Best Preacher Curl Bench Reviews

Updated January 13, 2019

Everyone wants huge biceps. The key to outstanding upper arm development is the peak on the biceps muscle. An outstanding exercise to develop it is the preacher bench curl. Home gym preacher curl benefits are that it will allow you to blast your guns in total isolation, so that you can force growth from the most stubborn fibers. In this article, we review the Top 10 preacher curl benches of 2019.

A Quick Overview of the Best on the Market

Our favorite preacher arm curl bench is the Fitness Reality X-Class, which is strong enough for light commercial use, being made from heavy gauge steel tubing, has chrome bar saddles and a well padded, comfortable preacher attachment. Our runner up is the Body Solid GCBT380, with its. The third best bench we came across is the Deltech Pro, featuring 14 gauge steel framing, adjustable pad and seat and high density foam padding.

We’ve given of our Top 10 preacher benches a rating in terms of price and durability, and then an overall rating out of 5. This makes it easy for you to compare and contrast them at a glance. In the following section, we provide an in depth review of each bench so you can find the perfect machine to do preacher curls at home.

The Best Preacher Curl Benches Up Close

#1. Fitness Reality X-Class

Fitness Reality X-Class

The Fitness Reality X-Class light bench is a very sturdy full service weight training bench. With a maximum weight capacity of 1,500 pounds this is a solid unit that will accomodate people who are up to 6’4” in haight. The bench provides you with seven different bench angle options, ranging from 15 to 85 degrees. The 2 1/2 inches thick commercial grade multi-layer foam filled seat and backrest provide a great deal of support. The bench seat has 4 adjustments (0 degree, 5 degree, 10 degree and 15 degree).

The Olympic preacher bench on this unit is also well padded. The preacher attachment fits in simply and is adjustable vertically. You also get handles for the preacher curl along with a plate loading set up that doubles as a leg extension / leg curl unit. One complaint with the Fitness Reality X-Class is that the preacher curl angle is not steep enough to provide a decent effect on your biceps peak.


  • Heavy gauge steel tubing
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Preacher curl handles


  • Narrow angle makes it hard to target biceps peak

#2. Body Solid GCBT380

Body Solid GCBT380

The Body Solid GCBT380 biceps machine preacher curl is a solid stand alone unit, that has an adjustable cam resistance. This allows you to use this machine for training both your biceps and your triceps. The adjustable lifting arm can be positioned upward for triceps workout and downward for biceps workout. The arm pad has been positioned at 30 degrees to provide you with the ideal angle to work both the biceps and triceps. The ultra thick DuraFirm upholstery is extremely durable and well padded.

The framework of the Body Solid GCBT380 is very solid, being made from 2 x 2 inch and 2 x 4 inch solid steel.


  • Adjustable cam
  • Works both biceps and triceps
  • Dura Firm upholstery


  • Hard to hold your body down when working the triceps

#3. Deletch Pro Preacher Curl

Deletch Pro Preacher Curl

The Deltech Pro preacher curl is one of the most solid home units we’ve seen, being made from 14 gauge steel tubing. Two solid uprights provide a very secure mount for the curling bar. The arm pad is set at 45 degrees, which is an ideal angle for biceps isolation. The high density foam padding is covered in high grade, tear and sweat resistant vinyl. Both the curling pad and the seat are completely adjustable.

The Deltech Pro preacher is a stylish zinc plated unit that is compact and durable. The color options are white or black with black padding. The overall quality is very close to commercial grade. It comes in at a very good price point.


  • Made from 14 gauge steel tubing
  • High density foam padding
  • Adjustable seat and curling pad


  • Rough welding

#4. Body Solid GPCA1

Body Solid GPCA1

The Body Solid GPCA1 is a preacher bench attachment that is compatible with most Body Solid benches. It is a solid unit that fits snugy and securely. Unlike many preacher attachments, it includes a bar saddle to allow for easy placement of the bar after your set is done. The Durafirm padding is extra thick, especially under the armpit area.

The curling area of this Body Solid GPCA1 attachment is larger than you’ll find with many competitors, allowing you to vary your hand spacing. The angle of the preacher pad has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum isolation and stimulation of your biceps and forearms.

You also have the room to perform one arm dumbbell preacher curls. Body Solid offer a lifetime guarantee on this product.​


  • Thick padding
  • Large curling surface
  • Saddle Bar


  • Saddle bar does not balance EZ curl bars

#5. Valor Fitness CB-6

Valor Fitness CB-6

The Valor Fitness CB-6 adjustable preacher bench is a solidly constructed stand alone arm exercise machine. It is made from thee inch by two inch, twelve gauge steel and has thick vinyl covered padding. The curling pad has a rounded top edge to provide ideal body positioning. Quick adjust lock pins allow for adjustment of the pad up and down. This bench can handle up to 250 pounds of curling weight.

