Best Punching Bags Reviews

You don’t have to be a boxer to include a punching bag as part of your home gym equipment roster. Spending time on the heavy bag is one of the best things you can do to get in shape. It will provide you with a great overall workout, with an emphasis on churning through the calories.

In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know to make the best informed purchasing decision possible. We’ll also provide you with a some great sample workouts as well as reviews of the three best heavy bag stands on the current market.

Best Punching Bags at a Glance

Best Heavy Punch Bags Reviews

#1. Everlast MMA 70 Pound Heavy Punching Bag

Punching Bag Review

The Everlast MMA 70 Pound Heavy Punching Bag comes as part of a kit which provides you with a polycanvas heavy bag, a pair of hand-wraps and a pair of bag gloves. The inner filling of this bag is a blend of natural and synthetic fibers,which is typical of Everlast heavy bags. This provides you with superior shock absorbency, which is a key reason that we have rated the Everlast MMA as our favorite heavy bag for home use.

This bag is not as heavy as what you would find in a commercial gym. That’s because those bags are designed for a lot more punishment and for users of all different sizes and shapes. At 70 pounds the bag is ideal for Muay Thai and other martial arts applications. If you’re a bigger guy who is solely into boxing, however, you will probably want to upgrade to the 100 pound version of this bag.

The Everlast MMA 70 pound bag provides you with a good amount of give when you strike it, which is important for avoiding injury, especially when you are practicing your kicking technique. The chain that comes with the bag is adjustable so you can hang it at just the right height for you. You also get a pair of heavy duty nylon straps to help to securely hang the bag. 


  • ​Comes with hand wraps and gloves
  • ​Great shock absorbency
  • Adjustable chain


  • May be too light for larger boxers

#2. RDX Punching Bag Kit

Boxing Kit Review

The RDX Punching Bag Kit provides you with a heavy duty RDX punching bag, a wall bracket, hand wraps, steel chain, jump rope, hand gripper, boxing gloves, punch bag strap and boxing glove keyring, making it the most complete kit we have come across. The bag is filled with shredded textiles, which have been chosen due to their shock absorbing capacity. However, you may find that, after years of use, the textile padding may tend to sink, leaving you with not enough padding at the top of the bag. However there is a zip opening at the top of the bag which allows you to add more interior filling if you wish.

The exterior of this bag features twin coated Rex leather. This is a synthetic leather which is very strong and durable. That means no tearing and assists in the bag’s shock absorbing capability. It is also waterproof but you wouldn’t want to leave this bag outside for extended periods of time. There are four heavy duty D rings at the top of the bag for you to attach the chain. These are both rivetted and double stitched to the bag for extra strength.

This is a good choice for beginners, providing you with everything you need to get started in the world of boxing training.


  • ​Lots of extras
  • ​Good shock absorbency
  • ​Zip opening


  • Textile padding may sink to the bottom of the bag over time

#3. Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Duty Bag

Heavy Duty Bag

The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Duty Bag is a beast of a bag that weighs in at 130 pounds. That makes this one ideal for big guys who weigh in at more than 200 pounds. At 72 inches in height this is the tallest bag that Outslayer produce. That makes it ideal for all of your low kick and knee strike practice as well as your high kicks and punches. Twelve-inch straps allow you to adjust the height of the bag in order to customize for your requirements. Outslayer use top quality filler and cover material to ensure that their bags provide you with plenty of shock absorbency. It is filled with fabric and the exterior is the same heavy duty that is used on the Outslayer 300 pound bag.

Unlike many inferior quality bags, the Outslayer Heavy Duty Muay Thai bag will not produce hard and soft spots with time. The surface will remain even throughout. 


  • 130 pounds
  • Adjustable straps
  • 72 inches long


  • ​Fabric may sink over time

#4. Ringside Boxing Muay Thai 100 Pound Heavy Bag

Kicking Punching Heavy Bag

The Ringside Boxing 100 pound heavy bag is a long full length heavy duty bag designed for Muay Thai and other martial arts training. The strong resilient powerhide exterior provides you with a very tough covering that ensures no tears while providing a smooth contact with your skin. The inside of the bag is filled with 2-inch soft fill, providing you with a good deal of protection when you pound your hand into the bag. Every seam in this bag is solid and tight, giving you confidence that the bag will last for many years to come.

