51 Gifts For Fitness Lovers [Men’s version]

updated January 1, 2019

Buying gifts for guys is never easy. When that guy happens to be a fitness fanatic, though, life gets a whole lot easier. The massive worldwide fit trend has seen a plethora of funky new gadgets, machines and technology pour onto the market to sweat along to. Here are 51 of the newest and best fitness gifts for men. They’re guaranteed to give your fitness junkie a fix that will power him into 2016 and beyond.

Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings

This is a premium workout ring set that includes two 11” wooden rings, two 1.5” by 15’ trainers and 1.5” military grade webbing straps. Everything you need for a great workout on the go!

Emerge Speed Jump Rope

A fully adjustable ten foot long cable exercise training rope. High precision cartridge ball bearings provide seamless revolutions and are easily adjustable.

 Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Compact and lightweight fitness bands made of tough, tear resistant material complete with non-slip grips. Suitable for any type of strength workout.

lifting straps

Improve your grip and lift more weight with these high performance no slip grip straps. The manufacturers are so confident that your workouts will be transformed by these straps that they offer a life-time guarantee.

Cooling towel

When you dampen this towel it creates a cooling aid significanty lighter than ambient air. The towel is super evaporative, making it great for relieving heat stress and fighting fatigue.

Fitness Dice

Finally - a game that gets you fit as it entertains. Fitness dice by strength Stack is a bodyweight exercise workout game that challenges every fitness level. Video instructions included.

working out journal

This diary, notebook, fitness journal allows you to keep full account of your health and fitness journey. The jourrnal includes a ‘goals met’ checkbox, along with pages to record cardio activity, strength sessions and vitamins.

bottle prostack

This nifty and stylish blender bottle includes a storage compartment for powders, pills, and supplement. It includes a 22 ounce capacity blender bottle along with patented blender ball abd patented wire whisk.

Yoga Mat Strap Sling

An all natural 100% cotton sling that fits all yoga and exercise mats to extend your workout options.

 Yoga EVO Ab Wheel

The contoured foam handles and non slip wheel make this fantastic ab exercise device comfortable and stable to allow for an extended time of use.Your purchase includes knee pad and online video access.


A fantastic nutritional resource with over 150 delicious recipes illustrarted with full color photos. Includes over 100 gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives.

water bottle

A water bottle designed for the active user. It allows for one click opening, a side strap and non-toxic and eco-friendly construction. The premium design and functionality are a bonus.

workout belt

A great running belt that allows you to go hands free while running or hiking. Now you can run with your phone, keys and coins without any hassle. Features an internal pocket system with two openings around the belt.

fitness dice

Roll the dice to get active with 18 exercises on four different dice. A great, fun way to get your workout while you play.

 INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD

Shaun T’s classic insanity workout program that kicks it into overdrive. This one will make you dig deeper than you’ve ever dug before.

Fitdeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards

These sets of playing card sized laminated exercise cards features clear descriptions along with target goals. Each set contains a range of selected workouts. They even have a set just for kids.

kettlebell weights

Help develop strength, power, endurance and balance with this stylish kettlebell that features a vinyl shell to protect from wear and tear.

short sleeve running fitness

The ultimate workout top whch features soft, breathable and moisture wicking fabrics to keep you dry and comfortable. Constructed of stretchy and flexible material that contour to your body to improve performance.

Ailun Armband

Listen to your favorite music hands free while you’re exercising while keeping your device free from shock, moisture and gravity.

Live Infinity 32 oz Water Infuser Bottles

This top of the line infuser bottle includes a convenient thumb release top lid, dual no slip grips, and a full length infuser rod.

High Protein Fitness Box

A great gift for guys who are packing on muscle - a box full of 20 high protein snacks, bars and cookies - all of them GMO free.


A top quality 60 inch bar that features thread ends and spin lock collars for quick release. The bar weighs in at 16 pounds.

Fitlosophy Fitbook

A Pack of 4 Fitbook 12-week fitness and nutrition journals to get on track and stay on track for the next 12 months

Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots

EZ-Up Gravity Boots offer a lightweight and portable inversion solution that can be used with select Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Tables, Inversion Racks and Bars, or even on secure, appropriately-sized bars at the gym. Aside from standard inverted decompression and stretching, the EZ-Up Gravity Boots allow you to comfortably perform inverted exercises including core strengthening and leg workouts.

workout bar

An extremely stable way of turning any doorway into a multi grip chinning bar. It also allows you to do dips, pull ups and hanging leg raises.

adjustable hand exercise

maximise your grip strength with the silent, indestructible and adjustable death grip. Crafted entirely of thermoplastic nylon and steel, this unit is so strong that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

fitness ab carver

Here’s a fantastic carbon steel spring loaded ab and arm workout device that utilises kinetic energy to give you a gut busting workout.

workout glove

A pair of leather padding fingerless gloves to enhance your training grip, prevent sweat slipping, improve friction and make it easier to complete your lift.

jump rope

An extremely high quality never kink fitness rope specially designed for cross-fitters and boxers. Incorporates premium quality, speed ball bearings and a 360-degree swivel ending.

