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Reebok Fast Flexweave Reviewed and Rated Review Facts

Reebok is a brand that always strives to improve the athlete’s experience, and they delivered time and time again. The Reebok Fast Flexweave is a very versatile sneaker that can improve your running and your gym work. The sneakers are lightweight and breathable, but supportive and sturdy, thanks to the extensive technologies used to construct them. If you’re looking for a sneaker that can comfortably help you when you run or lift, then you’ve found what you’ve been searching for!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Supportive and breathable Flexweave upper

Carbon rubber outsoles


Very stylish

Lightweight and durable

Targeted cushioning in midsoles

Versatile use


Slightly narrow

Lacks padding


The upper of the Fast Flexweave delivers excellent performance while looking cool. If you had the chance to see both the male and female versions, you probably noticed that they are different. The men's Fast Flexweave has a low cut design to allow more freedom of movement, while the women's design has a bootie construction that stabilizes the ankles while running. Both models are attention grabbers and they have the same features which help you be a better athlete. The upper is made out of flexweave, a uniquely knit material that creates a very breathable, flexible, and supportive fit. The flex weave is pliable, molding to the shape of your feet as you exercise. The laces are regular, but they can optimize the fit nonetheless. The collar and tongue are cushioned to create a comfortable, secure fit.


The midsoles of the Fast Flexweave are very unique. Reebok introduced a new technology that created an outstanding sneaker. The 3D foam midsole is created thanks to a foot mapping system that created targeted, responsive padding. Although the midsoles are comfortable and well-padded, some users reported that they feel like the Fast Flexweave lacks padding. Fast Flexweave is designed for daily running and regular gym work, so if you feel uncomfortable you might be pushing the shoes to their limits!


The outsoles of running sneakers have to be durable and grippy, yet flexible and lightweight. The Fast Flexweave's outsoles are just like that. They are made out of carbon rubber, which is rubber with carbon fibers intertwined between the construction. These carbon fibers make the rubber much stronger without adding extra weight. The outsole is adorned with traction pads and specially engineered grooves that create a grippy, flexible surface. The carbon rubber edge underneath the heels and toes ensures they don't suffer from too much abuse while giving you secure footing. The outsoles sit close to the ground for ultimate responsiveness. As we mentioned above, the sneakers were not made for long, intense runs, but they will hold off very well during your daily runs!


As you already may have guessed. Fast Flexweave was designed to be breathable. The small perforations between the flexweave allow air to constantly move in and out of the shoes. The fibers are woven in a figure-eight pattern with tightly knit strands that create a breezy, supportive fit.


Reebok made sure that the Fast Flexweave gives you a comfortable fit. The very first aspect that ensures this is the flexweave upper. The flexweave is very breathable and lightweight, but it hugs the foot tightly to give you support and stability. Many runners complain that their feet slide around in their shoes, but the Fast Flexweave will make sure that doesn't happen. The breathable upper will keep your feet dry and bacteria-free, minimizing infection and blister risks. The padding is strategically placed around the sneakers to give you just the right kind of compression and protection from shock and impact. Their low cut style allows the ankles to move freely, while the toe box is true to its size and doesn't constrict the toes. Some people that have wider feet noticed that the toe box can be a bit wider though. If the sneakers feel too loose or uncomfortable, you can always experiment with the laces until you're satisfied.


Good running sneakers have to be lightweight. A heavier sneaker will drag you down and cause fatigue before you're done running, interfering with your experience. The Fast Flexweave is a slightly heavier sneaker, with the women's version weighing 7.2 ounces, while the men's version weighs in at 8.2 ounces. The Fast Flexweave is heavier than most running sneakers nowadays, but they still have good features that make them worth the while. Remember that these trainers were not meant for long-distance running. The Fast Flexweave is a very versatile shoe that is meant for running and gym work. The weight plays a major role here and if they were any lighter, they wouldn't be able to survive all of that constant strain and movement.


