hyperextension bench but hits your abs. Practice to gain correct posture and form for maximum benefit and minimize injury risk.

Muscles Used: Abs

Adjustable Dumbbells

A handle with a weight attached at the end. A staple of any exercise program.

Muscles Used: Anything you want

Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Pull yourself up so your chin is above the bar. Fantastic upper body workout.

Muscles Used: Back, shoulders, abs, biceps

Vinyl Dipped Kettle Bell

There are literally tons of ways you can use the kettlebell. Good for strength training and cardio. Get some training on how to use it to prevent injury.

Muscles Used: Depends on the exercise

GRID Foam Roller

Not exactly an exercise but a good tool for reducing soreness and flexibility. This will make you a happy gym goer.

Muscles Used: Everything

Lat Pull Down

Pull the bar towards your chest and squeeze your back. This workout will give you wings!

Muscles Used: Upper/lower back

Leg Ext Curl Machine

Lift the weight with your quads. Squeeze at the top. Great exercise for leg strengthing, and even injury rehabilitation.

Muscles Used: Quads

Indoor Rowing Machine

All-in-one exercise device that will give you a fantastic cardio workout, burn a ton of calories and provide a great back, shoulder and leg workout. Increases your overall strength and endurance, it is low impact and is always accessible.

Muscles Used: Back, shoulder and legs.

Pec Deck Machine

An assisted exercise that isolates the chest.

Muscles used: Chest


A good all around exercise tool. Good to have around the house. Good for stretching and body weight fitness

Muscles used: Everything!

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