With this bag you get a choice of colors, including red and black. The hanging straps are supported by sturdy steel rivets and sturdy stitching. You get an impressive 10-year warranty with this product. However there is a rather heavy shipping cost on this product. The bag also has a rather slippery surface, which may cause your punch to glance off target.


  • Strong Powerhide exterior
  • 2 inch soft fill
  • Choice of colors
  • 10 -year warranty


  • High shipping cost
  • Slippery surface

#5. Combat Sports MMA Heavy Duty Bag

Fitness Workout punching bag

The Combat Sports MMA Heavy Duty Bag is 72 inches in length and a diameter of just 12 inches. The exterior of the bag is made from a heavy duty synthetic leather which is forgiving and is more comfortable to strike with your unprotected hands and feet than canvas exterior bags.

The fabric filling of the bag provides you with a good level of impact absorbency. However, it does have a tendency to settle, leaving the top of the bag with not enough padding.

This bag comes in a dark black color and is rather lightweight for its size. This bag is lighter than many bags this size which will give it a tendency to swing more than usual. 


  • 72 inches long
  • Heavy duty synthetic leather exterior
  • Good level of absorbency


  • ​Inner fabric lining tends to settle to the bottom

#6. Combat Sports Double End Training Bag

Double-End Heavy Bag

The Combat Sports Double End Training bag is a 45 pound bag that is shaped like an hourglass. This bag is ideal for practicing uppercuts without fear of wrist pain due to the unique shaping and angles.

The bag can be attached both below and above or, if you prefer, above only. This provides it with the versatility that you don’t normally see in a heavy bag. The top portion works just as a standard heavy bag while the lower portion is great for practicing your lower body shots. The hourglass design also makes it unlikely that the filling will sag to the bottom of the bag.


  • Hourglass design
  • Top and bottom attachment


  • ​Only 45 pounds

#7. Everlast 70 Pound Canvas Heavy Bag

Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

The Everlast 70 Pound Canvas Heavy Bag contains a special blender fill of sanatized synthetic and natural fibers that provide a good level of shock absorbency.The premium synthetic polycanvas exterior is extremely durable, ensuring that this bag will last the distance.

The bag features heavy duty nylon straps that are double stitched to the bag to provide extra strength while the double strap loop provides enhanced functionality. This is a high quality no frills bag that does its job well.


  • Good level of shock absorbency
  • Heavy duty nylon straps


  • ​Chains needs to be thicker

#8. Aqua Training 190 Pound Punching Bag

High Comfort Inversion Table

The Aqua Training 190 Pound Punching Bag is a unique water filled tear drop shaped heavy bag. A great advantage of of this bag is that it ships unfilled so only weighs 15 pounds, keeping your shipping costs way down. The water inner feels very much like striking a human body when you hit the bag.

It is also great for learning how to hit through your target. In addition the unique tear drop design allows for a great deal of training versatility and is great for practicing your upper cuts.Your purchase of the Aqua training bag comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Water filled
  • Low shipping cost
  • Natural human body feel
  • Great for uppercuts


  • Not as big as a traditional heavy bag

Types of Punching Bags

Free Standing Punching Bag

A free standing heavy punching bag stands on a base from the floor rather than being hung from the ceiling. Many freestanding bags have wheels that allow them to be easily moved around. It can be stored away after use making it ideal for people who have limited training space in their home. Freestanding bags are also a great option for kicking workouts.

Suspended Punching Bag

This is the most common and popular type of heavy bag. It is suspended from the ceiling with a chain. This is another good option for small spaces, so long as you are able to make holes in the ceiling, as it doesn’t take up much floor space.

Angled Heavy Bag

The angled heavy bag is very similar to the heavy bag except that it has an angled surface. This is beneficial when you want to practice your uppercuts, but is also suitable for all other types of training.

