5 Pieces of workout equipment every woman needs to own December 2018

5 Pieces of workout equipment every [ACTIVE] woman needs to own

updated December 1, 2018

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Women who regularly exercise need to have basic equipment that they can regularly resource during a workout routine. Any of the following pieces of equipment can help keep you on track while you are are following a regular fitness routine, whether you body build in your spare time or enjoy weight training competitions and activities.

#1 - Two Pairs of Dumbells

One light weight and one heavy weight

womens dumbbells

According to Women's Health Magaizne, "Dumbbells are the single most esential piece of home exercise equipment." The magazine recommends purchaisng two sets of hexagonal shaped dumbbells, each in light and heavy weights. Dumbbells in hexagonal shapes that are rubber encased will not become slippery when you perspire nor roll away at an inopportune time. The dumbbells stay put, which can save your flooring as well. Dumbbells can be used for squats or during machine exercises. They can even be employed during Yoga or pilates sessons as well.

resistance bands

Although very simple in design, resistance bands can provide the fitness enthusiast with plenty of workout benefits. Use the smaller bands on the lower body to slim, tone and strengthen the hips, legs and thighs. The big bands are ideal to use for body weight squats and similar bodybuilding exercises.

door gym

Every woman who wants to develop upper body strength needs to include a chin-up bar in her fitness routine. While you can always practice pushups, it does not hurt to include a multi-training door gym as an oft-used piece of equiment. Use the door gym to practice chin-ups and pull-ups as well as similar upper body strengthening exercises. A multi-training door gym can be attached and de-tached from a doorway and can also be packed when you travel. See our doorway pull up bar reviews here.

stability ball

You might want to include a stability ball as well in your collection of must-have exercise equipment. Stability ball exercises are designed to add to one's coordination and balance and target specific muscle groups, especially the muscles in the chest and legs. The stablizer muscles are utilized in stability ball routines while larger muscle groups are targeted. A stabilty ball is a great way for a woman to tone her muscles, especially her legs and arms.

yoga mat and workout clothes

While you cannot include workout clothes as equipment, women still like to look their best when they are exercising. Therefore, it does not hurt to add the apparel when you are looking for a Yoga mat. A Yoga mat, which can be used for both Yoga exercises and pilates, is a piece of "equiment" that provides an incentive to develop a regular Yoga fitness routine. Yoga not only assists in building stamina, it also complements a variety of exercise routines, including elliptical workouts, bodybuilding, rope jumping and running. Use the mat to remind you to get into the habit of exercising each day.

Bonus: A squat rack is a bit more expensive but if you can afford it it is one of the quickest ways to a fantastic booty that you will feel great about.

5 Pieces of workout equipment every [ACTIVE] woman needs to own
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