Best Ankle Weights Review 2018

updated June 6, 2018

If you’re looking for a way to ramp up the intensity of your workouts, ankle weights are a smart option. These convenient, weighted, Velcro fastened bands can be used for virtually any exercise. Without doing any more work, you’ll be able to burn more calories, increase your resistance, get stronger muscles, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. In this article, we showcase the 9 best ankle weights on the 2018 market.

The Top 9 at a Glance

​The best ankle weights on the 2018 market are All Pro, which features adjustable weights, comfortable padding, and comes in bright fluorescent colors. The second-best ankle weights for walking are Reebok adjustable cuffs, providing you with a hook and loop enclosure, and are well padded and adjustable.

Rounding out the top 3 weighted ankle straps are Thera-band Comfort Fit cuffs, which feature a soft terry cloth inner, provide a snug, custom fit and come in color coded resistances.

To allow you to compare the best ankle weights on the market easily, we rated each of the Top 9 on the basis of price and durability. We’ve then given each one an overall rating out of 5. We give an in-depth review of each product later in this article.

The Advantage of Using Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a great way to help you increase the variability and the variety of your exercise routine. You can use ankle weights to add to a stationary exercise like leg raises and leg lifts. You can also use ankle weights to add some more weight and resistance while you are walking, jogging, or running to improve your leg muscle.

Ankle weights can help to improve your overall level of endurance, and this added endurance can further help with your cardiovascular and pulmonary health during your workout routine. Ankle weights can also help tone your legs while doing leg lifts in which there is some resistance during a glute workout. The more weight you add during leg lifts and a glute workout, the more endurance you will face.

Gradually adding weight will help improve the shape of your legs. To do this, an adjustable ankle weight is ideal so you can control the amount of weight you are using so your legs will work harder and help you burn more calories in the process.

Ankle weights can benefit you by allowing you to burn more calories because you are facing a bit more force, which requires more energy. A workout is more effective when weight is adding to the overall endurance and resistance.

Water workouts can also benefit from ankle weights, and even wrist weights and swimmers have been known to use them to enhance their current skills and strengthen their endurance while in the water.

Water aerobic workouts can greatly benefit from the use of wrist and ankle weights for additional resistance for their strength and endurance training exercises. Again, adjustable ankle and wrist weights are always ideal.

Although ankle weights come with several advantages during a workout, it is also recommended that you do not wear them for every single workout session. It is best to let your muscles and joints rest for a bit between ankle weight and wrist weight training so that you do not potentially cause any harm or injury later.

The Top 9 Up Close

All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights

All Pro Ankle weights are a premium quality set that weighs 5 pounds each. They come in a bright fluorescent blue color. These ankle weights feature a cushioned flap which has been ergonomically designed to protect your ankles, while also permitting a full range of movement during your workout.

The ankle weights in this set are adjustable in half pound increments, meaning that you can load them at any resistance from a half pound to five pounds.

The All Pro features ankle padding and heel padding, making this an incredibly comfortable set of ankle weights. They are easy to run in and simple to take on and off before and after your workout. They are suitable for your cardio workout or other high-impact exercise.


  • Adjustable ankle weight
  • Comfortable padding
  • Bright fluorescent color
Reebok Adjustable

​Reebok’s adjustable ankle weight set is a form fitting, customized product that conforms to your body; this is a very stylish pair of ankle weights that have been designed to hug your ankles.

They are well padded and feature a generous amount of very strong Velcro for a secure fastening, so they stay put during even a vigorous workout. They are made from a heavy-duty nylon blend.

A hook and loop enclosure supports the Velcro fastening to give you total confidence while exercising.

Reebok’s leg weights are 5 pounds in total (2.5 pounds on each leg) They are adjustable in increments of 1.25 pounds. You can also purchase a 10-pound adjustable ankle weight set (5 pounds each leg).


  • Hook and loop enclosure
  • Well padded
  • Adjustable


  • Uncomfortable against bare skin
TheraBand Comfort Fit Ankle

​Thera-band comfort fit cuffs are custom fit with a sleep neoprene outer surface. Each cuff weights two and a half pounds. These cuffs feature a fully adjustable strap to allow you to get a custom fit.

The soft, terry cloth inner lining feels very comfortable against the skin. Thera-band also does a great job of absorbing moisture and preventing sweat slippage. These cuffs are non-abrasive, so they remain comfortable during your workout.

Thera-band comfort cuffs have a reflective trim to keep you visible and safe when you’re out at night. They are easy to put on and take off. You have the option of three color-coded resistances, ranging from two pounds to five pounds for each ankle weight.


