4 Best Fitness Trackers Under $100

Updated January 11, 2019

Many fitness enthusiasts buy fitness trackers to support their lifestyle and there are a lot of fantastic, versatile fitness trackers in the market nowadays. Choosing one that best fits your needs is quite a task because it is not just Jawbone and Fitbit anymore.

Here is a list of best fitness trackers in the market under $100, their features, style, band and prices to help you pick out the right one for your lifestyle.

#1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a multi function sports watch which is capable of 14 sports monitoring functions. It also features a 24 hour silent heart rate monitor. It includes 3 default exercise mode, with provision for another 11 exercise modes to be added. Once you connect the tracker to it’s app, you will get ongoing message alerts. The GPS function allows you to map your own running route.

This tracker is IPS 67 waterproof, meaning that you can wash your hands and get caught in the rain without any problems. Full charge on this tracker requires only 1-2 hours.

Key Features: 14 sports monitoring function, 24 hour heart rate monitoring, quick charge

Mi Fitness Tracker

The Mi Fitness Tracker is a sleek, stylish unit in black that allows you to monitor your sleep pattern and activity levels with accuracy. It syncs via Bluetooth 4 to the MiFit app, allowing you to record and analyze your training diagnostics. The Mi band will recognize your entire sleep cycle via heart rate monitoring. This allows it to accurately monitor the duration of each cycle so that you can improve the quality of your sleep.

The Mi Fitness is IP67 water resistant so you can use it in light water conditions with no problems.

Key Features: Advanced sleep monitoring, activity monitoring

Auney Fitness Tracker

The Auney Smart Fitness tracker provides you with continuous, automatic tracking of your heart rate along with a regular check on your blood pressure. Built in motion sensors will automatically display changes in your heart rate. The activity tracker also allows you to calculate your steps, walking distance, time and caloric consumption. The GPS route tracking system allows you to fully map out your training route.

The Auney Smart Phone features a sleep monitor which will record your sleep duration and quality, a full analysis of which can be viewed on the app. The device is sweat and splash proof but cannot be worn when you are showering.

Key Features: Sleep monitoring, blood pressure, 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

LetsFit Fitness Tracker

The LetsFit Fitness Tracker makes daily monitoring of your movement, exercise and activity a breeze. Your steps, distance, calories and active minutes are monitored seven days per week. You also get full monitoring of your sleep activity. Cable free charging means that all you need to power up is a USB port. You also get message reminder, and a sedentary reminder. The whole thing comes in a sleek, slimline design that is lightweight. The tracker is available in a range of band colors.

Key Features: Sleep, steps, lightweight design

There are a lot of great fitness trackers under $100 to choose from. You just have to think about your needs, the tracker’s comfortability, budget and how it will suit your lifestyle. Aside from the features, you can also choose the color that you want depending upon the fitness tracker that you choose.

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Lintelek Fitness Tracker

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Lintelek Fitness Tracker

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