15 of the BEST Crossfit Blogs you NEED to be Reading

Looking to up your Crossfit Game?

Get a competitive edge with our list of the best Crossfit Blogs of 2015. We rated these blogs based on the following qualities:

  • How often the blog is updated
  • Quality of content
  • Quantity of content

Honorable mention: journal.crossfit.com

The Crossfit journal is a great resource but in this post I wanted to focus on blogs that are not directly related to the Crossfit brand.

​If you think we left out your top Crossfit blog please leave a comment below and we'll take a look. We've got no problem adding sites that provide truly valuable content.



​Some of the best crossfit guides online.

From their website:

Catalyst Athletics is the world's largest source of educational material for Olympic weightlifting. We publish online content from articles to videos and photos to Olympic weightlifting training programs and the largest online weightlifting exercise library; books in print and digital format; video in DVD, downloadable and streaming format; a monthly journal; and produced the first feature-length documentary film on the sport of weightlifting in the US. Additionally, we provide seminars and coaching certification both in the US and internationally, and run one of the most well-known weightlifting gyms in the world.

Connect with them here:



A hilarious blog from a guy who is extremely passionate about Crossfit

From the website:

I want people to get involved. I want people to have a place to vent their CrossFit thoughts. I want to give people a place they can belong to online. Sure, you can share your thoughts on your latest workout on the usual social networking sites. Unfortunately, there’s a high chance the majority of your audience there won’t give 2 shits.

At KippingItReal.com, I want other CrossFitters to be able to voice out, meet some cool people online, and give you all another place to shoot the shit. It’s great being able to do things like that at your local CrossFit box, so this is a great place to be able to do that kind of stuff online.

​Connect with them here:

barbell shrugged


One of the most informative crossfit and fitness blogs out there. Constantly updated with an enormous amount of valuable content.

From the website:​

Barbell Shrugged is all about helping athletes, coaches, and gym owners expand their knowledge and dominate their fitness.

Collectively the Barbell Shrugged crew has been training for many years, have degrees (and masters) in Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science, own multiple CrossFit boxes, have competed in CrossFit, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting, and have hosted live seminars and training camps around the country.

​Connect with them here:



Essentially the biggest Crossfit blog in existence. This site covers everything from stretches to muscle growth.

From the website:​

MobilityWOD® is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance. Humans have been evolving for 2.5 million years and the human body is extraordinarily engineered. While people are born with this incredible machine, they aren’t born with the right software to run that machine.

​Connect with them here:

breaking muscle

Breaking Muscle


A group of extremely experienced fitness professionals put together a helpful resource that covers all facets of health and wellness.

From the website:​

Breaking Muscle is a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive strength and conditioning, and mind/body wellness programs. We draw from our education, experience, and empirical research within our community to provide full scale services to athletes, coaches and consumers.

Breaking Muscle specializes in Olympic lifting, powerlifting, functional fitness, yoga, and mind/body modalities. Breaking Muscle utilizes the latest research, products, and equipment to provide services to advance human health and performance.

​Connect with them here:



The RX View is great for keeping up to date on all things fitness. Any type of fitness or Crossfit related news will be reported here. Guaranteed.

From the website:​

The Rx Review is an independent fitness website, reporting on the Sport of Fitness, functional fitness news, The CrossFit Games, health and diet related information, and providing reviews on sports performance products. -

See more at: http://therxreview.com/#sthash.IbeHtnYG.dpuf

​Connect with them here:



A great blog for getting in the proper fitness mindset. Fitness is more than lifting heavy weight. MentalityWOD helps you strengthen your mentality.

From the website:​

If you want fitness and performance results and an amazing life then, work on your mentality.

Mentality WOD will help you improve your mindset, so you can be your best. Your mentality is made up of your thoughts, feelings and attitudes. When you improve your mentality, or mindset, then you’ll flourish in all areas of your life.

This site is here to help you know your purpose, push through the uncomfortable, overcome challenges, have unwavering focus, be present, create balance, hit your big CrossFit goals, compete your best, and inspire others. You will feel and perform better as you follow the tips on this site.

​Connect with them here:

crossfit invictus


Crossfit Invictus is a very popular Box in San Diego, CA with an even more popular blog. Check out their blog for motivation and fitness tips.

From the website:​

The word Invictus is Latin for unconquered. It is also the name of a short poem by the British poet William Ernest Henley. We chose this name because it accurately reflects our philosophy on fitness and life in general.

We believe CrossFit provides a platform to empower individuals to conquer the seemingly impossible. We help our clients overcome perceived obstacles daily by providing them with the skills and encouragement to achieve their full potential and exceed their own expectations. Through this process an indomitable spirit is forged—INVICTUS.

​Connect with them here:



A semi weekly podcast covering interviews, news, and tips on everything Crossfit. This is an absolutely must for anyone interested in the Crossfit professional scene or simply just trying to improve performance on their WODS

​Connect with them here:

tabata times


Some of the most comprehensive coverage of everything Crossfit. Tabata Times covers news and fitness guides with a plethora of helpful articles for those that are just getting started. They have a massive social following for a reason. The content they produce is some of the best available online.

​Connect with them here:



Lift Big Eat Big

An absolutely amazing blog. While not exactly related to Crossfit the information you can learn on this site is invaluable. They also have a great response to a lot of the hate that Crossfit gets:


From the website:​

​Lift Big Eat Big (LBEB) is a professional strength training organization that got its start in 2011, in order to promote the formula to a healthy lifestyle for both women and men. By way of our exceptionally talented staff of world class athletes, including many of the worlds strongest, and the leadership of Brandon Morrison, we are dedicated to being the very best in our field regardless of the size, tenure or inclinations of our competitors.

We are LBEB and as such believe that woman and men can become empowered through a proper mix of strength training and good food sources, thereby excelling in their sports and lives. We use science and research-based evidence in our articles and strength programming and we are proponents of ability over aesthetics. We fully understand that friendship and the quality of our service is the cornerstone of our reputation and we embrace the many challenges and opportunities that will lend to our legacy.

​Connect with them here:



An absolutely amazing blog. While not exactly related to Crossfit the information you can learn on this site is invaluable. They also have a great response to a lot of the hate that Crossfit gets:

From the website:​

I am 32-year-old Detroit-based gal and a huge proponent of ladies strength training. I started this blog to keep track of my workouts, my diet, and anything else interesting that came around along the way, and it has since molded into a place where I can reflect on the emotional side of working out, plus also try to motivate and encourage others to find the confidence and strength that comes with being empowered by weightlifting.

​Connect with them here:


Sarah from http://fitasf.com


Sarah from fitasf.com provides a ton of great information and motivation on her website. She's very passionate about fitness and helping people and it shows through her writing.

​Connect with her here:



Blair from http://crossfitmobile.blogspot.com preaches fitness independence and breaking the status quo. Something that many people don't realize is even possible.

From the website:​

In 2009 I left the United States to study European History at Universiteit Leiden, Sorbonne, and Oxford, and received my Masters Degree in 2010. During this time I was forced to re-imagine what fitness was and could be for an individual living without the standard resources of a gym. I began writing this blog to detail that re-imagination and I have been overwhelmed by the impact it's had on my life to this point.

I competed and placed 7th in the 2009 CrossFit Games. In 2010 I finished 23rd. More than anything, I am dedicated to the pursuit of the physical challenges our bodies were built to face, and the mental fortitude that comes from the ability to overcome them.

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  • March 19, 2015

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Julia Kruz

Always visit crossfitinvictus. I’m crossfitter and site helps me a lot with WODs and crossfit gear. Thx for sharing another blogs!