Top 6 Best Gymnastic Ring Reviews for 2019

updated January 1, 2019

Note: if you'd like to save time, our #1 recommended product are the Emerge Fitness Wooden Rings, their super high quality and at a great price.

Gymnastic rings are probably not the first thing you think of when planning a home gym. But if you take a look at the physique of a gymnast you'll quickly realize that they definitely should be.

Back in the forties and fifties, working on the rings was the go to method to get fit, strong and muscular. Thankfully, thanks to Crossfit, rings are making a come-back.

This article is your complete-all in one source for gymnastic rings. We’ll detail just what you need to be looking out for when buying a set of workout rings, how to install them and how to make sure that you get the optimum use from them. We’ll also identify the best products out there to meet your consumer requirements.

emerge fitness gymnastic and crossfit rings

The Top Brands that we have identified

Emerge, Rogue Fitness and Titan brands are the best wooden rings on the market. Emerge gymnastic rings are our personal favorite because of the strong straps and professional design. However, if you are looking for something a bit more cost effective you can sacrifice a bit of durability and brand name recognition for the Elite and Garage Fit ring sets

The sturdiest, most versatile PVC ring set with the best strapping and buckling we came across was the Nayoya gymnastic ring. Scroll down to see what we liked and didn't like about each product.

Olympic Gymnastics Rings

Emerge Gymnastic Rings are heavy duty wooden rings with heavy duty military grade straps. The strap webbing is 1.5 inches wide and reinforced with strengthened cross stitching to enhance strength and durability. The ring set is very user friendly, being simple to set up, adjust and take down. To make it even easier, the package comes with a free Set Up and Getting Started Guide.

The heavy duty wooden Emerge rings feature slight grooves to enhance your gripping ability. These rings are versatile enough that they can be used by beginner and advanced gymnasts alike. They are even a great product for kids who are just starting out. Emerge Gymnastic Rings are very competitively priced. Your purchase is protected by a 100% lifetime guarantee.​


  • Heavy duty wooden rings -

The solid wooden rings are extremely heavy duty, featuring grooves to give you a greater gripping ability.

  • Military grade straps -

The straps are made of heavy duty military grade webbing material that is reinforced with double stitching to provide ultimate strength and durability.

  • 100% lifetime guarantee -

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with an all encompassing, no questions asked lifetime guarantee.


  • None identified


Emerge Gymnastic rings provide you with the highest quality, most durable wooden rings available, supported by rugged reinforced cross stitched webbing. The result is a strong, sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that comes in at a competitive price point.

fitness gymnastic rings

The Rogue Fitness exercise rings, our personal favorite, bring
the attention to detail and quality that have made Rogue Fitness
a market leader in home fitness gear to the gymnastics arena. These rings are constructed of top quality classic American
wood, feature heavy duty straps and a quick adjust buckle system.


  • Texture Grip Rings -

The lovingly crafted wooden handles provide the solid feel that you can’t get from either plastic or steel rings. They allow for the securest of grips with or without the use of chalk. And, they look stylish and professional.

  • Heavy Duty Straps -

The Rogue straps are constructed of thick black nylon that is totally stretch free. This means that you won’t lose any of your strength and power into the unit as you perform your bodyweight exercises.

  • Velcro Strap Fasteners -

The strap features a generous extra length to allow for extension of the workout height to suit individual requirements. This creates a lot of extra strapping which can sometimes get in the way when you’re training. The Rogue Fitness rings feature a velcro brand fastener to keep the excess strapping out of the way.


  • Ring Longevity -

A couple of reviewers have mentioned that the rings are beginning to split after about two years of use. Rogue do offer a full warranty on their range of gymnastic rings.


For overall quality and innovation, Rogue are hard to beat. Here they offer a top class wooden ring with a heavy duty strap and reliable cam buckle operating system.