Reebok designed the flexweave upper in a very intricate way. The eight-figure knit pattern supports your feet in all the right ways. The network of these strands creates a very strong construction that is as supportive as it is flexible. The flexweave is also very snug, hugging your feet gently but securely. Their low-cut design might not provide the ankles with support, and the heels may not support the feet that well for weightlifting, users still agree that the sneakers can definitely improve daily running, short-distance running, and Crossfit. The women's version does provide more support than the male version thanks to the higher construction. Even the lacing system plays a part in giving you support!


Fast Flexweave is resistant to all kinds of weather. It can easily survive both hot and cold temperatures, but it might not do that well in wet conditions. The outsoles do provide a lot of grip, but the traction pods are small, and the grooves are not deep enough, so you might not do well on unstable ground and wonky surfaces. The sneakers are well adapted to different flat surfaces, including asphalt and trails! The carbon rubber outsole improves traction slightly. The carbon fibers sit nestled between the treads, improving the grip where you need it the most. The carbon rim improves the traction around the heels and toes. Users report that they had no issues using them in wet environments, as the outsole provides enough traction for slippery conditions.


The Reebok Fast Flexweave might lack support, but it does not have a problem with flexibility! The unique fibers follow the shape of your feet, allowing them to move naturally while giving ample support. The figure-eight knit pattern greatly improves flexibility while stabilizing the sensitive anatomy of the foot. The outsoles have grooves on the forefoot that increase the flexibility where you need it the most. Expect to experience natural movement and plenty of freedom in these sneakers!


Although you might not expect to receive a lot of protection from the Flexweave based on its looks, you will see that you are wrong if you give the sneakers a chance. The low cut gives the ankles all the freedom they need to move, saving them from straining and pain. The flexweave upper molds to the shape of your feet, allowing them to move while gently supporting them. They also keep your feet dry and bacteria-free. The carbon fibers in the outsoles create plenty of traction, gripping even the most slippery surfaces. The midsoles have strategically placed cushions that respond to your feet, protecting them from shock and the impact when you repeatedly slam your feet on the ground.

Heel Drop

The heel drop is different in the male and female versions. The male sneakers have a 6mm drop, while the female sneakers have a 4mm drop. The drop does signify less padding, but the comfort won't be affected. Reebok made sure to compensate for the lack of padding in the heels by improving other areas, such as the midsole and the cushy upper. The heel drop supports the natural alignment and movement the foot makes while it moves. The difference in the drop is there because the female and male anatomy differ, and you can expect the same amount of stability and support from both models!


As we mentioned many times above, the flexweave upper will do everything in its power to create a stable upper. The targeted cushioning in the midsoles supports the anatomy of the foot and stabilize the bones and surrounding tissues, saving you from fatigue and pain. The padding also creates enough arch support, especially if you have normal or high arches. The traditional lacing system may seem outdated, but it still creates a stable fit that will keep you safe throughout your run.


The Fast Flexweave is very lightweight, and it has a knit upper, so you might expect the trainers to be flimsy. You couldn't be farther from the truth though! The unique knitting pattern of the flexweave creates a network of threads that support each other and create a very sturdy upper. The carbon fibers in the rubber outsoles improve the life of the sneakers, while the heel and toe carbon rim keeps holes from sprouting. You can expect to wear Fast Flexweave for many years to come!


The Fast Flexweave is a bit pricey, but what else can you expect when Reebok poured in so much into creating these amazing sneakers? They are very versatile and stylish, so you'll be able to get a lot out of them, plus they are sturdy, so don't worry about replacing them any time soon!

The Final Word

If you need a versatile sneaker that can serve you for various exercising purposes, then the Fast Flexweave is just what you need. Although the sneakers are not made for long-distance running, they handle shorter runs and regular gym work very well. The unique flexweave and sturdy rubber outsoles are both lightweight and supportive, while the midsole with targeted padding gives you all the support you need. The fit may be a bit narrow, and some users report that the padding is insufficient, we still believe that the Fast Flexweave is one of the best multi-purpose sneakers we've ever reviewed!