Best Ankle Brace Reviews 2019

Updated January 11, 2019

Your ankles take a lot of pounding in the gym. Whether you’re on the treadmill, in the squat rack, or doing box jumps, they endure a whole lot of pressure and lateral force. It’s no surprise, then, that ankle injuries in the gym are very commonplace. An ankle brace can give you the extra strength and protection needed to avoid becoming another statistic. In this article, we review the Top 9 options on the 2019 market.

A Quick Overview of the Best Ankle Braces

The best ankle brace on the 2019 market is Bioskin Trilok, which provides you with form fitting Ultima 2 fabric, super strong Velcro and double strapping. The best lace up ankle brace is Ossur Form Fit, providing an exoskeleton design, figure 8 heel lock and speed lace up system. The best brace for sports is Active Ankle T2, which delivers ‘Y’ shaped vertical stabilizers, dual steel spring stays, and nylon shell.

To make it easier for you to compare the best ankle braces on the market, we’ve rated each of the Top 9 on the basis of price and durability and then given an overall rating out of 5. We go in depth on each product later in this article.

Benefits of Ankle Braces

Ankle braces can help an individual avoid an injury and when there is a sudden movement in which the foot is perpendicular to the actual direction of the movement, a ligament injury can occur. An ankle brace would have kept the ankle in a more stable position and could have helped prevent such an injury.

If you are wearing an ankle brace due to an injury, then you will likely be wearing it anywhere from ten days and possibly even up to a total of six weeks depending on the severity of your injury. It should at least be worn until the signs of swelling, pain, and instability have diminished.

Ankle braces can also be worn as a preventative measure and will provide added support to weak ankle joints, help calm any pain and swelling you may be experiencing, and help you to avoid a future injury. Ankle braces are especially helpful for athletes because they can provide very thorough knee protection when they may need it most.

Ankle Brace versus Ankle Tape

There are several different models of ankle braces available that cover a variety of injuries and concerns. Each ankle brace boasts of its own effectiveness, comfort, and stability. When it comes to an ankle brace, the size you pick up really does matter. It won’t be as effective if it does not properly fit your foot. You should always follow all instructions on how to use it as well.

Ankle tape, on the other hand, is used most often by athletes and actually costs more to tape then it does to purchase an ankle brace. The tape cannot be reused so you will constantly have to be buying tape rather than just keep using it.

Inversion and Eversion of the Ankle

Inversion and eversion are terms that involve the movements that tilt the sole of the foot away from or towards the midline of your body. Away is eversion, and towards is inversion.

An ankle inversion is a type of sprain in which the lateral ligaments end up getting too stretched and the anterior talofibular ligament is most commonly involved in this particular type of ankle sprain. The majority of all ankle sprains typically occur due to inversion injuries.

An ankle eversion is the opposite of inversion and involves the peroneus longus, brevis, and tertius which are the three muscles that are involved in an everted ankle injury.

The Top 9 Ankle Brace Review

#1. Powerlix Ankle Brace

Compression Support Sleeve

Powerlix Ankle braces are an extremely supportive lower foot aid that delivers even pressure across the ankle joint. The tight, form fitting design provides very effective support against arthritis, sprains, strains and tendonitis. The compression fabric is both comfortable and breathable. That means that you’ll have no problems with sweat build up and itchiness around the ankle while you’re working out.

The special knitted technical design of Powerlix means that they will fit any size ankle, providing the form fit that you need for comfort and performance. On top of that, the finish of the ankle brace gives you a very stylish design that looks great.


  • Special knitted design
  • Form fitting
  • Compression fabric


  • A little tricky to put on

#2. Ossur Form Fit

Ankle Strap

Ossur Form Fit ankle braces deliver just the right balance between a rigid ankle stirrup and a soft ankle support. The ergonomically designed stirrup shaped plastic exoskeleton is form fitting and amazingly comfortable. This innovative design from Ossur has been shown to deliver 25-30% more support than the traditional design.