Kickboxing Bag

A kickboxing punching bag is longer than those that are designed for boxing training. They are typically more than sixty inches in length.

Uppercut Punching Bag

Uppercut Punching Bag

An uppercut punching bag is a pared down version of the heavy bag that is specifically designed for practicing your uppercuts.

The uppercut punching bag is attached to the wall. This is a specialist piece of boxing training equipment that most people won’t need in their home gym.

Speed Bag

The speed bag is a much lighter and smaller bag that is filled with air. It allows for a very quick workout and is great for practicing your hand eye coordination. This is a ceiling mounted bag, but some are also mounted to the wall.

Mexican Double End Bag

The Mexican double end is a basketball shaped bag, usually made of leather that has two tight coils above and below that connects it to the ceiling and floor. It is similar to the speed bag in that it reverberates back to you quite quickly. However, unlike the speed bag, it comes back like a real opponent. This makes it great for dodging and swerving.

Large Maize Bag

The maize bag has a unique oblong design that is bigger at the base. It hangs at about the level of the head and it used for training head movement as well as uppercuts and hooks. It’s not very effective for body training, however, so you probably wouldn’t want this as your main bag.

Teardrop Punching Bag

The teardrop bag is a smaller bag that is best for training for agility, coordination, timing and speed. Because it swings more than many other bags, it is also good for practicing your head movements.

Best Brand - Everlast Punching Bag

Most people, even those who are not boxing fans, are familiar with the Everlast brand. Needless to say it is the most iconic brand in the industry.It is also the biggest player in the martial arts training gear market. Everlast make some great bags and we’ve got the best of them reviewed right here.

Consider buying these Bag Stands

A good punching bag matches well with a reliable and sturdy Bag Stand. Here is a review of some of the bag stands that will help you train hard with your heavy bag.

Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Stand

Heavy Bag Stand

The Everlast 2 Station Heavy Bag Station is a popular heavy bag stand that does its job well. The stand is made from heavy powder coated tubular steel and has solid support legs and bracing. It also has three weight pegs to allow you to stack your weight plates onto the base in order to provide extra stability.

This bag stand can take heavy bags up to 100 pounds in weight and you can even add an adjustable height speed bag to the unit. This unit fits together easily and comes with clear instructions. The only downside with this one is that it is a little larger than usual, so you had better check the dimensions against your available space before committing to the purchase.

Outslayer Heavy Duty Muay Thai Bag Stand

Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand

The Outslayer Heavy Duty Muay Thai Bag Stand is the beast of the heavy bag stand market, giving you a huge 350 pound maximum bag capacity. That is a lot more than most other bag stands on the market. Outslayer will customize the height of the stand to your specific requirements. The legs can also be adjusted from their standard 30 inches by an extra 12-15 inches in order to provide more stability.

This stand also comes with four empty sandbags to allow you to weight down the base. This bag stands 7.8 feet tall, making it suitable for most martial arts training applications. The 17 inch distance from the vertical stand to the bag gives you confidence that you won’t accidentally kick the stand.

Titan Dual Action Boxing Station

Dual Station Boxing Stand

The Titan Dual Action Boxing Station is a very stable dual bag stand that will take a heavy bag up to one hundred pounds as well as a speed bag at the same time. This unit is made from powder coated heavy duty tubular steel. It features a wider than normal base that is angled for even greater stability.Three weight pegs on the base provide you with more rigidity. The overall height of this bag is 83.5 inches, so make sure that you’ve got the room height for it.

What to look for in a Punching Bag?

There are five key buying considerations when you are after a heavy punching bag. Let’s take them one at a time . . .

What to look for in a Punching Bag?
  • Size/Weight: There is an easy way to determine
    the ideal weight of a heavy punching bag for you –
    it should be half of your bodyweight. So, if you weigh in at two hundred pounds, you will want a bag that weighs a hundred pounds. You want a bag that provides you with as thick a diameter as possible. If you’re a Muay Thai fighter, however, you will probably want a longer thinner bag. The standard bag height is between four and five feet.

