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updated January 1, 2019

The hamstrings are probably the most neglected body part to train, making them the weak link for many trainers. Having a leg curl machine in your gym will provide you with the leg curl benefits of isolating, strengthening and defining not only your hamstrings, but your entire posterior chain. But, finding a quality, affordable hamstring curl machine is not easy. In this article,we discover the Top 10 leg curl machines on the 2019 market.

A Quick Glimpse at the Top 10 Leg Curl Machines

Our favorite leg curl machine for home use is the Body Solid GCE340, which provides instant adjustment between curls and extensions, features oversized rollers and has a 7 gauge cam for the most fluid motion of any machine we came across. We were also impressed with the XMark Rotary Leg Curl with its 20 position arm adjustment, and oversized chrome cam.

The best budget seated hamstring curl machine we found was the TDS Fitness Biometric machine, which offers a 600 pound weight capacity on a heavy gauge frame and gives a surprisingly smooth action for the price you pay.

To allow you to compare and contrast the Top 10, we’ve rated them on the basis of price and durability, then given an overall score out of 5. In the following section, we provide in depth reviews of each machine.

The Top 10 Up Close

#1. Body Solid GCEC340

Body Solid GCE340

The Body Solid GCEC340 allows you to perform seated hamstring curls without having to adjust your leg extension position. This makes it an ideal machine for supersetting your workout. Simply pull the jumbo pop pin and raise the lifting arm and you’re all set. The GCEC340 has a one inch weight post and features a sturdy heavy gauge steel frame. This free weight machine has oversized rollers and padding for extra comfort.

The Body Solid GCEC340 has a 7 gauge steel cam which is fully adjustable to suit any user. It allows for a complete contraction, unlike many curl machines which only come up partially. The hamstring extension movement is smooth and natural. Body Solid offer a lifetime frame warranty with one year on cables and parts.


  • No change in position between curls and extensions
  • 7 gauge steel cam
  • One inch weight post


  • Hard to assemble

#2. XMark Rotary Leg Curl

XMark Rotary Leg Curl

The XMark Rotary Prone Hamstring Curl machine allows you to totally isolate the quads and hamstrings while providing full range of motion on both curls and extensions. You don’t have to change position to move from one exercise to the other - simply adjust the thigh pad. With a 12 position adjustment pad and 20 position adjustable press arm, you get total user customization with this machine.

XMark Rotary thigh workout machine comes with a 14 inch chrome olympic sleeve adaptor so you can use all plate types. Extra thick Duracraft cushions are covered in tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl. The oversized chrome cam ensures a fluid motion on all exercises. Heavy duty, 11 gauge, 2 inch by 3 inch steel framing ensures a rugged, stable base to work from.


  • 20 position adjustment press arm
  • 14 inch olympic sleeve adaptor
  • Oversized chrome cam


  • Difficult to get in and out

#3. TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Curl

TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Curl

The TDS Fitness Biometric Leg Curl machine has a solid 2 inch by 3 inch steel frame. This is a light commercial unit that can handle up to 600 pounds of weight, in addition to the user’s body weight. The leg holder and weight arm rotate on precision needle bearings to provide the smoothest of movement arcs. They also allow you get a complete contraction at the top of the leg curl exercise.

The padding on the bench of the TDS Fitness Biometric is 3 inches thick, providing you with a superior degree of user comfort. This unit also features an angle catch rotation to ensure smooth operation. Overall this is a very solid unit that comes in at a great price point.


  • Solid steel frame
  • 600 pounds weight capacity
  • Well priced


  • No leg extension capability

#4. Valor Fitness CC-4

Valor Fitness CC-4

The Valor Fitness CC-4 adjustable seated leg curl machine provides a stand alone unit allows you to do both leg curls and leg extensions without changing your seating position. This plate loading machine comes with a sun dial adjuster that allows you to vary the range of motion to suit your body type. The back rest is also adjustable for a custom fit. An adjustable thigh support holds your body in place while you are curling.

The Valor Fitness CC-4 is a compact unit, with a footprint of just 35 by 35 inches, and a 40 inch maximum height. The plate loading capacity of this bar is limited to 150 pounds. The framing of this unit is heavy duty, providing a solid base to work from.


  • Sun dial adjuster
  • Compact
  • Adjustable back rest


  • Limit of 150 pound weight capacity

#5. Body Solid Lying Leg Curl Machine

Body Solid Lying Leg Curl Machine

The Body Solid SLC400G is a commercially rated lying leg curl that brings pro gym quality into your home gym. The innovative center drive cam that drives this unit provides an incredibly smooth movement through full range of motion while doing lying hamstring curls. This eliminates the lateral torque which plagues many inferior machines. Pivot points are biomechanically designed to put your body in the ideal plane to get the most benefit from the exercise.

The elliptical cams on the SLC400G provide a variable resistance which ensuring that the movement is jerk free and fluid. The foot pads are fully adjustable by way of a simple pop pin arrangement. Extra thick bench and roller padding and a stylish powder coated finish complete this impressive unit.


