Futuro Ankle Brace Review 2018

updated August 3, 2018

Futuro Products, a subsidiary of the 3M company, are a popular top rated supplier of ankle support and protection products. With 11 products in their catalog, their distinctive yellow box packaging can be seen in gyms and running tracks the world over. Futuro are well regarded for the extensive research and development that goes into their product development.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the best of the Futuro range, We then compare them with other market leaders.

The Best of Futuro

The 2018 range includes arch supports, wrap around ankle supports, stirrup braces, moisture control supports and ankle stabilizers. In this section, we take a close look at their top 4 performers:

In the following section, we compare the Futuro range with 3 competing market leaders; the ASO EVO Stabilizer, ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer and Active Ankle Power Lace Up.

Futuro Sports Deluxe

The Futuro Sports Deluxe ankle support is designed to allow you to keep playing despite ankle injury. You wear it over your sock and inside your sports shoe to provide yourself with maximum protection while ensuring full mobility. The durable construction material provides rigid support while promoting flexibility. It is highly breathable and has moisture wicking properties to allow for aeration.

The Sports Deluxe features reinforced side stabilizers which limit the amount of lateral movement, thus protecting the most vulnerable parts of the ankle joint. Adjustable closures provide the ability to get a customized fit and total support, while ankle straps lift and support the ankle. The sleeve has been made following an easy fit ergonomic design that makes it a breeze to slip on and fit under your shoe. This is a bidirectional sleeve, suitable for booth left and right feet.


  • Moisture wicking
  • Adjustable closures
  • Reinforced side stabilizers


  • No double stitching
Futuro Sports Moisture Control

The Futuro Sports Moisture Control support is designed to give support to weak or injured ankles. It is constructed from a blend of neoprene and Futuro’s own Polartec Power Stretch RX materials. This provides a moisture wicking ability that releases excess heat while still keeping the area warm and limber. The open heel enhances the breathability and the mobility of the sleeve. The addition of an anti-microbial treatment prevents bacterial build up and eliminates odor problems.

The Futuro Sports Moisture Control features dual precision supports to lift and support the arch of the foot. The wrap around style of this brace makes it very easy to take on and off. It is a lightweight support that fits seamlessly under your shoe. You will get a moderate level of support to bring relief from general soreness‎, arthritis‎, sprains‎, and swelling‎. It is able to be used on either the left or right foot.


  • Polartec Power Stretch RX
  • Open heel
  • Anti-microbial treatment


  • No stabilizer support
Futuro Infinity Precision Fit

The Futuro Infinity Precision Fit is a low profile support designed to bring relief to weak, injured or stiff ankles. It has been ergonomically contoured to fit to the shape of your foot, allowing it to easily slip on and fit under your footwear. It has been fitted with an antimicrobial treatment to bring relief from odor issues and bacteria build up.

Comfort straps allow you to be in control of the level of tension applied to the ankle area, providing lift and support to the heel. The fabric provides enhanced breathability and is lighter and more airy than neoprene. An enhanced heel strap provides extra security through a more rigid fit. The Precision Fit provides a moderate level of support to provide relief from general soreness, sprains, arthritis, swelling and tendonitis.


  • Comfort straps
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Enhanced heel strap


  • Poor instructions
Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace

Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace

The Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace is a neoprene blended support that provides a good balance of support and mobility. It provides soothing warmth and comfort to bring relief from general soreness, tendonitis, arthritis, sprains and swelling. It features an easy to apply wrap around design that puts you in control of the level of tension applied. A heel loop makes it easy to get the brace on and off.

Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace comes with an open heel. This gives you more mobility through the entire lower foot, while also increasing breathability. This support is supplied as a two pack and is suitable for either left or right foot. It provides a moderate level of support to allow you to train and play with confidence despite nagging ankle pain.


  • Heel loop
  • Open heel
  • Comes as a two pack


  • A little too bulky

Futuro Alternatives

In this section we provide 3 alternatives to the Futuro range of ankle products, the ASO EVO Stabilizer, ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer and Active Ankle Power Lace Up. Let’s find out how they compare . . .

ASO EVO Stabilizer

The ASO EVO Stabilizer incorporates some innovative technology that provides stabilizing straps and a dynamic cuff to deliver a stronger level of support than any of the four Futuro supports we have looked at. The compromise is that you don’t get quite as much mobility throughout the entire lower foot. An inner stirrup strap enhances the stability even further with greater resistance to inversion or eversion.

The ballistic nylon construction of ASO EVO Stabilizer gives it a great level of breathability that is comparable to anything in the Futuro range. However, it doesn’t have built in anti-microbial properties. A flexible plastic cuff increases support around the ankle joint. This bidirectional brace fits both the left and right foot.

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  • Greater support than Futuro range
  • Ballistic nylon construction
  • Flexible plastic cuff


  • A little too bulky
ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer

The ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer is a low profile, open heel support that gives a high level of support to the ankle. It features rigid side stays that keeps the ankle aligned, prevented inversion and eversion problems. The easy design of this sleeve makes it extremely user friendly. It is lightweight and can be worn over the sock and under the shoe without any bulkiness or discomfort.

The ACE Deluxe has a high level of breathability, allowing air to circulate freely and providing a moisture wicking ability. It also has an open heel to make the sleeve even more breathable and to improve mobility. The enclosures are adjustable, allowing you to control the tightness of the fit. This product is completely latex free.

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  • Low profile, open heel design
  • Rigid side stays
  • Very breathable


  • Leg strap is too high
Active Ankle Power Lace Up

The Active Ankle Power Lace Up is a lace up brace which provides a comparable level of support to injured or weak ankles as applying a wrap. Both the heel and forefoot are offered greater stability and support thanks to a unique “Y” shaped design. This gives more support than all four of the Futuro models we have reviewed. Dual spring stays boost the support to the body of the brace.

The Active Ankle Power Lace Up brace is constructed from a nylon shell that is lined with soft neoprene. While offering a high level of support, it still allows the flexibility and mobility that you need to play sports, run or train in the gym.

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  • Unique “Y” design
  • Dual spring stays
  • Nylon / neoprene shell


  • A little bulky under sports shoes


Futuro ankle braces are market leaders in the sports and rehabilitative protection market. In this article, we’ve shone the spotlight on their four top performers. Our favorite is the Futuro Sports Deluxe, which features reinforced side stabilizers and adjustable closures. The Infinity Precision Fit is a popular Futuro ankle brace, delivering an enhanced heel strap, comfort straps and enhanced breathability. Futuro wrap around ankle support is provided by the Sports Adjustable ankle brace.

When it comes to Futuro alternatives, the ASO EVO Stabilizer delivers a greater level of support, but not quite as much mobility. The ACE Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer has a low profile, open heel design with rigid side stays for greater lateral support.

Finally, the Active Ankle Power Lace Up features a unique “Y” design with dual spring stays to give you the greatest level of support we have come across.

Futuro Ankle Brace Review 2018
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