Jerkfit WODies for Full Palm Protection Reviewed

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Jerkfit WODies for Full Palm Protection Reviewed Review Facts

When you lift or do any gym work with your hands, chances are that your palms will get injured. When a lot of pressure and friction are applied to your palms, they develop painful blisters and corns. Although some people say that once you live through that initial period of pain, you get an extra layer of natural protection, other people still want to find ways to protect the delicate skin of their hands. So some choose gloves, but gloves can limit the mobility of fingers and hands too much, and they can affect the way we feel what we’re working with, essentially clouding our judgment. The best way to protect your hands is with grips. They are just a strip of fabric that protects your hands while leaving your fingers free. They also have a wrist wrap that secures and supports the wrist. Jerkfit WODies are one of the most popular hand grips out there, and if you want to know what we think about them, then scroll down and see for yourself!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Hand-made in the USA


Woven Elastic

Different Sizes

Hypo-allergenic and latex-free

Customizable finger hole slits

Chalk absorbent to improve grip


Too slippery


The most important part when it comes to grips is the way they fit you. An ill-fitting glove can mean the difference between a successful session and torn up palms! An ill-fitting pair will either be too tight and restrict your movement, or it will be too loose and the extra material can cause friction and blisters, which is what you need to be protected from in the first place. Gloves the wrong size can also throw off your form and cause you to lose the grip on the bar. The sizing of the gloves is what you need to look out for. These WODies come in four different sizes - S, M, L, and Xl. You need to measure from the base of your palms to the base of your middle finger to find the right size for you. If you fall between sizes, go for the smaller size, as the material will stretch and you'll end up with a loose pair. The grips will feel loose, no doubt about that, but they need to be at least somewhat loose. That extra strip of hanging material will wrap itself around the bar, not around your palms, and it will serve as protection. You also need to consider the way the grips fit around your wrists. Luckily, the Jerkfit WODies have elastic straps that are easy to adjust, and their fit is excellent. You will need to modify the finger slits though, because the hole size does not change, but no two fingers were made the same way!


Protection is also very important for grips. This is their sole purpose, and if they cannot protect your palms, then what are they for? When you look at a person's hands, you will probably be able to tell whether they lift or not. A seasoned lifter will have calluses and possibly blisters on their palms, caused by friction of the knurling patterns on the bars. None of these problems are serious, but they can be bothersome, and they can become infected if they are not treated properly. Grips also need to protect the wrists. Wrists are very thin, and they don't have a lot of muscle surrounding them, so you can't exactly work on the muscles surrounding them to strengthen the joints. This is why grips need to do that job for you. Jerkfit WODies offer a substantial amount of protection. The padded pads will absorb shock and reduce friction, minimizing the chances of blisters rearing their ugly heads. They are made out of an elastic material, so they aren't too thick or too thin, sitting right in between to offer the best amount of protection without affecting your grip!


Your grips need to be made out of the right material blend if you want them to do a good job. The materials can affect the durability, the fit, the support, the protection, the comfort - literally everything about your grips is affected by the material choice. Most grips are made out of leather. Although leather is natural, breathable, and very durable, it's too thick to be considered a good material choice for grips. It's also very stiff, and you will need time to soften up the leather before you start feeling comfortable. This is why Jerkfit WODies are not made out of leather. They are made out of woven elastic. This elastic is hand-stitched and every part of the glove is also hand made, so there is no room for error here! The elastic is also hypo-allergenic and latex-free, so if you have sensitive hands, there is no need to worry about irritation. This woven elastic will hug your palms gently, and it will offer a good amount of support. This also makes the grips very stretchy, and you'll be able to move your fingers in them without any problems! But the material choice does make the gloves slippery. A lot of users complained that the surface of the grips slides around too much around the bars, making it impossible to get a good grip. You will need to use chalk with these gloves if you want them to function. This can be seen as a very big problem because grips need to have a surface which has traction, otherwise, you could hurt yourself!


Any proper grip pair has to be durable. You will use the grips time and time again while in the gym. Grips will be tugged, stretched, torn, and scratched, and they need to be able to survive all of that. A durable pair will be made out of the right materials, and all the stitches and seams will have to be reinforced and checked meticulously for any errors. Stitches are usually the first thing to go, and you don't want to be left with grips that are full of holes! Jerkfti WODies are hand-made as we mentioned above, which makes their stitching and their seams high-quality and very sturdy. The woven elastic they are made out of is also quite sturdy, as it's able to stretch to multiple times its original length, only to go back to the original size in mere seconds. These grips can be safely washed in the machine too. Some grips suffer when you wash them, and they shrink or fall apart. By washing the Jerkfit WODies in a machine, you remove any bacteria or dirt build-up, and they are safe to use again!


Rigid grips are the last thing you need when you lift. A rigid pair will not bend over the bars, and it will instead dig into your skin, creating more problems than you originally had. Leather tends to create rigid grips, which is why WODies are made out of woven elastic. This elastic material is able to flex and bend as much as you need it to, so it will easily wrap around the bars you use. The wrist wraps are elastic too, and you'll be able to adjust the fit with ease without worrying about sizes too much. The wraps will not restrict your blood flow, and you will be able to use your wrists naturally, without any restrictions!


The grips will protect your skin like no other, but they also need to let your skin breathe. Palms are one of the sweatiest areas on the body, and if that sweat has nowhere to go, your hands will become moist, and your grip will be affected. The sweat build-up can also cause bacteria to thrive, creating bad odors and infection risks. Leather can be too thick, so your palms may not be able to breathe all that well in regular grips. This is why these elastic grips are an ideal choice! Elastic is naturally porous, and air will be able to escape through it with ease. Elastic is also slightly moisture-wicking, so the sweat will travel to the outer surface, leaving your palms dry and functional.


The Jerkfit WODies are proudly made in the USA, by hand. The effort it took to create the gloves, plus their quality can be seen in the price. The gloves can set you back by almost 40 dollars, which is a high price to pay for a simple pair of gloves. But you need to think about it this way - a lot of time and experience was needed to engineer these grips, and they have some of the best features when compared with other similar products. Their price is high, but their quality is high as well, and they are a very valuable companion to have when you need protection! Their only problem is slipping some people's experience, which can really make some users turn their heads. We can't blame you, you don't want something that can potentially harm you. You can always use extra chalk with them, but chalk costs money too, and they will end up being pricier than what you started with!

Final Word

Jerkfit WODies are a fan favorite among many fitness enthusiasts. You can see them gracing many palms in any gym you visit, but they are not without flaws! They are hand-made in the USA, out of woven elastic that provides the user with a lot of breathability and flexibility. They are also lightly padded, so you can enjoy some extra protection. But they are pricey, and they are slippery, which is a serious problem, especially when you're doing pull-ups or chin-ups. You can fix this problem with chalk, but that's not the point of grips, isn't it? We believe that the Jerkfit WODies are worth a shot, but you should be extra careful not to slip while wearing them.