  • Center drive cam
  • Elliptical cams
  • Extra thick padding


  • No leg extension capability

#6. Body Solid LVLC Leverage

Body Solid LVLC Leverage

The Body Solid LVLC thigh exercise machine has a 2 x 3 inch 11 gauge steel main frame to provide sturdiness and rigidity. It is finished in a metallic silver powder coating which looks very sleek and stylish. The direct link movement arms on this machine provide a superior range of motion, allowing you to curl all the way up. It also aids in the fluid, smooth and natural movement arc of this machine.

Sealed bearing pivot points allow you to get the ideal body positioning to isolate your hamstrings. Body Solid LVLC is enhanced by the V bench design,which prevents you from cheating with your hips. Adjustable foot rollers provide customization for all body types. Side handle bars allow you to support positioning.


  • Direct link movement arms
  • Sealed bearing pivot points
  • V bench design


  • Some welding work may be low quality

#7. Inflight Fitness Leg Curl

Inflight Fitness Leg Curl

The Inflight Fitness Leg Curl machine is a lying hamstring curl machine and leg extension combination that allows you to do both movements without changing your seating position. Unlike most combination machines, this one provides a prone curl position to take the stress off you lumbar region. The framing of the machine is ultra sturdy, with 2 inch by 4 inch flat oval tubing. Quarter inch, 4000 pound cabling gives you total confidence in it’s durability.

The Inflight hamstring machine is finished in a shrouded powder coating and clear coated for a mar resistant lustrous finish. The 200 pound tiered weight stack can be bulked up to 300 pounds as an optional extra. The rollers on this machine automatically adjust to provide ankle support when exercising.


  • Lying leg curl plus seated leg extension
  • 4000 pound cabling
  • Shrouded powder coat finish


  • Difficult to assemble

#8. Deltech Fitness Leg Curl

Deltech Fitness Leg Curl

The Deltech Fitness hamstring leg curl is made from 14 gauge steel tubing and features high density foam padding to provide rugged strength and user comfort. Highest quality vinyl coverings are tear resistant and moisture free. The leg assembly is mounted under the position of your legs to provide the truest exercise motion possible. Oil covered steel bushings provide fluid arm mechanism. The Deltech machine is designed to be used with standard weight plates.

This prone leg curl machine has a weight capacity of 650 pounds, making it one of the most rugged free plate loading leg curl units we’ve come across. The decline V bench angle places you body in perfect alignment for isolation of the glutes and hamstrings. This is a solid machine at a good price.


  • 650 pound weight capacity
  • 14 gauge steel tubing
  • Decline V bench


  • Only works with one inch plates
Powerline PLCE 165X

#9. Powerline PLCE 165X

The Powerline PLCE 165X is a Body Solid leg curl machine designed for the bargain shopper. It does not have a back support, which will probably make it unsuitable for people with lower back issues. It is, however, a very functional plate loading unit that allows you to get in an effective workout on both your quads and your hamstrings.

You’re able to get a full extension on both curls and extensions with this machine. There is no jerkiness or stuttering as you perform the moves. The V decline of the lying leg curl allows you to isolate and target the glutes and hamstrings. Powerline PLCE 165X is a solidly constructed, functional lower body exerciser that is offered at a very good price.


  • Well priced
  • Smooth motion
  • Well constructed


  • No seated back support

#10. Body Solid GCECSTK

Body Solid GCECSTK

The Body Solid GCECSTK provides an impressive 310 pounds of plate loaded weight that goes up in 15 pound increments. The rotary range of motion adjustment on this commercially rated unit allows for variation in your starting positions. The seat angle on this machine has been biomechanically designed to allow for complete isolation of the working muscle group. The easy pull pin design means that you can transition from curls to extensions without moving.

With the GCECSTK, you get 7 position adjustments on the back seat and the leg hold down bar so that all users can get perfect customization. The oversized 8 inch foam rollers will keep you securely in place without causing irritation to your lower legs.


  • 310 pound weight stack
  • Rotary range of motion adjustment
  • 7 position seat and leg pad adjustment


  • Expensive

Now that you’ve discovered where to find the best leg curl machine for your home gym, take a few minutes learning how to maximize your technique with this instructive clip...


The best home hamstring leg curl machine on the 2019 market is the Body Solid GCEC340, which operates from a 7 gauge cam for a very smooth exercise motion. It also has multi option adjustability on the arm and rollers to provide precision customization. Our second favorite is the XMark Rotary Leg Extension, with its sturdy construction, olymic sleeve adaptor and 20 position arm adjustment capability.

The best priced leg curl on the market is the TDS Fitness Biometric curl. This budget machine is very solidly built, can handle up to 600 pounds of added weight and gives you a very natural, fluid exercise motion.

Body Solid GCEC340

Our #1. Recommendation

Body Solid GCEC340

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