Gymnastic Rings

Nayoya PVC Plastic gym rings are among the highest rated workout rings on the market for good reason. Just check out their features:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Durable
  • Textured surface
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to install


  • Strength -

Gymnastic rings take a heavy load, having to support your whole body. The Nayoya gymnastic rings are able to support 2000 lbs, making them the strongest workout rings on the market that are rated for home use. Knowing that you are working with a heavy duty, durable pair of rings instills the confidence that you need to put your body on the line.

  • Textured Surface -

Grip is crucial when working with the rings. The second it slips, your session is jeopordized. The textured surface of Nayoya gymnastic rings means that you’ll be able to maintain a secure grip for your entire workload.

  • Adjustability -

The height adjustability of the exercise rings means that anyone can work with them to get a personalized workout that is tailored to their unique body.

  • Strap Width -

The Nayoya gym rings come with a 38-millimeter strap. This is the ideal thickness to prevent the strap digging into your wrists while you are doing dips and muscle ups. The straps are heavy duty and provide plenty of length to allow for customization. Importantly, the Nayoya straps have almost no stretch to them. This is what you want, otherwise the force of your exertion will be dissipated through the strap.


  • Buckling System -

The Nayoya exercise rings feature the cam buckling system. This generally works well, but moving to a carabiner style system would be a lot quicker and easier. Several reviewers mentioned difficulty with getting the buckling system to line up.


The Nayoya gymnastic ring is one of the few to feature PVC rings. The consensus is that these rings are more durable and better to work with than the opposition. Combine that with a thick, heavy duty strap and a reliable buckling system and you can’t go wrong.

Reehut Gymnastic Rings

Reehut ABS Plastic Gymnastic Rings combine high quality and great value. They feature high quality, extra wide, reduced slippage rings, extra long straps and a reliable cam buckling system. Reehut rings come in at an unbeatable price range, and includes a 16 page instructional e-book.


  • ABS Plastic Handles -

The ABS plastic handles won’t buckle or bend. The handles have a generous 9 inch outer diameter and 7 inch inner diameter, providing ample room for hand placement and movement between exercises.

  • Strap Length -

With a strap length of fifteen feet, these gym rings are fully adjustable to accommodate any body dimensions. That means that you can customize your workout to meet your individual requirements.

  • Easy Set Up -

All you have to do to start working out on these rings is to throw the straps over a tree, power rack or pull up bar and you’re ready to go. What could be easier?


  • Bracket stitching not reinforced -

one reviewer had a nasty fall as a result


Overall, the Reehut ABS Plastic Gymnastic Rings are an excellent gym ring that will provide a high quality gripping surface and a very easy to install system. At 300 pounds, it’s not rated as strong as the Nayoya, but it will do the business for the vast majority of home users.

Gymnastic Rings

The Elite gym ring is made from polycarbonate plastic, making it stronger than wood, and able to support up to 2000 pounds of weight. It comes with a heavy duty durable nylon webbing and features a quick lock cam buckling system.


  • Durable Ring Construction -

The PC construction of these rings are virtually indestructible, giving you the confidence to train to the limit.

  • Heavy Duty Webbing -

The fine, threaded webbing construction of the strap ensures total rigidity in use. There is no stretch when exercising, meaning that all of your force is applied to the exercise rather than the equipment.


  • Buckling Issues -

Several users have noted difficulty with the buckling system. Some slippage has occurred while in use. This has probably been due to the users not threading the strap properly through the buckle, but does highlight an area of potential concern.


The Elite Gymnastic ring set is a very heavy duty model that will provide a reliable, stretch free workout. Make sure to read the instructions carefully so that you are aware how the buckling system works before using it.

Wood Gym Rings

Garage Fit fitness rings are a well made, stable, lightweight ring made of hardwood. They come with a 15 foot long thick, 38 millimeter strap and feature a cam buckling system. This is a solid performer that will do the job that you need.


  • Lightweight -

The rings are lightweight, making them extremely portable and easy to work with.