The Valor Fitness CB-6 is easy to assemble and has a compact footprint. Rubber base caps on the ends of the feet protect your floor from scratches. The bench has a solid bar saddle that accommodates both straight and EZ curl bars. The seat is also adjustable up and down.


  • Solid 12 gauge steel frame
  • Round edge curling pad
  • Solid bar saddle


  • Seat not very comfortable

#6. BodyChamp Olympic Weight Bench

Body Champ Olympic Weight

The BodyChamp Olympic Weight Bench is a complete weight bench which provides you with a 7 position adjustable bench. The catch bar has an outer width of 38.5 inches, making it suitable for seven and eight foot long Olympic bars. This bench comes with an adjustable dual action leg developer. The frame is solid being made from 2.5 square steel tubing. The adjustable weight racks can accommodate double duty as a bench press upright and adjustable squat rack. The racks have safety hooks, as well as, the 'no pinch' feature. The 'U'-shaped front leg stabilizer gives you an added safety and stability during the workout.

The preacher curl attachment on the BodyChamp Olympic Weight Bench is set at the ideal angle for activating the full length of the biceps. It also has a handle attachment and plate loading pin to allow you to get a great arm workout in. The one complaint on this one is that you have to screw a knob in each time you attach the preacher attachment. A pull out pin what have been easier.


  • Heavy gauge square steel tubing
  • Preacher curl handles
  • Adjustable squat rack


  • Preacher curls needs to be screed in each time

#7. Marcy Adjustable Bench MD879

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

The Marcy Adjustable Bench MD879 is a very solid, square tube framing bench that is compact and sturdy. The bar saddle is in the form of two uprights that provide a very solid housing for the lifting bar. These uprights are fully adjustable to provide you with total customization. A maximum loading of 440 pounds ensures that this bench will handle anything you throw at it.
The 45 degree curl pad is generously sized and covered in two inch foam. A dual layer vinyl covering provides moisture resistance. All adjustments are made by way of easy change pull pins and knobs and rubber base caps provide protection for your floor.

The bench has a powder-coated, 14-gauge tubular steel frame that is resistant against rust and water damage. It is compatible with mid- and Olympic-sized barbells and the safety locks keep you securely in place even performing reps


  • Solid square tube framing
  • Large curling pad
  • Two inch foam padding


  • Back may lift when going heavy

#8. XMark Seated Preacher Curl

XMark Seated Preacher Curl

The XMark seated curl bench is a sleek, compact unit that is ergonomically designed to provide ideal arm positioning when curling. It has built-in transport wheels that make it easy to move the bench. The 14 gauge steel mainframe provides a very secure base from which to work. You are able to adjust the curling pad to ten height positions so you can get just the right positioning.

The XMark Seated Preacher Curl is finished in a scratch resistant powder coating. The padding is extra thick at 2.5 inches, providing maximum comfort for the user. The top edges of the curl pad are rounded in order allow for the best contouring of the body. Double stitched tear resistant vinyl covers the pad.


  • 14 gage steel mainframe
  • 10 height adjustment curling pad
  • 2.5 inch thick curl pad


  • Not suitable for tall people

Want a quick tip that allows you to get more out of your preacher curl training. Then don’t miss this video . . .

#9. Cannon Curl Arm Blaster

Cannon Curl - Arm

The Cannon Curl Arm blaster is a metal device that is worn across the chest and under the upper arms to provide the ame support that you would get with a preacher curl bench. It also loops around the neck. It has a padded abdomen region in addition to elbow and neck pads for comfort, support, and stability. This strong arm blaster will allow you to perform your barbell curls with total control and strictness so as to put all the emphasis on your biceps and avoid momentum.


  • Low cost
  • Portable
  • Padded abdominal area
  • Neck pads


  • Some people may find it uncomfortable to wear

#10. Gold’s Gym XRS20

Gold’s Gym XRS20

The Gold’s Gym XRS20 olympic workout bench is a full function bench with a preacher curl attached. A unique aspect of this preacher curl is that it has built in curling arms. It has a plate loading pin that you stack your lifting weight onto. This makes this preacher curl an excellent way to isolate and target your biceps. An olympic weight adaptor allows you to curl with either standard or olympic weights.