  • Custom Fit
  • Soft terry cloth inner
  • Color coded resistances


  • Not adjustable
Valeo Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights

Valeo Adjustable ankle weights come in a stylish jet black and provide you with a comfortably fitting, fully adjustable way to add extra resistance to your cardio or weights workout.

The soft padding provides an elevated level of comfort, preventing any abrasions or skin irritation. An adjustable metal “D” ring allows you to fasten the cuff to your own specific requirements.

There are five pockets in each Valeo cuff, allowing you to pack each ankle weight with 1 pound sand bags in each pocket for a max of 5 pounds of weight on each leg; this a very solid, secure set of leg cuffs.


  • Comfortably fitting
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Adjustable “D” ring


  • Sand may leak
Stronger Adjustable Ankle Weights Set

Stronger Adjustable Ankle weights are specifically designed to allow women to add some extra resistance to their workout. It features an extra level of padding and is ergonomically molded to allow you to focus on glute and hamstring work during a workout.

They are fastened by way of sure stay Velcro grip, so you’ll never have to contend with slipping cuffs. These cuffs are able to be used to add weight to both your ankles and your wrists during your workout.

Stronger and adjustable cuffs come with a 100% lifetime replacement or refund guarantee. That underscores the confidence you can have that these ankle weights will do the job you need over the long term.


  • Extra level of padding
  • Sure Stay Velcro grip
  • 100^% guarantee


  • Straps are a little short
Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle Wrist Weight Set

Yes4All Comfort cuffs are designed for comfort and durability during a workout. They provide you with a natural, form-fitting hug that will make you forget that you’re even wearing them.

The neoprene exterior is extremely durable and is reinforced with neoprene stitching. A stylish and strong outer trim ensures that these cuffs will last for years. Generous Velcro strap and padding and a solid D-ring provide a very secure, custom fit.

Yes4All Comfort weights are color coded for different resistances, ranging from 2 pounds total (1 pound on each leg) to 5 pounds total. Each ankle weight set is adjustable, allowing you to lessen the resistance by removing sand pockets.


  • Durable neoprene exterior
  • Velcro and D ring fastener
  • Adjustable ankle weight


  • Sand may leak
Da Vinci Ad

DaVinci Adjustable cuffs are made of soft cloth material which provides a comfortable fit without the skin irritation that comes with many other models. They do a great job of absorbing moisture and wicking away sweat during a workout.

When you fasten the ankle weights, the soft material stretches to provide you with a very snug, tight fit; this ensures that the ankle weights stay in place while you are exercising. These ankle weights come in a variety of colors and resistance levels.

Da Vinci weights are versatile enough that they can also be used as wrist weights, as well as ankle weights, and are ideal for adding resistance to your workout sessions. They are equally suitable for taking your high-impact exercise and cardio sessions outdoors.


  • Soft cloth material
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Snug, tight fit


  • Fabric not durable
CAP Barbell 20 lb. Adjustable Ankle Weights

CAP Barbell 20-pound adjustable Velcro ankle weights provide you with a heavy-duty way to add extra resistance to your training and workout sessions. These ankle weights feature external pockets, so you can add and remove weights easily.

Adjustable Velcro and double “D” hooks work together to ensure that you get a secure, custom fit. These ankle weights are comfortable on the skin, meaning that you won’t have to contend with abrasions or another discomfort during your workout.

CAP Barbell weights have a built-in moisture wicking system so that you won’t have any problems with seat slippage. One size fits all. At 10 pounds per leg, these are among the heaviest resistance ankle weights on the market.


  • 20 pounds resistance
  • Moisture wicking
  • One size fits all


  • A little bulky

Zensufu leg cuffs are specifically built to allow female trainers to maximize their training and exercising. They are rugged and durable ankle weights and come in a form fitting style that fits easily.

These ankle weights are also very comfortable, providing you with a natural, easy feel against the skin. The fabric is very durable so you can be confident that they will last for a long time. An adjustable strap ensures that you get a tight, custom fit for every workout including high-impact exercise.

Zensufu cuffs are available in 1, 2, 3 and 5-pound options. The ankle weights cannot be adjusted.


  • Very comfortable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable fabric


  • Weights not adjustable


The premium weighted ankle bands on the 2018 market are All-Pro, delivering adjustable resistance, snug, comfy padding and fluorescent colors.

We also loved the Reebok adjustable ankle weights which give you a hook and loop enclosure, are well padded and completely adjustable.

Our bronze medal winner is Comfort Fit Cuffs, providing a very comfortable soft terry cloth interior and are available in color-coded resistances.

Best Ankle Weights Review 2018
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