  • Strap length and thickness -

The fifteen foot strap length gives you the flexibility to adjust the working level of the rings to suit both the exercise you are training on and your own height requirements.


  • Wood is not treated so will deteriorate if left outdoors


Garage Fit Wooden rings are a solid set of home workout rings that will allow you to customize your training sessions to your specific requirements. You get a solid grip and plenty of strapping length and durability. Just keep in mind that it is not intended for outdoor use.

Gymnastic Rings Buying Considerations

There are a lot of gymnastic rings on the market, and many of them look alike. In knowing how separate the good from the bad, you need to consider 3 key variables:

  • ​The Webbing
  • The Buckle System
  • The Ring
  • Webbing - The thickness of the strap is a critical factor. It can range from 25mm to 38mm. The thicker, the better. If the strap width is too thin, you will find that it may not provide the strength you need to sustain your body weight after hundreds of hours of use. In addition, thin straps have a tendency to dig into the wrists when you are doing certain exercises, such as dips, providing discomfort which could curtail your performance.

    You do not want a strap that stretches. Spring in the strap is not your friend when you’re getting into position for moves like muscle ups. You need a taught strap to allow you to balance and pull yourself into position. To assess the level of stretch in the strap, take a look at the webbing. Give it a pull and see if you can stretch it out; ideally, you won’t be able to.
  • Buckle System - A lot of ring systems use a cam buckle. These work well and are very secure. However it can take a long time to adjust these buckles and get the straps level with each other. The ideal system will involve carabiners. The carabiners are pre-set at 100mm distances to make it simple to adjust the straps, knowing that they are perfectly aligned.

    If you are training in a public area, like a park, the carabiner system is the way to go. It will allow you to throw the straps over a tree, make a single clip and you’re ready to go.

    If you are operating from a high ceiling, however, the cam buckle system may be a better option for you. It allows you to more easily adjust the straps up high to pull them out of the way when not in use.
  • Ring - The ring construction is vital to a quality exercise experience. You need to look for a smooth finish that allows for a non-slip grip. Wooden rings tend to be more slip resistant than plastic or steel ones. Wooden rings will often come with a little sand paper to allow you to make them a bit rougher in order to accommodate your grip preference.

Setting Up Your Rings

​When you buy your gymnastic rings, you’ll end with a pair of rings, straps and buckles. It’s now up to you to secure the straps to a fixed overhead object and you’re all set to work out. So where do you hang them?

You’ll need a space that will allow you enough clearance to perform a complete complement of suspended bodyweight movements, including those done above the level of the rings. Ideally you should have between 9 and 13 feet of space to hang the rings from.

You’ll want to hang the rings at a shoulder width distance apart. You should also make sure that there is enough length of strap to allow you to do exercises low to the ground, such as push ups and plank.

Common Set-up Options:​

  • Door way Pull up Bar
  • Power rack Pull up Bar
  • Wall mounted Pull up Bar
  • Ceiling mounting
  • Hanging over ceiling rafters
  • Hanging over a tree branch
  • Hanging over an outdoor swing or play set

Check out this clip for a beginner’s guide to using gymnastic rings.


Having taken an in depth consideration of what you need in a top quality set of exercise rings, we can now reveal our top rated pair of gymnastic rings. The best gymnastic rings that we have been able to find are the Emerge wooden gymnastic rings. The strapping system is stretch resistant, extra thick and long enough to provide the range and versatility to fit all users. All these features add up to make the Emerge gymnastic rings our ring of choice for the ultimate in home gymnastic training workout.​

Our second favorite, the Rogue wooden rings look awesome. The contrast of the laminate wood grain with the black strapping is quite striking. The Rogue system utilises a cam locking feature which is extremely secure and easy to operate.

Top 3 Gymnastic Rings

Emerge Gymnastic Rings

Our #1. Recommendation

Emerge Gymnastic Rings

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