Best Reebok Crossfit Shoes December 2018 | Lite, Lifter, Nano, & Sprint Comparison

Best Reebok Crossfit Shoes | Lite, Lifter, Nano, & Sprint Comparison

updated December 1, 2018

The goal of CrossFit is to provide the most wide ranging level of physical fitness possible and indeed, dedicated CrossFitters are often in crazy-good condition. To partake of the rigors of the CrossFit box you need a shoe built for extreme conditions and no one makes better CrossFit shoes than Reebok. In this Reebok Crossfit shoe review we’ll take a close look at four of the best CrossFit shoes the company has to offer.

Reebok crossfit nano

The 5 Best Reebok Crossfit Shoes


Each of the best Reebok CrossFit shoes are marvels of modern shoemaking and are engineered to withstand the rigors of the most extreme CrossFit workouts. There isn’t a weak product in the bunch so let’s get right to the reviews.

Reebok crossfit nano

Reebok has gone all out with their latest iteration of the much-loved Nano. The Nano 5.0 features nothing less than a Kevlar upper that is, to say the least, extremely durable. Happily, it’s also breathable and lightweight as well. This newest version also boasts a re-engineered heel counter and MetaSplit sole for increased stability and comfort. It’s hard to believe the Nano could have been improved much from the outstanding 4.0 but with this latest model the bar has indeed been raised several notches. Key features include:

  • Excellent breathability
  • Superb stability
  • Leading edge styling
  • Extreme versatility

Reebok Crossfit Nano 7.0 has been released. Click here to read our review of this latest model.

Reebok crossfit Lifter

Reebok’s CrossFit Lifter is an impressive hybrid shoe that can handle a straight up Oly routine then transition to any number of CrossFit activities without skipping a beat. The 2.0 is not intended to set the fashion world on fire but is light, durable, effective under the weight and stable throughout. It’s perhaps the least versatile of Reebok’s high-end CrossFit shoes but that’s like saying the Ghibli is the least impressive model of Maserati. Key features include:

  • Excellent ventilation throughout
  • Hook and loop strap for effective lockdown of your foot
  • Anti-friction lining minimizes heat buildup within
  • Grooved outsole for maximum traction regardless of surface

Reebok Crossfit Lite LO TR

If you’re serious about weightlifting you can’t go wrong with Reebok’s latest addition to their CrossFit line. The Lite LO TR is made for strength trainers and features a DuraGrip toe cap for added protection and a full rubber outsole that produces tremendous grip. An ETC anti friction lining reduces abrasion.This is a low cut shoe that can handle any aspect of life in the box but feels most at home when you belly up to the bar for some serious powerlifting.
Key features include:

  • Moisture resistant lining
  • Abrasion resistant rubber outsole
  • Excellent ventilation and ankle support
  • ETC Anti friction lining
  • Enhanced arch support

Reebok Mens Crossfit Sprint

Designed to focus on the other end of the CrossFit spectrum from the Power Lite the CrossFit Sprint is, as its name implies, built with running in mind. Ultra soft cushioning will have you flying around the course though it may be less than ideal for more than light to moderate weights. The trademark anti-friction lining keeps your foot cool and dry while you work and cutting edge styling cues make it one of the most attractive shoes you’ll see in the box. Other key features include:

  • MetaSplit outsole grooves promote natural splaying
  • Toe wrap for durability and protection
  • DuraCage upper provides incredible durability
  • Monomesh wrap for maximum bite during climbs

Reebok Legacy Lifter

The latest Reebok Legacy Lifter is a super comfortable lifting shoe with full grain leather. The outside TPU counter locks in your heel to prevent slippage.​ Also there is a TPU heel that is both lightweight and durable. The conventional double metatarsal straps are joined by an extra lacing strap to deliver superior foot security. A gap in the top medial velcro strap allows you to quickly tuck your laces into the shoe.

Final Thoughts

Each of the shoes in this Reebok Crossfit shoe review bring something different to the table though all feature the company’s signature build quality and impressive durability. Comfort levels have made significant advances in these latest models with ventilation and moisture resistance notably improved over previous versions. Check out this video to learn more about Reebok’s flagship CrossFit shoe, the Nano 5.0.


Reebok crossfit nano

If you’re serious about CrossFit you’re probably already familiar with Reebok’s amazing line of CrossFit Footwear, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out this year’s models. The Nano, Lifter, Lite and Sprint all represent Reebok’s continuing quest to achieve footwear transcendence and in more than one case come darn close to achieving it. Though each model emphasizes a different aspect of CrossFit discipline each can also confidently handle anything you’re likely to encounter in the box.

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Best Reebok Crossfit Shoes | Lite, Lifter, Nano, & Sprint Comparison
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