Ossur Form Fit features a figure 8 heel lock strapping to provide very rigid support to the lower leg. You will have no concerns with the ankle brace slipping, as happens when you use tape. There is also an innovative speed lace up design, which allows you to put the ankle brace on and take it off extremely quickly.


  • Exoskeleton design
  • Figure 8 heel lock
  • Speed lace up


  • A bit stiff

#3. Active Ankle T2

Rigid Single Strap

The Active Ankle T2 is a ‘U’ shaped rigid ankle brace that provides a great deal of stability and support. It features anatomically designed ‘U’ shaped support which controls both the heel and forefoot. This brace features a quick fit single strap that is adjustable for both high top and low top shoes. This is a sleek, less bulky brace than many that you currently find on the market. If features feather-light custom molded EVA padding which hugs every corner of the ankle and is custom molded for fit and comfort. 

The anatomical bilateral hinge of the T2 allow for full foot range of motion through the ankle. This makes it ideal for minimizing the effects of strains and sprains. You will get the highest level of support of any rigid brace with the T2.


  • Very light weight
  • Anatomical bilateral hinge
  • EVA padding
  • Quick fit single strap design


  • Not suitable for taller people

#4. Bioskin Trilok Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace

Bioksin Trilok Ankle Brace is an extremely versatile ankle brace that offers a great deal of support for inversion, eversion, and plantar flexion inversion. This knee brace features a Footlok strap which gives a lot of support to the plantar fascia. Two individual straps are placed to stabilize the mid and rear foot. It is constructed from high grade patented Ultima 2 fabric and industrial strength Velcro. There are no laces with this ankle brace support, making it much easier to take on and off.

The Bioskin Trilok will give you the stability and strength you need to prevent ankle sprains and strains, along with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD).


  • Ultima 2 fabric
  • Strong velcro
  • Double strapping


  • A little bulky

#5. Liomor Ankle Support

Ankle Support Breathable

Liomor Ankle Support is specialty ankle brace designed for runners and basketball players. It features a unique crisscross reinforcement strap design to provide you with the ultimate in strength and rigidity. These ankle braces are made from a high elastic, moisture wicking material.

A perforated interlayer design provides the ultimate in breathability, delivering a more comfortable, easy wearing support. This will also enhance the oxygen circulation. You’ll have no problems with odor issues or bacterial build-up, which contrasts with many competing brands. The Liomar Ankle Supports also feature an open heel design, which provides you with a greater range of motion; this makes it ideal for quick change mobility while playing sport.


  • Perforated interlayer design
  • Open heel design
  • Criss-cross reinforcement strap


  • Bottom of brace cuts into the foot

#6. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

​The ASO Ankle Stabilizer features a figure 8 design to provide complete protection to your lower foot while exercising or walking around. This ankle brace from ASO effectively creates a ballistic, lightweight nylon boot that delivers the support you need with the flexibility that you require for your workout.

An elastic cuff closure gives added support, while boosting the rigidity of the lacing system. ASO Ankle Stabilizer brace features a bi-lateral design, so that each unit will fit on either the left or right foot. It has a low profile, so that it will work with all manner of footwear. Braces are sold separately, not as a pair.


  • Figure 8 design
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic cuff closure


  • No warranty

#7. TechWare Pro

TechWare Pro

The TechWare Pro ankle brace provides an effective level of compression in a thin sleeve, making this a very unobtrusive ankle support that you can wear with any type of footwear. This means that you can box jump, do plyometrics, or play sports without any encumbrance. The breathable moisture wicking soft fabric has been anatomically shaped to contour to the foot for better stability. The graduated compression will improve the blood circulation the affected area, improving edema treatment as well as bunions and bursitis.

The non-slip fit of the TechWare Pro makes it ideal for playing sport. There is no neoprene used in the construction of this brace. Instead the manufacturers make use of 80% nylon and 20% spandex to deliver superior foot and ankle support and comfort. 


