Everlast Punching Bags Review

Everlast are the most recognised name in boxing and are heading that way in MMA as well. But does that reputation mean that they also provide the best punching bags on the market. That’s the question that this article will answer. We’ll review three of the best that Everlast have to offer and then compare them with three competitor models.

Best Everlast Punching Bags and Kits

#1. Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit

Punching Bag Kit

If you are a serious boxer or mixed martial artist, then the Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit is the bag for you. It provides you with everything you need to get started on your boxing journey, including a pair of quality gloves, hand wraps, a stretchable cord that allows you to adjust the height of the bag and a bungy cord to assist the adjustment. The bag’s interior padding is made up of a very tough poly canvas material that delivers a high level of shock absorbency.This composite filling prevents the contents from settling to the bottom of the bag over time, so that you won’t have an uneven bag with hardly any padding up top.

A synthetic leather outer covering provides you with a tough skin that will not tear and also provides a comfortable feel against the skin (though you are still advised to wear gloves and footwear when striking this bag). This bag and accessories represent very good value. Everlast products are of very high quality and the company provides excellent follow up and after sales service. 


  • Composite filling provides great shock absorbency
  • Many extras
  • Strong synthetic leather exterior


  • ​Only 70 pounds

#2. Everlast 70 Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

Poly Canvas punching bag

The Everlast 70 Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag is a lighter bag than many on the market. The interior filling of this bag is a composite of synthetic and natural fibers. This blend is great for enhanced shock absorbency and will not sink to the bottom of the bag, so that you will maintain a good level padding throughout the entire bag for the life of the bag, avoiding soft and hard spots. The enhanced padding also provides a decent level of give when you strike the bag, which helps to avoid injury. This makes it a great option for MMA trainers who are working on their heavy kicking technique.

The Everlast 70 Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag comes with a heavy chain which is adjustable so that you can customize your bag height. You also get heavy nylon straps to assist in hanging the bag. This bag can be used for children’s training as well as people who are new to the world of heavy bag training. You can even use this bag for wrestling practice.

This Everlast bag is not designed for heavy users or advanced boxers and martial artists. It will probably be too light for them and will swing around too much under the force of heavy striking. These people will probably want to step it up to 100 pounds. The canvas exterior of the bag is not very comfortable on hour skin, so make sure that you are wearing gloves or footwear while training. 


  • Synthetic and natural filling
  • Great shock absorbency
  • Heavy chain


  • Not heavy enough for experienced fighters

#3. Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Punching Bag

Heavy Punching Bag

The Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Punching Bag is a lightweight bag mainly designed for women. This is indeed a lightweight bag, at just 40 pounds. The surface of this bag is also softer and it has a hot pink exterior, just to reinforce just who its target demographic is. This bag is intended for women who want a great cardiovascular workout while also working every muscle group in your entire body. 

This bag is also ideal for women, children and lighter men who are new to boxing and MMA training to practice their punches and kicks. It is not, however, suitable for more advanced trainers. Your purchase includes the filled bag and straps to hang it. The bag hanger is not included so you will have to but this separately, though it is not very expensive. 

The shell of this bag is constructed from synthetic leather with reinforced webbing. This provides you with a very durable and comfortable exterior, so you will don’t have to put up with hand pain. Of course, you should wear gloves and footwear when training on this bag. The interior padding of the Cardioblast Heavy Bag is a high density foam material that provides you with a good level of shock absorbency and that is softer on your hands than many other heavy bags. At just 40 pounds, this is an ideal bag for cardio as the bag will return to you more quickly than heavier bags. The top of the bag features a zipper which allows you to either add or subtract padding to customize the thickness of the bag. 


  • Ideal for women
  • Great shock absorbency
  • Ideal for cardio training
  • Zipper at top of bag


  • Not heavy enough for hard hitting and kicking

Alternate Punching Bags Brand:

RDX Punching Bag

The RDX Punching Bag Kit is an ideal starter bag kit for novices or those who have no boxing or MMA gear at all. It provides you
with everything you need to throw yourself in heavy bag training and more. Your purchase comes complete with the following:

Punching bag with accessories
  • A heavy duty RDX punching bag
  • A wall bracket, hand wraps
  • Steel chain
  • Jump rope
  • Hand gripper
  • Boxing gloves
  • Punch bag strap
  • Boxing glove keyring

The interior filling of the RDX heavy bag consists of shredded textiles. This is in comparison to the high density foam that is used in the majority of everlast heavy bags. The foam and textile give you a pretty similar level of shock absorbency, but the problem with textiles is that they have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the bag over time, leaving the top portion of the bag unprotected. There is, however, a zipper at the top of the bag which allows you to add more padding, so this partially offsets that problem,.

