About GarageGymBuilder.com


Our goal is simple. We make it our mission to provide the following:

  • To simplify the information out there that is currently available for aspiring home gym owners.
  • To provide a workout and fitness information resource for those that already own a personal home gym
  • To spread awareness of all the benefits of creating your own home gym, built specifically to meet your own needs, allowing yourself to get away from giving your money to those big corporate gyms.

When we review a product, we review it. That means we include the bad with the good. If something doesn’t stack up to what we believe should be the standards, we will always share that info with you. That way you don’t read a glowing review, then end up with a product you wish you had never heard of. On the other hand, if something exceeds our expectations, you will hear about that too!

GarageGymBuilder.com is updated daily with honest and direct product reviews, resourceful buying guides, and blog articles intended to make the home gym experience easier.

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