The Best Leg Press Machines in 2019

updated January 1, 2019

After the squat, the leg press is the best thing you can do to build thigh strength and size. The leg press benefits over the squat are that it drastically reduces stress on your lower back and allows you to lift a lot more weight. Yet the market varies greatly in terms of both quality and cost. In this article, we identify the best home leg press machines that deserve your attention.

A Quick Snapshot of 2019’s Best Leg Presses

The best home leg press machine on the 2019 market is the Body Solid leg press / hack squat machine, which provides a quad track roller system for the smoothest carriage experience, along with ultra comfortable thick padding. We were also impressed with the Powertec leg press, with its 1000 pound weight capacity and compact foot print.

The best price point we found on the market is the Powerline PVLP156X Vertical, which provides a solid frame, three balanced weight pins and a great price.

We’ve rated the Top 10 leg press machines in terms of their price and durability to make it easier for you to compare them side by side. We’ve also given each one an overall rating out of 10. In the following section, we present an in depth review of each machine.

The Top 10 Up Close

#1. Body Solid Leg Press

Body Solid Leg Press

The Body Solid Leg Press Hack Squat machine is a 45 degree incline leg press machine that provides you with a quad track roller system. That means that you get a great track system with an extremely smooth motion. You also get a full range of motion that is knee friendly. The diamond foot plate provides you with a very secure pressing platform. An instant adjustment allows you to flip from a press to a hack squat.

The Body Solid Leg Press provides you with some great safety features, including three lockout positions that ensure that you’ll never get stuck. The back and shoulder padding is a massive four inches thick and is covered in tear and sweat resistant double stitched Durafirm.


  • Leg press and hack squat
  • Quad track roller system
  • 4 inch thick padding


  • Foot plate is a little narrow.

#2. Powertec Leg Press

Leg Press

The Powertec Leg Press is a 45 degree horizontal machine that is very solidly built, providing you with a maximum leg press weight of 1000 pounds. It has four weight horns. It has a large, oversized diamond foot plate to provide multiple foot placement options. This model is a reduced footprint of Powertec’s previous leg press, with 4 inches reduced on each side, making it ideal for confined spaces.

The Powertec press has safety in mind with large, easy to operate safety levers within easy reach on either side. If you can’t get the weight up, the safety’s will provide an easy out. A revolutionary carriage system ensures a smooth, fluid motion through a full range. Thick padding and a stylish matt black finish complete the look.


  • 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Reduced footprint
  • Safety levers


  • Footplate is a little slippery

#3. Powerline PVLP156X Vertical

Vertical Leg Press

The Powerline PVLP156X leg press is a budget machine that provides you with a vertical press. A vertical leg press machine puts your lower back in a slightly compromised position, but it does a good job of isolating your thighs and hamstrings. Safety is covered with dual adjustable three inch locking pins. You can also adjust the machine to any of three stop / start positions.

The Powerline PVLP156X is made from solid steel tubing to provide a sturdy base to push from. It has a 400 pound weight capacity. Three one inch diameter weight posts allow for an even weight distribution. Adaptor sleeves to allow for Olympic plates are sold separately. Nylon bushings ensure a fluid, natural motion as the weight travels along the track.


  • Well priced
  • Three weight posts
  • Nylon bushes


  • Puts lower back in a compromised position
Horizontal Leg Press

#4. Body Solid Leverage Horizontal

The Body Solid Leverage horizontal plate loaded leg press features a direct drive system which provides the most fluid, functional pressing motion of any home unit we have encountered. The foot plate is oversized and has the ability to pivot so you can get the ideal foot placement. The dual self aligning, one and a half inch linear bearing seat carriage is designed to fit all body types. The back support is also fully adjustable and generously padded.

The two inch by three inch heavy gauge steel framing of this horizontal leverage leg press machine provides rugged strength and durability. Sealed ball bearing pivot points provide a very smooth carriage ride throughout an entire range of motion. Weight plate holders provide convenient plate storage while adding to the machine’s stability.


  • Direct drive carriage system
  • Dial self aligning kinera seat carriage
  • Heavy gauge steel framing


  • Expensive

#5. BodyCraft F660

Leg Press/Hip Sled

The BodyCraft F660 is a combination angled leg press machine and hack squat. It is constructed from heavy gauge steel that is capable of handling a max user weight of 1000 pounds.

Adjustable, thickly padded shoulder pads accommodate a range of user heights without having to extend the framing. That makes this a very compact unit, ideal for home use. The industrial grade linear bearings will never flatten or wear out.​

The large diamond foot plate easily folds away to allow for hack squats. It is also adjustable to provide a range of pressing angles. This machine is designed to be used with Olympic plates. It is finished in a stylish grey scratch resistant powder coating. The BodyCraft F660 comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Max weight of 1000 pounds
  • Leg press and hack squat
  • Thick, adjustable shoulder pads
  • Industrial grade linear bearings


  • Difficult to assemble

#6. Powerline BSGLPX

Leg Press for BSG10X Home Gym

The Powerline BSGLPX is an optional leg press attachment for the BSG10X home gym from Powerline. Although it is only compatible with this one model, it does provide an easy to fit leg press option that is solid and reliable. The fact that it fits onto a complete home gym system makes this a very cost effective and compact home gym option. The weight stack on the home gym goes up to 160 pounds.

