Best Active Ankles Ankle Braces Reviewed

Updated January 11, 2019

Active Ankles are a part of the Cramer group of companies. They have carved out a place in the ankle support marketplace by producing a unique range of hinged ankle supports. They have more than 20 U.S and overseas patents, testifying to their originality in product design.

In this article, we review the 4 top braces in the Active Ankles range. We then compare them with the best that the rest of the market has to offer.

The Best of Active Ankles

Ankle Brace, Stabilizer and Sprain Support

#1. Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace

The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace is ideal for the athlete who needs enhanced ankle support to protect and injury without compromising range of motion. It features a quick fit single strap that is fully adjustable to fit high or low ankle shoes. The anatomical bi-lateral hinge provides for full range of motion in the ankle so that you can continue playing your sport, knowing that your ankle is protected.

The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace provides Level 3 ankle protection, which is the highest in the industry. This is a sleek, bulk free brace with an open air heel that allows for full breathability and air circulation, The comfortable, EVA padded construction is form fitting and moisture wicking to prevent sweat build-up and over-heating. With just a single strap, this brace is easy to take on and off. It is available in either black or white.


  • Anatomical bi-lateral hinge
  • EVA Padding
  • Single strap


  • A little clunky

#2. Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace & Sprain Support

The Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace is the original Active Ankle brace. It features a very functional “U” shape design that takes all of the pressure away from the ankle joint and provides a superior level of protection. The open heel and minimalistic design of this brace allows for maximum aeration and moisture wicking ability. A bi-lateral hinge design ensures that you get free and full mobility throughout the entire foot area, while still providing maximum protection.

The Active Ankle T1’s key point of difference with the T2 is that it provides a double strapping system, as opposed to the single strap of the T2. While this may take a little longer to put on, it does provide a higher level of closure security and a tighter fit. The neoprene padding construction of the brace ensures a very comfortable form fit. This streamlined support will fit seamlessly into your training shoe.


  • Double strapping system
  • “U” shaped design
  • Neoprene padding


  • Not a corrective brace

#3. Active Ankle Power Lace Up

Ankle Athletic Braces

The Active Ankle Power Lace Up provides a high level of support and protection in a lace up design. This puts you in total control of the level of tension and compression applied to the heel and ankle. It features original “Y” shaped vertical stabilization straps that provide control of both the heel and the forefoot. This support also features an easy on pull and play design that allows you to get it on faster so you can play longer.

The Active Ankle Power Lace Up features an open heel design. This allows for maximum breathability and moisture wicking, preventing over heating and sweat build up. The nylon shell is lined with neoprene to provide a maximum level of comfort and support. This brace is a great fit for sports like basketball, volleyball, football, baseball and softball. It is very slimline so fits easily into your shoe.


  • Secure lace up design
  • Neoprene lining
  • Easy on pull and play design


  • Minimal forefoot support
Lace-up Ankle Brace

#4. Active Ankle Excel Lace Up

The Active Ankle Excel Lace Up is designed for the athlete who needs the highest level of support possible without compromising mobility for sport. It combines the comfort of a lace up brace with the rigidity of the traditional Figure 8 strapping system. The integrated vertical straps mimic the heel locking ability of wrapping tape without any of the hassle of having to apply tape.

The Active Ankle Excel Lace Up features a pared down design that has removed excess material from the heel and forefoot. This makes it a very lightweight, slimline design that molds to the foot and easily fits under your training footwear. The inclusion of speed lacing eyelits make it easier to lace up the brace and a non slip silicone printing on the sole ensures that it won’t slip around when you’re active. This brace is made from 840 Denier Nylon.


  • Figure 8 strapping system
  • Lightweight slimline design
  • 840 Denier Nylon


  • Laces tend to get stuck in the velcro

Active Ankles Alternatives

In this section we offer three top selling alternatives to the Active Ankle range: the Mueller HG80 Rigid Ankle Brace, the DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle and the Shock Doctor 851 Ankle Brace . We’ll review them and see how they compare to the best in the Active Ankle range.

ACE Compression Ankle Support

Ankle support braces

The ACE Compression Ankle Support provides you with an extremely comfortable, sleek brace that you can wear on any ankle thank to its bilateral ergonomic design. It delivers even compression to the entire ankle region to bring much needed oxygen and nutrients through an enhanced blood supply to speed up the recovery process.

The ACE compression band is airy, light and breathable, ensuring that the area remains dry and sweat free. This brace has been designed with finished, reinforced edges that stop it from slipping and rolling.


  • Breathable material
  • Light compression
  • Can be used on either ankle
  • Will not roll or slip
  • Slimline design


  • May not be enough compression for some applications

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DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle

Speed Pro Ankle Brace

The DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle features a unique contoured design that is made from heavy duty ballistic nylon. It has a three inch circumferential compression strap that provides you with a very secure fit. Articulated side stays ensure that your ankle is properly aligned and prevents problems with inversion or eversion. The stays are removable to allow for a greater range of mobility. Reinforced eye-lits double down on the strength of the lacing system.

The DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro features a speed lacing system that allows you to get your brace on and off extremely quickly. It is made from a non stretch ballistic nylon material that delivers comfort, performance and durability. The new and improved streamlined design allows it to seamlessly work with your existing footwear.


  • 800D Ballistic Nylon
  • Lightweight, low profile
  • Fully circumferential elastic strap


  • Straps need to be more secure

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Shock Doctor 851 Ankle Brace

Ultra Wrap Ankle Brace

The Shock Doctor 851 ankle brace provides an enhanced level of support and protection without compromising range of motion or performance ability. It features a non slip footbed with a silicone gripper, delivering a very secure base which will not slip slide, travel or bunch up. It has a multi directional, adjustable strap to provide a very secure fit, which simulates the action of wrapping tape. The low profile makes it easy to slip on and off.

The Shock Doctor 851 is designed for people with moderate to severe ligament problems. It does a great job of adding compression and stabilization to the ankle. Easy finger pull tabs make it even easier to get this brace into position. The product is completely latex free and comes in a stylish black finish.


  • Low profile
  • Latex free
  • Non slip silicone gripper


  • Velcro needs to be more robust

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The best performer in the Active Ankles range is the Active Ankles T2 Rigid Ankle Brace, which features an Anatomical bi-lateral hinge, EVA padding and a single strap design. The Active Ankle T1 Rigid Ankle Brace makes use of a double strapping system for enhanced strength, has a “U” shaped design and is fitted with neoprene padding for extra comfort. The Active Ankle Power Lace Up is another premium performer, featuring a secure lace up, neoprene lining and an easy pull and play design.

When it comes to Active Ankles alternatives, we think that the Mueller HG80 rigid ankle brace is a great choice. It features Mueller’s own HydraCinn high performance fabric, which is more lightweight and durable than anything in the Active Ankles range, along with interior cushioning aircast air cells and a Figure 8 strapping design. The DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle is another top option, with its 800D Ballistic Nylon fabric and fully circumferential elastic strap.

Finally, the Shock Doctor 851 features a non slip silicone gripper, has a low profile and easy finger pull tabs.​

Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace

Our #1. Recommendation

Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace

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