Buddy Lee Aero Speed Hyperformance Training Jump Rope

Designed specifically for speed and power jumping, this rope features a patented swivel bearing system for ultra-smooth fat turning action and ergonomically designed six inch handles.

Susama Yoga Towel

This skidless anti-slip towel is the perfect size for your yoga & pilates mat. The Susama towel is non-skid, slip free, sweat absorbing and light. Grips even more when damp during hot yoga.

exercise ball

This robust ball is durable enough to withstand harsh treatment in diverse training applications. A great options for guys who want to combine with a dumbbell or kettlebell workout.

Power Press Pushups

This funky board offers multiple push up positions and angles that allow you to work your upper body in a unique way.Comes with a tone and burn workout DVD. A fantastic workout gift for men.

 Workout Log Book & Fitness Journal

Track every detail of your workout to achieve better, faster results. Features sturdy wire iunding and durable thick pages.

wrist roller

The Wrist Ripper adds a new twist to the age old wrister strengthener by adding multi grip options, rubber gripping areas and a weight loaded pin that is compatible with one and two inch weight plates.

resistence band

get your workout on the go with this complete range of resistance bands complete with multi-clips, soft grip handles, ankle straps, door anchors and carry case.

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor

This device gives you an amazingly accurate reading of your level of fitness. The unit works in conjunction with a number of Polar products and compatible gym equipment.

Garmin Vivofit 2 Fitness Band

The latest fitband technology has this product adapting to your activity level and assigning you a personalized daily goal to challenge you while recording and monitoring your steps, calories, and distance. It even monitors your sleep. One of the best gift for fitness buffs available right now.

color plates

These Crossfit plates are produced by X Training Equipment. Able to withstand even the most gruelling WOD. These plates feature steel inserts for snug fitting on a standard Olympic bar.


A 22 item care package that is stuffed with high protein healthy treats. Includes PowerBar Plus Protein Bars and Jack Link’s Premium Cut Beef Jerky.


The FightBall is an Exercise Machine that simulates a fight with a real opponent or private session with a boxing coach at any place convenient for you. HOW DOES IT WORK? It is that you hit the ball, it flies from you in either direction or straight depending on which point of the ball you just hit, and then flies back. You need to react immediately to the object flying back to you and again to hit the ball. The stronger you hit the faster the simulator flies back to you.

grid foam roller

A rigid, multi-purpose foam roller that allows you to roll out tight muscles, knots and kinks. This model offers 26 inch long surface and enhanced firmness for deep muscle tissue compression.

Exercise Loop Band Set

Exercise Resistance Loop Bands are The Perfect Affordable Way for Anyone to Get in Shape Now. This Set Includes Five Lightweight and Durable Arm Bands of Varying Resistance Levels , Stretching, or Physical Therapy You Need Anytime, Anywhere!

 iheartsynergee Buff Blue Core Mat Ab Mat Abdominal Mat Sit-Up Pad

Ergonomically designed to mimic the curve of your lumbar so that you get a full extension on the way down and utilize your full range of contraction on the way up - great for lower back support.

weight vest

Add resistance to your bodyweight workouts with this stylish and comfortable vest that allows you to add weight in increments from one to twenty pounds. The flex weight design contours to the body while exercising.

push up

Engage more muscles with this patented push up enhancing device. Comes with complete training program.

iron chestmaster

A truly innovative piece of training equipment that combines six of the best individual chest moves into one exercise that maximises the full chest capacity. The Chest Master incorporates six iron power contractors that produce resistance, allowing you to build muscle, strength and resistance.

weightlifting shoes

These shoes are engineered to maximise performance on Olympic lifts such as as squats and overhead presses. The raised heel and rigid design place your feet, spine and hips in perfect alignment to hit max lifts every workout.

Igrip Portable Isometric Trainer

The IGRIP is a portable exercise device that incorporates the Power of Isometrics to help build power,
strength, and lean muscle. It comes with a bright backlit display, is easily portable and has a 200-lb resistance capacity.

 Innova ITX9600

Relieve stress on your lower back with this premium inversion table. It helps posture,improves flexibility and provides essential post-workout recovery.

Power Cage

This high spec power cage has a number of innovative design features, including 12 and 14 gauge steel construction, welded tube seams, capped frame ends and a 300 pound capacity. Ideal for squats, deadlifts and benching.

adjustable dumbbells

The original adjustable dumbbells have been refined for even greater ease of use. Adjustable to 52.5 pounds each with just the turn of a knob, you’ll replace a complete range of (expensive) dumbbells with just one pair. Probably one of the most versatile and all around best workout gifts for men.

Bound Plyo Box 3-in-1 Wood Puzzle

This is the safest plyo box on the market. It is constructed of firm, reinforced foam for stability and compression resistance. The box can be turned for a variety of jumping heights up to 30 inches.

51 fitness gifts for men