  • Graduated compression
  • Thin and lightweight
  • No spandex used


  • Sizing runs a little small

#8. McDavid 195

McDavid 195

The McDavid 195 ankle brace is made from a single layer of polyester fabric, providing enhanced stability and form fit. It also provides an extremely lightweight design that feels as if you’re not even wearing an ankle brace. The compression comfort top strap provides you with a very secure and rigid support, while allowing for custom fitting.

The McDavid 195 features a breathable tongue which allows the air to circulate. This eliminates sweat build up, along with odor and bacteria problems. The ankle brace can be easily adjusted without having to undo laces. However, it also stays securely in place. Padded lining and reinforced closures enhance the comfort level.


  • Single layer of polyester fabric
  • Compression comfort top strap
  • Breathable tongue


  • A little bulky

#9. Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

​The Sleeve Star Plantar Fasciitis is a compression support that will speed up recovery by enhancing the flow of blood and nutrients to the lower leg area. It is made from a high-quality fabric that features a soft inner lining to provide a comfortable feel against the skin. An extra compression strap gives you more stability and rigidity when you are doing plyometrics or squatting.

The Sleeve Star Plantar Fasciitis strap performs the dual purpose of preventing lower leg injury and providing recovery if you do suffer from injury to the area. This knee brace is ideal for use when lifting weights, playing sports, or just going about your daily activities.


  • Compression support
  • Extra compression strap
  • Soft inner lining


  • Has a strong smell of petroleum

The Best Ankle Support Wraps, Straps and Sleeves

Protecting your ankles is a vital part of exercising. Whether you’re a weightlifter, a runner, a Crossfitter, or a basketball player; your ankle joints are going to take a pounding. If you haven’t already felt the pain in your lower limbs, chances are it’s not far away. That’s why protecting your ankles before the pain strikes is a smart idea.

The problem is that there are so many different options on the market when it comes to ankle protection that most people are left dazed and confused. Should you go for a wrap, a strap or a sleeve? Here’s a quick overview:

  • An ankle brace is used to prevent a strain from occurring
  • An ankle sleeve provides compression to prevent swelling and improve blood flow and oxygenation
  • Wraps provide support during the healing process after an injury has occurred

To discover the best wraps, sleeves and straps on the current market with our Best Ankle Support Wraps, Straps and Sleeves Review 2019 super feature.

Mueller Ankle Brace Review 2018

mueller ankle signature

Since 1961, Mueller Sports Medicine has been providing solutions to the training needs of both professional and recreational athletes all over the world. They work closely with athletes to perfect protective and supportive products to keep athletes’ safe so they can continue doing what they love.

The people at Mueller are specialists when it comes to ankle support and protection. They provide a full complement of ankle braces, wraps, sleeves and other supports that have been tested in the trenches to deliver the support, strength, and stability that you expect.

Mueller’s revolutionary Omniforce ankle support technology provides an amazing level of support, while their graduated compression ankle socks deliver enhanced oxygenation and blood flow to speed up the healing process. Discover the best of the Mueller range with our Mueller Ankle Brace Review 2019. We go in depth on the top 5 Mueller products and then compare them to the best offerings from Mueller’s competitors.

DonJoy Ankle Brace Review 2018

Donjoy foot support

DonJoy was founded in 1978 by Philadelphia Eagles line captain Mark Nordquist. From a simple start, the company has grown to be one of the most respected in the sports performance industry. Pouring massive research and development investment into perfecting their products, DonJoy has become a leader in the area of orthopedic rehabilitation.

The DonJoy range of ankle support and protection products are built around the Bionic line, which offers maximum protection from sprains and strains. The Bionic brace offers full protection while still allow a full range of mobility. The Trizone line offers a lightweight, low profile compression sleeve to enhance stability and boost circulation.

