Bench Press Reviews, Benefits, and Technique Breakdown

Updated January 11, 2019

The bench press is an important piece of equipment for your garage gym. We have carefully analyzed all of the bench's on the market and put together the best bench press reviews that you will find. We have listed the 4 top bench presses that are currently on the market below:

Best Bench Press Reviews


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Bench Press Techniques


Gyms can be pretty intimidating for newcomers. They visited the gym for the first time, yet they barely have any idea what to do first other than follow the instructions they have read from the internet. The question is, are you doing it properly? The bench press is one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment (next to the power rack) known to build up massive and strong muscles in the upper body. But what newbies do not know very well is that when their bench press techniques are done wrongly, it can lead to aching muscles, missed routine time in the gym and serious injuries. The best lifters in the world have perfected their bench press techniques because they have spent a lot of time to know which of the right muscles should they use in order to get into the right positions, and even move the right equipment at the most efficient path as possible. For people who have little to no knowledge about the right path in putting up the weights, they stray from the goal they were trying to achieve.

Avoid These Mistakes...


Bouncing the bar – when you bring the bottom portion of this equipment, avoid bouncing it to your chest or body. This will cheat you into thinking that you have successfully lifted the bar back up, when all it did was create a momentum that makes the barbell lift easier. Doing so will not only hinder your progress, you are raising the possibility of hurting your rib cage, especially if the weights are too heavy. If you always end up bouncing the bar towards your chest, it means that the weight is too heavy. Try reducing the weight first, until the weight is enough to touch your chest lightly. Put more emphasis on your strength by pausing the barbell on the chest, before you push it upwards.

Elbows are too high – if you do this exercise with the elbows directly at your sides, you are placing too much strain on the elbows and shoulder capsules. Looking at your posture from a distance, this can lead to a shift of the path of the barbell over the collarbones rather than over the sternum, which will increase the travel distance of the bar. Rather than doing the aforementioned, grip the bar a little bit narrower and then keep the elbows close to the ribcage as you bring the bar down. Overhead, from the upper-arms into a 45 degree angle together with the torso.

You will find more mistakes committed by rookies mostly, but if you approach a gym instructor, they will help you improve your posture and position, and then show you a way to properly handle the bench press.

Bench Press Benefits

Properly handling the bench press equipment will activate a lot of muscles in your body, particularly the upper part. This is why many people add the bench press equipment to their garage gyms or home gyms, because they get to reap the benefits out of it. It builds up your strength for performing push ups, improves power in your performance for sports and even build up the bone density of the upper body. Various medicine schools encourage middle aged and higher age groups to focus on free-weight, multi-joint exercises as this is the way to improve bone mass, muscular endurance and muscular strength. These statements were shared by various bench press reviews from various online stores.


Build-up power – power is the main measure of fitness in many competitive and recreational athletes. This is the ability to exert strength or force, through a given distance as quickly as possible. By using the bench press added to your daily exercise, it will increase the strength of your upper body. The more your strength grows, put more focus by repeating the exercise as fast as you can. Do this exercise in six sets of 3 to 6 quick repetitions in order to increase power.

Improve density of your bones – Several studies suggest that the mineral accumulation of the bones peak during puberty, while the peak density of the bone reached in the late twenties. Add the bench press into your daily exercise routine of the main upper-body, as it will cause the bone cells in depositing bone tissue, which is involved during the bench press: chest, shoulder, hand, and arm bones.

There are more bench press techniques and benefits that you can get from this equipment. Research more about it, or preferably ask a gym instructor to guide you so that you will avoid committing mistakes that rookie deals.

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