The outer layer of the RDX heavy bag consists of twin coated Rex leather, a synthetic leather that is hardy and smooth. The material is also waterproof. The bag is fitted with four heavy duty D rings to hang from the ceiling and these are both rivetted and double stitched to the top of the bag for extra durability.

The RDX kit is our go to bag for beginners but doesn’t match to the Everlast range when it comes to experienced boxers and MMA fighters.


  • Lots of extras
  • Good shock absorbency
  • Zip opening


  • ​Textile padding may sink to the bottom of the bag over time

Life Gears Black Canvas Punching Bag

Black Canvas Punching Bag

The Life Gears Black Canvas Punching Bag is a budget alternative heavy bag for those who are on a tight budget. This bag arries unfilled, so you have to provide the interior padding yourself. You can use anything from plastic bags, to old clothes,sand or dirt. This bag is 48 inch long with a width of 17 inches. The chain that is supplied with it is 40 inches long. The exterior material is canvas, which is not overly hand friendly, so be sure to wear gloves or footwear when striking this bag. Canvas also has a tendency to sweat which may make for a slippery surface. One advantage of canvas is that it can be hung outdoors under your carport with no wear or tear damage.

The weight, shock absorbency and reflexiveness of this bag will be very much dependent on the filling that you put in it. This is a decent training bag for those looking for a cheap option, but not in the league of the Everlast range of heavy bags. 


  • Inexpensive
  • 48 inch length
  • Sturdy 40 inch chain


  • ​Not supplied with filling
  • Canvas may sweat and become slippery

Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag

Workout punching bag

The Flexzion Heavy Punching Bag provides you with all the mounting hardware that you need to set up the bag with your purchase, which not that many bag sellers give you. The bag comes to you unfilled. This has the immediate advantage of providing you with a low shipping cost. However, you also have the hassle of filling the bag up yourself. The quality of the bag ultimately depends on the type of fill that you put into the bag. In terms of shock absorbency and give your best best is probably old rags. However, these have a tendency to sink over time, so you may prefer going with sand.

As with the Life Gears bag the Flexzion heavy punching bag represents very good value when compared to pre filled Everlast bags (remember you also have to pay a sizeable shipping cost with those bags). 


  • Includes set up hardware
  • Low shipping cost
  • Can select own fill


  • May be too short for some users

Why Everlast?

Everlast is arguably the most well known and iconic name in the boxing and martial arts worlds.The company has been around since 1910, when it was started in New York’s Bronx as a manufacturer of swimwear. The 17 year old who started the company, Jacob Galomb, guaranteed that the swimsuits would last for more than a year and so named them Everlast. The first range of boxing gear was produced in 1917, after Jack Dempsey asked them to make headgear that would last for longer than 15 rounds. Since that time, Everlast has sponsored many of the heavyweight stars of the boxing worlds, most notable among them of whom was Muhammad Ali.

In 2007, after 90 years of operation, the company was acquired by British Retail Group Sports Direct, who remain their parent company. They have since then expanded in the MMA market. They have been awarded the World MMA Award for Best Technical Equipment Brand five times, most recently in 2016.

Everlast boxing equipment is manufactured out of Moberly, Missouri. Other equipment is manufactured outside of the United States under license. Everlast products are sold all over the world. It has been the brand of choice for many of the world’s best athletes. Over the past century, Everlast have established a reputation of excellence that sets them apart from many of their competitors. They are also known for the excellent level of their customer service. 


Everlast are the most well known and one of the most popular players in the boxing and MMA heavy bag market. Over more than a century they have forged an enviable reputation as a producer of top quality training gear and a provider of excellent after sales attention. Our favorite Everlast heavy bag is the Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit which provides you with a strong synthetic leather exterior, composite filling to provide great shock absorbency and comes with a host of extras. Running a close second is the Everlast 70 Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag, with its synthetic and natural filling, great shock absorbency and a heavy chain. Completing our top 3 is the Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Punching Bag, which is a great training bag for the ladies, being especially designed for a hard and fast cardio workout. 

Top 3 Everlast Punching Bags

Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit

Our #1. Recommendation

Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit

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