Check out just how the DonJoy range of ankle support and protection products can keep your ankles safe with our DonJoy Ankle Brace Review 2019. We’ll break down the premium Don Joy range and then compare them with the top offerings from the competition.

Best Ankle Braces for Running

Running and ankle pain seem to go hand in hand. The constant pounding on the joints can have a cumulative effect that may cause Achilles tendon damage, shin splints, or worse. There are a number of things that runners can do to minimize their risk of ankle injury. These include running on softer surfaces such as grass and dirt, wearing shoes that have been orthopedically designed for their gait type, replacing their shoes regularly, and doing proper warm up exercises.

However, the most effective way to prevent sprains and strains, as well as providing relief for existing injuries, is to wear an adequate support.

Ankle braces provide the best protection for runners from sprains and strains to the Achilles area. Finding the most effective product for your running needs, however, is no easy task. The market is literally swamped with all manner of ankle braces, each claiming to be the ideal product for your running needs.

Our Best Ankle Braces for Running Reviews 2019 takes away the confusion by providing in depth reviews of the best the market has to offer. Don’t leave your ankle protection to chance - get the knowledge you need to need to make a smart buying decision today.

Futuro Ankle Brace Review 2019

Futuro Products are a part of the 3M company. They are one of the most well-known range of braces and supports on the market with their distinctive yellow box packaging. The Futuro range of ankle support and protection products includes eleven items that are designed to offer total protection, regardless of what activity you are planning to do.

All of the products in the Futuro range are the result of years of research and development in consultation with the athletes who wear them. The 2019 range includes arch supports, wrap around ankle supports, stirrup braces, moisture control supports, and ankle stabilizers.

Get the full scoop on the best of the Futuro range with our Futuro Ankle Brace Review 2019. We go deep on the best of their range, pitting them against the other top offerings on the market.

Ace Ankle Supports

Since their founding in 1918, Ace Ankle Supports have been the most recognized and popular joint support product on the planet. ACE have been the innovators in the industry, having introduced neoprene material and antimicrobial braces. The ACE range of ankle products is the largest on the market, with thirty-five assorted products.

The ACE range of braces, stabilizers, wraps, compression socks, and bandages are the most popular on the market for a reason. They have spent nearly a hundred years developing and perfecting their products to be orthopedically designed to provide the best fit for your ankles.

Find out which ACE products are the best for your needs with our ACE Ankle Supports Review 2019. As well as providing in depth reviews of the best in the range, we compare ACE with its major competitors so you know which is the best.

Best Ankle Braces for Basketball

Did you know that 40% of all basketball related injuries are ankle sprains? While, you can and should strengthen your ankles with specialized training devices such as wobble boards, the best way to prevent an injury is to wear a support brace. It will absorb the impact of landing and prevent ankle roll. You will also gain confidence when you enter the court with a sore ankle.

When you are shopping for a basketball support for your ankles, you need to consider the fit, comfort, and the durability. There are a vast number of options on the market, making it difficult to know which ones to choose.

That’s why I’ve gone to the effort to review in depth the premium ankle brace and supports for basketball players in my Best Ankle Braces for Basketball Reviews 2019. If you’re serious about staying in the game, you have got to check it out.

Shock Doctor Ankle Braces

Shock Doctor is the premiere mouth protection provider for athletes, having been in business since 1993. In 2011, they entered the performance sports therapy market. They have developed a line of ankle braces that are truly innovative. Their 2019 range includes the V-Flex Ankle XT, the Ankle Stabilizer, the Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support, and the Ankle Sleeve with Compression Fit.

Shock Doctor offer specialized protection and support for those with existing ankle injuries. Delve deeper into their line with our Shock Doctor Ankle Brace Reviews 2019. We bring you the best of the Shock Doctor brand and then put it head to head with the market leaders.