The Gold’s Gym XRS20 has a 300 pound user capacity. A two inch spring clip allows you to secure the plates in position. The curl pad is angled at 30 degrees, not quite as steep as most models on the market. This allows you to target the meaty belly of the biceps.


  • Built in curling arms
  • 30 degree pad angle
  • Olympic weight adaptor


  • Angle not steep enough for biceps peak targeting

Training For Huge Biceps

Huge Bicesp

They are the glamour muscles of the human body. A full, peaked pair of biceps make your body pop, producing a wow factor to your physique. Ask someone to show you their muscles and they are hardly likely to flex a quadriceps – they are going to hit a bicep shot. If you want to impress, you gotta have the guns. So, lets go get ‘em!

What’s the best exercise for biceps? The answer is really simple. In fact this movement is the grand daddy of biceps exercises – the barbell curl. This straight up, straight down arm flexion movement will work both the long and short head of the bicep to build size, strength and peak. Because your arms are supinated throughout the exercise will develop peak, so long as you are using a straight bar.

Supination simply involves lifting the palm up towards the shoulder by bending at the elbow joint. To benefit from supination for bicep peak you need to squeeze the bicep tightly at the top of the movement.

How to Curl

The barbell curl is possibly the most abused exercise in history. The main problem seems to be the ego. Too many people try to max out on weight, sacrificing form by swinging, only doing a partial movement and using momentum to get the weight up. Apart from risking major injury, these people are doing nothing for their body. Let’s learn to do it right.


Grab a straight bar, holding it at shoulder width. This will ensure that your elbows at your sides. This must be your focus throughout the movement – do not allow your elbows to wander out.

Now, simply curl your wrist toward your shoulder. You don’t have to touch the shoulder. You should, however, pause at the top of the movement and squeeze as tightly as possible. Make sure that you are going through a full range of movement, smoothly moving from your thighs to your shoulders on each repetition. Think stretch and squeeze on every rep.

Some people complain about wrist pain when doing the barbell curl. The reasons that this may occur are:

  1. You’ve got too much weight on the bar. Remember you are not going to the gym to impress other people. And, your muscle doesn’t know how much weight is on the bar. All it knows is how intensely it is being worked. So drop the weight and focus on pure form.
  2. Improper grip. Make sure that you have a deep grip on the bar. Don’t wrap your palm around the bar from the top of your hand – go nice and deep on the thick meaty part of the palm.

Common Mistakes

  1. Swinging from the hips. This takes all of the tension off the biceps, nullifying the effect of the exercise. In order to keep your back upright, bend your knees just slightly, and focus on isolating the bicep as you smoothly lift the bar. To eliminate back swing try doing your curls with your back against a wall to keep it super strict. You may have to lower the weight a little, but the bicep will feel it a whole lot more than if you are jerking and swinging with a heavy poundage.
  2. Limited range of motion. You see a lot of people only going through a three quarter motion with their curls. This will not provide full stimulation. You need to move each rep from the thigh to the shoulder.
  3. Getting too complicated. There has been more stuff written about bicep training than any other muscle. Because the biceps are the show muscle of the body, people tend to over complicate the training, doing way too much and ending up in an over trained state. The reality is that the bicep is a small muscle group that gets a lot of stimulation from your other body part workouts. All you need is 3 to 4 strict sets of barbell curls, followed by a couple sets of hammer curls to provide the stimulus for maximum growth.

Hammer Curls

Hammer Curl

Hammer curls involve using a special bar that allows your palms to face one another during the movement. This is a great exercise for working the long head of the biceps. This will enable you to build mass in the mid bicep area. Do two sets of Hammer curls after you’ve completed 3-4 sets of regular barbell curls. Keep your rep range for both exercises between 12 – 8, dropping 2 reps per set as you add weight.

Key Points

  • Barbell curls are an effective mass builder and peak shaper
  • Keep your form strict and don’t go too heavy
  • Elbows at the side at all times
  • Full range of movement with strong flexion at the top
  • Over complicate your bicep training
  • Use Hammer curls for mid bicep mass


The best home preacher curl machine of 2019 is the Fitness Reality X-Class, which features heavy grade steel framing, solid chrome bar stands and a well padded, comfortable preacher attachment. We were also impressed with the Body Solid GCBT380, with its sturdy, stable base, fully adjustable settings and 440 pound weight allowance. Rounding out our top three is the Deltech Pro, a solid, compact unit which features 14 gauge main-framing and fully adjustable seat and curling pad.

Fitness Reality X-Class

Our #1. Recommendation

Fitness Reality X-Class

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