The Powerline BSGGLPX provides a smooth range of motion, though taller people may not be able to get a full extension of the thigh. It features quality cabling and bushes that ensure a fluid gliding motion. This product comes with a 10 year warranty.


  • Fits to home gym
  • Cost effective option
  • Smooth range of motion


  • Weight stack limited to 160 pounds

#7. Rogue Iso Leg Press

Leg Press 35

The Rogue Iso Leg Press is a 45 degree angle unit that has an impressively solid heavy gauge steel frame. Both the back-rest and the foot plate are adjustable to four settings to provide ultimate user customization. All cushioning is three inches thick and covered in tear and sweat resistant Duraguard vinyl, featuring double stitching all around.

The Rogue Iso Leg Press unit has been ergonomically designed to provide the ideal body positioning to accentuate quadriceps and hamstring recruitment while exercising. The hack squat motion is very fluid, allowing for a full descent, unlike many home machines. Bolted on skid resistant feet provide ultimate rigidity. The machine is finished in an attractive scratch resistant, baked powder coat. The unit has four weight pegs with a capacity of 2,475 pounds. This a commercial quality machine that is made to order.


  • Commercial quality leg press
  • 4 position back and foot plate adjustment
  • Bolted on skid resistant feet


  • Expensive

#8. TDS Premier Vertical Leg Press

Vertical Leg Press

The TDS Premier Vertical leg press unit is a solid machine with heavy duty framing. It can handle a weight of 1000 pounds. It is mounted on eight heavy duty rollers that ensure a smooth ride all the way up and down. An oversized footplate provides a range of leg positions. The range of motion is impressive allowing even the tallest user to get full extension and contraction.

The vertical leg press by TDS has a number of heavy duty safety stoppers that make sure that you’ll never get stuck under the heavy iron. With the carriage able to come all the way down to the back pad you get also a full leg extension. Three inch thick padding provides support for your lower back.


  • 1000 pound max weight capacity
  • 8 heavy duty rollers
  • Heavy duty safety stoppers


  • Puts the spine in an unnatural curvature

#9. TDS Horizontal Leg Press

Vertical Leg Press

The TDS Horizontal Leg Press is a straight horizontal machine that allows you to get a full extension and contraction on every rep. This machine operates a cable system and has a 4000 pound tested cable so you know that it will handle anything you throw at it. The weight plate holders are designed to accommodate both standard and olympic weight plates. The seat and back padding provide a high degree of comfort.

TDS horizontal leg press has a max weight capacity of 800 pounds. The seat carriage on this unit slides on eight, two inch rollers to provide the exercise movement. The unit is capable of supporting a user height of up to 6’4”.


  • 4000 pound tested cable
  • 800 pound max weight capacity
  • Supports up to a 6’4” user height


  • Requires 83 inches of height

#10. Powertec Compact Leg Sled

Powertec Compact Leg Sled

The Powertec Compact Leg Press is a is a mini compact leg press machine that has a unique 45 degree decline position. The seat moves and has weight pins attached that are in line with your body positioning. Nylon bearing wheels drive the sled, ensuring a smooth, fluid operation. An adjustable angle foot-plate and multi position seat lock you in place to provide perfect body alignment as you perform the press.

The Powertec compact leg machine has a maximum user capacity of 700 pounds. It also includes a foot tube for doing calf raises. This machine operates similarly to a hack squat machine which provides a very effective tension on your front quads and glutes. It takes two inch Olympic weight plates.


  • 45 degree decline
  • Nylon bearing wheels
  • Foot tube for calf raises


  • Taller users cannot get a full leg extension

Now that you know where to find the best leg press machine for your home gym, it’s time to perfect your pressing technique. Discover the 7 biggest leg press mistakes to avoid in this eye opening clip...


Our favorite home leg press machine of 2019 is the Body Solid leg press / hack squat combo, with its quad track roller system that delivers a fluid carriage motion, heavy gauge framing and extra thick seat and back padding.

Our second favorite is the Powertec leg press which has an all new compact design, and is very rigid with a 1000 pound weight capacity.

Our best budget leg press is the Powerline PVLP156X Vertical, which delivers a very rugged framework, evenly distributed weight pins and thick lower back padding to protect your lumbar spine.

Top 3 Leg Press Machines

Body Solid Leg Press

Our #1. Recommendation

Body Solid Leg Press

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