Best Ankle Braces for Sprain and Injury Review 2019

If you’ve already suffered a sprain or injury to the ankle, then you know how frustrating it can be to have to sit out training or game time. Finding the right ankle support that will allow you to get back into the action fast will no doubt be a priority for you. So, how do you wade through the masses of products on the market to find the best ones to support your existing injury or ankle sprain?

That’s easy - go directly to our in-depth profile of the most effective ankle braces with our Best Ankle Braces for Sprain and Injury Reviews 2019. We sort out the best from the rest, so that you can get the protection you need.

Aircast Ankle Braces

Aircast is one of the leading suppliers of ankle braces in the world. Their revolutionary air stirrup ankle brace is widely recommended by medical professionals. The Aircast series is divided into 3 categories;

  • Mild
  • Moderate
  • Severe

The Aircast range of ankle braces provide for regular movement and weight bearing on injured ankles, while providing maximum protection for the lower leg as it heals. Called functional management, this will reduce the time required for healing quite markedly.

Discover the best of the Aircast range with our detailed Aircast Ankle Brace Reviews 2019 feature article.

Best Ankle Braces for Volleyball

Volleyball places a lot of demands on the ankles. More than any other sport, you are jumping, pivoting and landing constantly. If you’re playing without an ankle brace then you are courting injury.

When it comes to ankle support for volleyball, your options are varied. Sock model braces are very popular, giving you the ability to slide them on and off easily. Mechanical model bracing is a wraparound model that is secured to the base of the foot with a mechanical stirrup. Some braces are also filled with air-cells to enhance healing and decrease swelling post injury.

Find out which products will do the best job at the best price with our massive Best Ankle Braces for Volleyball Reviews 2019.

Breg Ultra Ankle Braces

Breg is the second largest provider of orthopedic bracing in the United States, partnering with 2,500 clinics, 6,000 orthopedic surgeons and 1,500 integrated delivery networks nationwide. Since 1989, they have been a standard setter in the ankle brace industry.

Breg ankle braces have been designed to support and control rotation as well as providing relief from minor sprains and strains. The range includes 15 products, delivering some of the most innovative technology in the industry. Go deep into the Breg range of products with our Breg Ultra Ankle Braces Reviews 2019 super feature.

Ossur Ankle Braces

Ossur are world leaders in prosthetics and osteopathic solutions. The company is headquartered in Iceland and has 2,200 employees in 18 locations worldwide. They provide a full complement of rehabilitative foot and ankle supports. With 26 specialized products in the range, you will not find a more extensive selection for your rehab needs.

The Ossur range includes the Rebound Air Walker, the AFO LEaf Spring, the AirForm Pre-Inflatable and the Form Fit Ankle with Speed Lace. Find out how Ossur stacks up to the competition with our Ossur Ankle Brace Review 2019 in depth analysis.

Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Braces

Pro-Tec Athletics was founded in 1991 by Pro volleyball player Jeff Rodgers. Since then they have become industry leaders in the running injury preventative market. In addition to providing top of the line products, they are also a premium information provider, giving pro athletes and recreational users alike the information they need.

The Pro-Tec line of ankle support products covers six products, including a gel force ankle support, 3D flat premium ankle support and achilles tendon support. Discover the best of the Pro-Tec range with our Best Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Brace Reviews 2019 feature. We put the best of Pro-Tech up against the top offerings from the competition.


Our top-rated ankle brace is Bioskin Trilok Ankle, which is a very versatile, lightweight and rugged strap that features patented breathable fabric and secure strapping. Another premium ankle compression brace is the Ossur Form Fit, which features a unique exoskeleton shell design to provide the ultimate in form fit in addition to a speed lock system which allows you to get it on and off quicker.

Rounding out our top 3 adjustable ankle braces are Active Ankle Power braces, which are a great choice for sports usage, with their ‘Y’ shaped vertical stabilizers and dual spring stays.

Powerlix Ankle Brace

Our #1. Recommendation

Powerlix Ankle Brace

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