DonJoy Ankle Brace Review 2019

Updated January 1, 2019

Founded by a professional sportsman in 1978, DonJoy is a company which puts athletes first. The people who make the products also use them, so you can be assured that every brace has been tested in the trenches. It is this real world experience that has made DonJoy a leader in orthopedic rehabilitation.

In this article, we discover the best of the DonJoy range with detailed reviews of their 4 best performers. We then compare 3 leading competitor brands to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

The Best of DonJoy

DonJoy specialize in providing protection for high intensity sports applications. Their Bionic line of braces offer a superior level of protection against forces that may push the ankle into a sprain or injury. The Trizone series offers a more lightweight, compression type support that delivers a mild level of support for those looking for enhanced circulation and stability. In this section, we review four of DonJoy’s biggest sellers:

​In the following section, we compare the best of DonJoy with competitors Mueller, ACE and Shock Doctor.

Velocity ES

The DonJoy Velocity ES (Extra Strength) brace is designed for heavy sports applications. It is lightweight and has a low profile, making it both unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. It will allow you to slip into your training shoe without any of the bulky discomfort that is common with competing braces.

DonJoy Velocity ES brace makes use of R3 technology, which stands for Rapid Rigid Ratcheted technology. This provides for circumferential tibial compression, effectively delivering 360 degree support. Bilateral hinges have been anatomically designed to provide complete dorsal and plantar flexion at the ankle. This makes the Velocity ES an excellent support for those who demand complete freedom of mobility for their sport.

The Velocity ES is designed to treat such complaints as inversion ankle sprains, eversion sprains, as well as unnatural rotation of the joint. This brace is available in three models, depending on the level of support you need; The ES (extra support), MS (mild support) and LS (light support).


  • Low profile
  • R3 technology
  • Great mobility


  • A little narrow

The DonJoy RocketSoc is a lace up support that is reinforced with velcro secured straps. This is a lightweight designed support that easily slips under your normal footwear. It features a peroneal forefoot and calcaneal heel lock strap that allows you to have control over the level of tightness and compression of the brace. It also delivers extra support to the ligaments around the joint that are most commonly injured.

The RocketSoc lace up is made from a lightweight nylon. This material is moisture wicking and comfortable against the skin. Unlike many competitor models, it will not bunch up or slip out of position. This model provides complete range of motion while you’re exercising, including quick lateral and medial movement.

This DonJoy ankle brace is available in three versions - Lace Up, Neoprene and Drytex. The neoprene brace provides wrap around compression and comes with an optional inferior buttress to alleviate swelling. Drytex is an alternative to Neoprene. It has a nylon core and a polyester lycra fabric that is extremely breathable.


  • Velcro secure straps
  • Heel lock strap
  • Moisture wicking


  • Difficult to put on

The DonJoy Max Trax air ankle walker brace is a full foot brace that acts as a shoe replacement. It designed to be used post operatively to increase stability and decrease pain in the area. It features both an inner and outer sole to provide extra support and protection along with superior shock absorption.

The rocker bottom of the Max Trax has a low profile to make it less bulky than other models. It also promotes a natural gait and reduces pressure on the plantar region. The Max Trax has been fitted with an integrated pump that allows you to inflate and adjust the bed according to the changing level of edema as you progress through your recovery.

The Max Trainer features a medial / lateral air cell system that inflates the sides equally to the level that you need. This Don Joy ankle brace provides you with a universal fit and is bi-directional. This means that you can wear it on either foot.


  • Inner and outer sole
  • Medial / lateral air cell system
  • Universal fit


  • Bilateral design does provide specific left or right support
Stabilizing Speed Pro

#4. DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro

The DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro has a low profile design that is lightweight and easy to wear under your normal footwear. It is made from a special 800D ballistic nylon material which provides a unique combination of flexibility and strength. This material is also very breathable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about sweat build up and the slippage and bunching, not to mention foul odor, that follows.

The DonJoy Stabilizing Pro ankle brace features a full circumferential stability strap to provide 360 protection and extra support to the tibia. It also has removable, articulated medial and lateral stays that provide increased support to keep the joint tracking properly. The DonJoy stabilizing ankle brace is a universal fit product, so can be worn on either foot. There is a dual strapping and lace up system, with reinforced eye-lits for the laces to boost durability.


  • 800D Ballistic nylon material
  • 360 degree protection
  • Universal Fit


  • Straps need to be more secure

DonJoy Alternatives

In this section we take a close look at 3 alternatives to the DonJoy range . . .

Mueller HG80

The Mueller HG80 features a Figure 8 strapping system to provide complete tension and compression. It is constructed from Mueller’s patented HydraCinn high performance fabric, which is a very lightweight material which wicks away moisture, keeping the air clean and airy. This means that there will be no bacteria build up and the support will not bunch up or slip when you walk or run. It also has an anti-microbial barrier to prevent odor build up.

The HG80 is fitted with interior cushioning aircast air cells to deliver a maximum level of comfort and support. It also has stirrup straps to allow you to easily secure the tension level to what you require. This product is both latex and nylon free.

The Mueller brand has built a solid reputation in the sports performance industry over many decades. Find out just how good they are with our Mueller Ankle Brace Review 2019 feature article.


  • HydraCinn high performance fabric
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Interior cushioning aircast air cells
  • Figure 8 strapping design


  • A little tricky to lace up
Ankle Brace with Side Stabilizers

The Schwinn 470 is more compact than the ProForm range and provides slightly more functionality. It has 29 programs, including 4 user settings and goal tracking. 27 levels of variable resistance provide you with a huge intensity progression. It features 25 Eddy Current Brake technology to allow you to get a very smooth exercise motion. There is an automated incline up to 10 degrees.

The ACE brace features a pair of flexible side stabilizers to provide medial and lateral stability and support. This provides a good level of protection while still allowing for full movement potential. One size fits all and this is a bilateral brace, suitable for both the left and right foot.

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  • Flexible side stabilizers
  • Low profile
  • Open heel


  • A little too much lateral give at the ankle
Shock Doctor 851

The Shock Doctor 851 features an anatomical low profile fit and is a combination velcro bracing and lace up design. It allows for multidirectional movement and features an adjustable strap wrap system. It is designed for moderate to severe ligament strains and sprains. It has a very good compressive ability, providing therapeutic warmth that improves circulation and oxygenation. A non slip footbed with silicone gripper pattern provides for excellent ground stability.

The Shock Doctor 851 has integrated microbial technology to eliminate odor problems. The inclusion of easy pull finger tabs allow you to easily get the support on and off. It provides Performance Level 3 protection. This is a latex free product which comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

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  • Low profile
  • Odor elimination technology
  • Performance Level 3 protection


  • Seams not reinforced


DonJoy specialize in providing support for high intensity sports applications through their Bionic line. The Trizone line offers compression and stability support. Our favorite DonJoy brace is the Velocity ES, which features DonJoy’s unique Rapid Rigid Ratcheted technology. We were also very impressed with the RocketSoc, with its heel lock strap, moisture wicking ability and velcro secure straps.

The MaxTrax is a full foot boot brace that offers inner and outer soles along with a medial / lateral air cell system.

In terms of DonJoy alternatives, the Mueller HG80 is made from HydraCinn high performance fabric, a superior material to anything in the DonJoy range. The ACE ankle brace with side stabilizers has an open heel and flexible side stabilizers in a low profile, delivering more stability than anything in the DonJoy range.

Finally, the Shock Doctor 851 is a low profile support which features odor elimination technology and Performance Level 3 protection.

DonJoy Velocity ES

Our #1. Recommendation

DonJoy Velocity ES

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