  • Bag Type: The type of bag that you purchase is determined by how much room you have available and by the type of training that you do. The heavy bag is the best choice for training the power of your punches and kicks. The speed bag is best for training for eye and hand coordination.

  • Construction Material: You want the outer material of your heavy punching bag to be extremely durable. The best materials are leather, heavy duty vinyl or synthetic leather. Inside the bag should be materials that will not sink to the bottom – if they do the top part of the bag will be left without any padding at all, which will be pretty hard on your hands. The bag should be filled with some type of fiber material. You don’t want to buy a bag which is filled with sand as it will probably sink to the bottom of the bag.

    Bags that are made from foam padding are the best at absorbing the impact of your punches and kicks. Foam padded bags are the easiest on your hands.

    You can buy heavy bags that are made from canvas and these are usually the cheapest on the market. However, we advise you not to purchase a canvas heavy bag as it feels uncomfortable on the hands and feet when you strike it. Synthetic leather is the most popular option because it is cheaper than leather and feels good against the skin.

  • Brand: With a lot of products out there, brand is not that important. You can often find little known brands that are actually of better quality than the big players. That is usually not the case with heavy boxing bags. The best and most reputable heavy boxing bags are Century, Everlast and Ringside. However, don’t go by brand alone. There is plenty of range within these brands from mediocre to outstanding.

  • Hanging or Freestanding: You need to decide between buying a freestanding or a ceiling mounted hanging heavy bag. The freestanding bag has the obvious advantage that it is portable. Also, if you are in rented accommodation it will allow you to have a heavy punching bag in your workout area without having to put holes in the ceiling. The downside of a freestanding bag is that it is nowhere near as stable as a ceiling hung bag. So, if you have the room for it and the freedom to hang a chain from the ceiling, then you are better off going with the standard chain hung bag.

What to look for in a Punching Bag Stand?

What to look for in a Punching Bag Stand
  • Maximum Weight: You want to go with a boxing stand with the heaviest weight that you can afford. Obviously the higher the weight, the better the construction material and the stability of the unit. Most bags will weigh a hundred pounds or less so you want a weight capacity that is at least 250 pounds.

  • Height: Most bag stands have a height of between 85 and 90 inches. With most heavy bags having a length of between 45 and 60 inches, this should be a good height. However, if you are buying a Muay Thai bag that is longer than a standard heavy boxing bag, you will want to buy a taller bag stand. You’ll know if the bag is the right height when the top of the hung bag is at the level of your head. The best boxing stands are adjustable so that you can customize the height of the bag. Just make sure that the mechanism is very sound so that it will not drop when you are half way through your workout.

  • Stability: You want the bag stand to be as stable as possible. To ensure that the unit is as stable as possible, you should look for extended base stabilizers. Some also have weights at the base to counterbalance.

  • Space: A boxing stand takes up a large amount of space so you need to check the footprint to see if it will fit into your available space. Be sure to add a few feet around that footprint to give yourself plenty of room to move.

  • Bag Distance: It is important to consider how far from the vertical upright the bag actually hangs. You don’t want it to be too close or you will end up either kicking or hitting it, which could cause a rather nasty accident. You want a distance of at least 15 inches between the bag and the upright pole.

  • Extras: The bag stand will be designed to hold a heavy bag, but if it comes with extra provision for taking a speed bag or a Mexican double end bag, all the better.

How to use a Punching Bag?

How to use a Punching Bag?

When you are punching straight on to a heavy bag it is vital that you hit flush with your knuckles. You should land the shot palm down on the bag. Do not connect with the top of your knuckles or with your fist angled or you will likely sprain your

When you are practicing your hook shoots, you should come in closer to the bag. In fact, you can come right in and rest your head on the bag. Hooks that are taken from too far out will lose power and probably sprain the wrist. The hook should be landed with the knuckles flat on the bag.

When you are practicing body shots, come down low on the bag, with your knees bent and punch into the bag with your palms up. Again the knuckles should connect with the bag in a flush position.

