Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes

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Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes Review Facts

Whether you are still trying to make up your mind about what shoes to buy or you have already settled on Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes due to their stellar reputation, you are sure to find the information in this review of interest.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the construction, fit and functionality of the Adipower weightlifting shoes, to help you decide once and for all whether they are the right choice for you. The Adipower weightlifting shoe is also the winner of our ‘Best Overall weightlifting shoe reward for 2019’ – You can see how we chose the best shoe in this article. Replacing the Adidas Adistar weightlifting shoes that preceded them, the Adipower weightlifting shoes are aimed at serious weightlifters who demand and expect the very best from their sports footwear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very good looking

PU-coated leather upper that provides comfort and support

Sturdy TPU midsole

Adjustable hook-and-loop strap

Heel overlay for improved stability

Very lightweight and breathable

Anti-slip rubber outsole

Vent flow openings



A bit narrow


The Adipower weightlifting shoes are constructed with a rock-solid base that makes it much easier to maintain good form throughout a snatch or a clean and jerk power lift. This solid base helps to ensure that your feet stay planted throughout each lift and that you are able to maintain a steady poise when attempting heavyweights. The high-quality construction also promises longevity and while we have not owned a pair of Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes to know for sure yet, we would be very surprised if they don’t turn out to be one of the most durable pairs that we saw!


If you find a decent price online and make sure that you are able to return the shoes in the event that they do not fit as well as you had hoped, buying them from an internet supplier is a great way to obtain a pair at a competitive price. Whether you want red or white Adipower weightlifting shoes, there are many stores that are willing to deliver them to your door for a reasonable fee. If you have already read a comprehensive Adipower weightlifting shoe review online, you will know that they offer a relatively narrow fit across the foot. We read the same reviews ourselves and we were intrigued to discover how this would impact weightlifting in a positive way. The width is a key design feature of the Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes that helps to stabilize your feet when lifting. However big or small your feet may be, you are sure to find a pair that fits perfectly thanks to the Adidas Adipower weightlifting shoes sizing options that are available. You will find that, in common with any decent weightlifting shoe, they take a few days to break in so do not worry if they feel a little too snug the very first time that you slip them on. The best way to establish if they are a good fit is to try a few squats with a weight that you can easily handle and see how they feel.


As already mentioned in the construction section above, these shoes provide a solid base that makes it easier to maintain proper form throughout the range of motion of a standard clean and jerk or snatch lift. What makes the Adipower weightlifting shoe even more appealing is the fact that it is ideal for general resistance training too, such as squats and deadlifts, and is perfectly comfortable when worn for many other types of exercise. Whilst you won’t want to wear them on the track, you can certainly use them on a stationary cycle or cross trainer if you wish. All around a very functional shoe!


As you already know, weightlifting is a sport that requires a lot of power and aggression, and as such, it needs a shoe that can withstand all of that pressure without failing to support. When you lift, your feet don't support your bodyweight alone, but they also handle all of the additional weight you pile on yourself, so your shoes really need to be mighty powerful. Soft shoes are not cut out for this task, which is why the Adipower is the shoe you need. They are firm and stable enough to prevent the foot from wiggling within the shoe, a very dangerous predicament when handling a lot of weight. They also absorb the impact well thanks to their excellent soles and outsoles, so a split jerk shouldn't put that much stress on your ankles and feet. The Adipower also offers plenty of medial support, stabilizing your ankles even when you go very heavy. The neoprene tongue backing keeps it on your arches at all times, essentially locking you in. And this is where that narrower fit plays a major role - it essentially holds your feet in place tightly, and prevents them from losing their footing!


When we shop for sneakers, comfort is usually the first thing that pops into our minds, and comfort does matter even when you lift. If you're distracted by a stitch or by uncomfortable soles, you will be distracted from lifting properly, which can be very problematic. The upper of these shoes is made out of leather. This means that you will probably need more time to break the shoes in, but once you do, you will be blessed with one of the most comfortable pairs you could own. The midsole is TPU, which means that this pair has an optimal foothold. That adjustable strap is also a major player in the comfort and the support these sneakers offer. This strap is essential for rearfoot integrity, as you can quickly readjust the tightness and have it cater to your needs. Breathability is also inline with comfort, and this pair is rather breathable. The leather itself breathes quite well, but the extra ventilation holes will make sure that every last bit of the hot air is expelled when you move your feet!

Flexibility matters too, and it matters a lot. The flexibility of the forefoot is what we're talking about, and if your sneakers do not have this flexibility, your lifting can be impaired. The forefoot of the Adipower is 4mm, which is just the right amount for lifting. The weight will seamlessly transfer through your feet. Lifting your heels off of the ground will feel natural, and your lifting will be enhanced.


Adipower sneakers have lightweight heels that are made out of synthetic materials. Although this does sound like the shoe will lack durability, in reality, the truth couldn't be further away! The heels are hardy and strong, and they will support all of the weight you decide to tackle, but without carrying any extra weight themselves. This is what makes this model superior to many other sneakers on the market, like the Inov8. You need to be able to be quick on your feet, and a heavy shoe will affect that negatively, which is why the weight matters so much, and the Adipower is lightweight enough to never impair your lifting.


The best role for these shoes is definitely Olympic lifts. The snatch and jerk and clean movements need to be attempted while you're stable on your feet, and the heel needs to have a good drop, and the Adipower has both. But the magic of the Adipower doesn't stop there, as the construction of these shoes makes them great for Crossfitting too! You might have a little bit of trouble running in them, but their low weight should compensate for that. Also, if the movement has a barbell in it, the Adipower can handle it! Well, everything besides deadlifting, that is.


Shoes made for specific sports are pricey, and that's a fact. Many people will be simply amazed by the features these sneakers have, only to run away in utter horror when they notice the 200 dollar price tag! But you must remember that keeping your feet safe is as important as staying warm during the winter, so why is it justifiable to spend the same amount of money for a jacket and not for a pair of shoes? Yes, they may last a shorter amount of time, but it's better to spend more for a shoe than to spend time sitting at home because of an injury, missing out on all of those gains. If you're a beginner lifter, however, you probably do not these shoes. Once you tackle more than just your body weight, it's time to gear up!

The Final Word

If you own a pair of Adidas Adistar weightlifting shoes and you are ready to buy a new pair, the Adipowers are a great upgrade that you are sure to love. Sturdy construction, great fit, and versatility make them the best shoe in their class as far as we are concerned. They also look great, and their low weight is what makes them so versatile in the first place. They are pricey though, so be prepared to truly invest in this pair! We hope that this Adipower review has helped you to make up your mind and we wish you every success with your weightlifting gains in the future! Be sure to check out the updated Adipower II.