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Bodycraft Xpress Pro Review Review Facts

A home gym is one of the most versatile tools you can get. The machine can give you the chance to complete over 30 exercises, with many ways you can work on your every muscle group. The Bodycraft Xpress Pro is a home gym just like that – a high-end machine that has plenty of features that can enrich your life and make working out in one spot easier. Read on to discover whether it deserves a spot in your home!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very sturdy and stable steel frame, protected by an electrostatically applied coating

Seat and backrest are adjustable, accommodating users of all shapes and sizes

Durable, double-stitched upholstery

Lifetime warranty

Six workout stations with cable arms and an additional leg press station

Over 100 exercises

Multiple grip options

Highly-durable steel weight plates


Extremely heavy - 500 pounds



The Xpress Pro is one of the sturdiest home gyms you can find today. This is why the total weight of this machine, including the weight stack, is an amazing 500 pounds! This means that you will need at least one more person with you to transport and assemble the machine. But the weight gives the machine stability and safety, so you won't need to bolt it to the floor. The base of the machine has rubber caps on the ends, so it won't damage your gym floor as much, although it's still recommended that you place it on a mat for extra protection. The machine is not only exceptionally heavy - it's also very large. The footprint the Body Craft Xpress Pro creates is 83″L x 57″W, plus you need to leave two extra feet of room around it to exercise safely. The machine reaches about 7', so your room needs to have a ceiling that is at least 7' high, and even then the fit could be very tight and unsafe.


As we said, the Xpress pro is very sturdy, and it's all thanks to the heavy-gauge steel tubing. The tubes are 2″ x 3″ and 2″ x 2″, and they all have an electrostatically applied platinum powder coat. This coating will protect the frame from nicks and cuts, and it will keep moisture from entering the steel, preventing corrosion and rusting. The home gym has a backrest and a seat which are both adjustable. The seat can be adjusted into several different upright angles, but not to a horizontal one, while the backrest can be put into two different positions. This way, the Xpress pro can comfortably accommodate users of all shapes and sizes. The seat and backrest are padded with a very comfortable, thick and dense foam. The foam is just thick enough to comfort you without affecting support. The upholstery which protects the padding is made out of heavy-duty vinyl, and it has double-stitching to make it even more durable. If you care for the upholstery properly, it can last a very long time!

Workout Stations

The Xpress Pro has a lot of heavy-duty pulleys. The pulleys are 4.5 inches in diameter, made out of nylon, reinforced by fiberglass. The bearings where the pulleys spin is reinforced and lubricated for a smooth and jerk-free experience. The cables are made out of steel, and their tensile strength has been rated to 2000 pounds, supporting both beginner and seasoned athletes. The cables are protected with a durable nylon coating which makes the ride even smoother.

The Xpress Pro has a total of six workout stations. The chest press station has a set of handles that have multi-grip positions. The handles cannot be adjusted, but the different grip positions allow users of all heights to use it comfortably. The Xpress Pro chest press station has one unique feature - a double-up feature, which increases the resistance to 400 pounds. The adjustable arm station is a welcome addition, as many home gyms in this price range do not have it. The arms can be set into 10 different positions, and they have standard grips. The pulleys of the arms can rotate 180 degrees. This way, you can do a lot of various exercises that focus on your arms and chest. A high pulley station has a standard lat bar with curved, high-density padding. The mid-pulley station is for ab crunches, and the required ab harness is included. The low pulley station has a short extension chain and a pulling handle. A footplate improves stability, while the ankle strap allows you to do abductors and adductors. The leg developer station has four-inch foam rollers for comfort, and an optional leg press station is available if you decide to order it. And just like the chest press, the leg press has the same double-up feature, increasing the weight to 400 pounds, instead of 200.


The Xpress Pro has a total of 200 pounds which you can work with. The weight stack has 20 very durable plates, each weighing 10 pounds. Unlike many other home gyms, the Xpress Pro-weight plates are made out of steel, making them extremely resistant to all kinds of damage. This is also the reason why this home gym is slightly pricier than the rest. The plates are precision made, and they have nylon bushings, so with the proper care, expect to see them around as long as you live! You do have only 200 pounds to work with, and you can add some more weight plates, which weigh either 5 or 2.5 pounds. However, as we mentioned above, the double-up feature for some workout stations allows you to increase the resistance up to 400 pounds, which is more than enough for most athletes. The weight stack has a metallic enclosure, which lowers the amount of noise the stack creates when used, plus it's perforated for safety and durability.


The Xpress Pro is an extremely versatile machine. This home gym is one of the most versatile machines we had the honor to review! It has a standard six workout station, but the cable arms increase the number of exercises you can do. With the cable arms, you can do the same exercises, but at different heights and angles, changing the focus from one muscle group to another. BodyCraft, the maker of the Xpress Pro, claims that you can do 100 exercises or more on this home gym, meaning that you won't need any other piece of equipment if you decide to go for this one. The leg press machine is an add-on, but it's a worthy investment. The Xpress Pro is a very large machine, but it's not that much bigger than other home gyms we looked at, yet the number of exercises you can do on it is tripled!

Ease of Use

The Xpress Pro is relatively easy to use, but only if you already have some experience with other gym equipment. This home gym has no overly-complicated workout stations or add-ons, and you will only struggle if you never had the chance to use a leg press or a chest press. BodyCraft does give you an instructional guide where you can see what to do with each workout station, so even if you have no experience, you should be able to understand what to do in no time!

Setup & Maintenance

The Xpress Pro is a very large and heavy machine, so the assembly will not be easy. You will receive many parts, and it will take you several hours to set everything up. Plus, you will need help thanks to the sheer size and weight of the machine. Make sure you are putting it together where you want it to remain, as moving around a 500-pound behemoth is an impossible task! Protect the floors where the machine will go as it can damage them. The manual which arrives with the Xpress Pro is very detailed, describing what you need to do, step-by-step. The tools you need to assemble the machine are not included, so you will need to find an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver by yourself. Maintenace is not that difficult. You will need to dust the machine and wipe away any chalk or sweat residue, and you will need to periodically check for any loose bolts or screws. The pulleys are already lubricated once you get them, but they still may need your help from time to time.


The Xpress Pro is a high-end home gym, so the price matches the value. You can find this machine for about 3000 dollars, which is really a lot for most people. The price might scare you, but you need to take a different approach. The Xpress Pro is an extremely durable machine that gives you over 100 different exercises. Buying all the equipment you need for that amount of working out will be costlier than just buying this home machine. The leg press machine is an add-on though, so you might even need to pay more. But the warranty of the Xpress Pro is a lifetime one, showing you just how long you can expect to use the machine.

The Final Word

The Xpress Pro Home Gym is one of the best home gyms we had the chance to review. The machine is incredibly sturdy, with a heavy-duty steel frame and steel cables covered with resistant nylon. The seat and backrest are adjustable and very comfy, while the upholstery resists all kinds of damage thanks to the reinforced double-stitching and heavy-duty vinyl. The Xpress Pro is also highly versatile, giving you the opportunity to try out over 100 different exercises. But all of this comes with a cost - the Xpress Pro is pricey, plus it weighs 500 pounds! If you can find the money to buy it and the manpower to assemble it, we believe that the Xpress Pro is more than worth it!