When you practice slipping punches on the bag, move your head to the opposite side of the bag as you quickly slip punches into the solar plexus region of the bag. You should also learn how to make use of the movement of the bag. When the bag is swinging back toward you you need to learn how to both defend and attack it. As the bag comes back, you should swivel around to the other side of it and attack from that side, constantly transitioning from side to side as you progress through the workout.  

Benefits of Punching Bag Workout and Training

Benefits of Punching Bag Workout and Training
  • Full Body Training: When you train on a punching bag, you are getting an effective full body workout.
    It will directly work the muscles of your shoulders, arms and waist, with the constant crouching for hooks also working the legs. Of course you get more leg involvement when you add kicks to the workout.

  • Cardio Workout: Working out on a punching bag
    is a whole lot more interesting than walking on a treadmill or pedalling on a stationary bike. It is also a far more effective calorie burner than either of those exercises. Making the heavy bag part of your cardio workout circuit is a great way to burn off that excess bodyfat, too.

  • Core Strength Development: ​Working on the heavy bag is a great way to develop the strength of your core. Your core is the basis of your punching power and the heavy bag will help to develop the intercostals, obliques and rectus abdominus. The weight transfer from one punch to the next is also building your core strength.

Popular Punching Bag Workouts

Here’s a popular 8 exercise punching bag circuit workout that was first published in Men’s Fitness magazine. Complete the circuit before taking a short 30 second rest. Go through 5 rounds of the circuit to complete your workout. 

Popular Punching Bag Workouts

Punching Bag Circuit Workout

Here’s a popular 8 exercise punching bag circuit workout that was first published in Men’s Fitness magazine. Complete the circuit before taking a short 30 second rest. Go through 5 rounds of the circuit to complete your workout.

Exercise 1: Low Kick-Right Leg

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Kick the lower half of the bag, as if aiming for an opponent’s leg. Pivot on your support foot and turn your hip over as you deliver the kick, to maximize power. Complete five low kicks.

Exercise 2: High Kick-Right Leg

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Kick the upper half of the bag, as if aiming for an opponent’s head. Keep your hands raised as if guarding your chin. Throw five kicks.

Exercise 3: Low Kick-Left Leg

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Repeat the low kicks on the left leg.

Exercise 4: High Kick-Left Leg

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Repeat the high kicks on the left leg.

Exercise 5: Punches

Reps: 20 Rest: 0 sec.

Perform 20 straight punches on the bag, alternating hands. Keep your guard up and turn your hips into each punch.

Exercise 6: Left Hook

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Perform five left hooks—swing your arm in an arc to hit the side of the bag.

Exercise 7: Right Hook

Reps: 5 Rest: 0 sec.

Perform five on the right side.

Exercise 8: Knee Strike

Reps: 5 Rest: 30 sec.

Drive one knee up into the bag. Repeat on the other leg.

Heavy Bag Circuit Training

The following workout incorporates heavy bag training as part of an overall circuit to really tax your heart and lungs while also burning the maximum amount of body-fat. Once again go through the entire circuit, with 30 seconds at each station before taking a 30 second breather. Work through the circuit 5 times.

  • Jump Rope
  • Heavy Bag - uppercuts
  • Push ups
  • Heavy Bag - high kick
  • Mountain climbers
  • Heavy Bag - crosses
  • Plank
  • Heavy Bag - jabs
  • Jump Rope


The best punching bag on the current market is the Everlast MMA 70 Pound Heavy Punching Bag, which provides you with hand wraps and gloves, great shock absorbency and an adjustable chain.

Our runner up is the RDX Punching Bag Kit, with its good shock absorbency, zip opening and lots of extras. Rounding out our top three is the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Duty Bag, which delivers a heavy 130 pound heavy bag, 72 inch length and adjustable straps for a customized fit.

Top 3 Punching Bags

Everlast MMA 70 Pound Heavy Punching Bag

Our #1. Recommendation

Everlast MMA 70 Pound Heavy Punching Bag

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