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updated January 1, 2019

British shoe manufacturer Inov-8, renowned for their CrossFit shoes, decided not long ago to delve into the world of weightlifting footwear. The expansion to straight-up weightlifting was risky as the marketplace was already jammed with worthy competitors. But they forged ahead anyway and we’re glad they did. In this Inov8 weightlifting shoes review, we’ll take a look at the many ways Inov8 got it right while highlighting both their weightlifting and CrossFit shoes.

Inov8 Lifting Shoes Reviews


We’ll start by reviewing Inov8 weightlifting shoes and follow that with a review of the CrossFit shoes by Inov8 that are also used for weightlifting.


Inov8 F-Lite 240 F-Lite 235

The 370 Boa features a next-gen ratcheting closure system the eliminates the need for laces. As a result, you get a nice snug fit every time for the duration of your workout. Beyond that Inov8’s wide toe box allows for natural spread of the foot under heavy weight which increases stability and aids in upward thrust. Other features include:

  • On-the-fly adjustability
  • Inov8’s ultra sticky rubber soles
  • Heel cage to prevent lateral drift
  • Ripstop nylon upper for durability

The 370 is Inov8’s flagship weightlifting shoe and is deserving of consideration in any debate about the ‘best weightlifting shoe’.


inov8 FASTLIFT 335

The FastLift 335 is where Inov8 developed most of their ideas regarding lifting shoes. The 335’s unparalleled combination of light weight and awesome performance means that if your old-school tendencies won’t let you embrace the 370’s futuristic closure system you can still enjoy nearly all the other benefits it has to offer by choosing the 335, including:

  • Durable, ripstop nylon upper
  • Wider toe box for added comfort
  • Power wedge for enhanced heel stability
  • Meta-Flex groove for optimal flexibility

Women’s 335

Inov-8 Fastlift 335

The women’s version of the 335 is identical to the men’s version with the only notable difference being the number of color combinations available.

Inov8 CrossFit Lifting Shoes

inov8 F-Lite 240

INOV8 F-Lite 240

The F-Lite 240 is one of the renowned CrossFit shoes by Inov8 that you’ll see everywhere if you spend time in the box. That’s because the design emphasizes versatility over flat-out weightlifting functionality; which means no raised heel. That’s fine for most CrossFitters as the shoe functions perfectly well under less-than-extreme weights. Other features include:

  • EVA midsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Extreme lightweight construction
  • High level of overall comfort

The F-Lite 240’s precision fit makes it a great all-around shoe that will easily handle moderate lifting during CrossFit workouts.

INOV8 F-Lite 235

inov8 F-Lite 235

The 195 was built for running so it’s something of a surprise how well they also fit the needs of weightlifters with their 3mm drop proving well-suited for many aspects of an Olympic lifting routine. While they won’t replace the 335 or 370 for sheer lifting prowess, these Inov8 CrossFit shoes can easily handle most weights associated with a CrossFit workout. Features include:

  • Inov8 lifting shoe Meta-Flex groove system for flexibility
  • Forward-looking minimalist design
  • A high degree of versatility
  • Excellent breathability

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about weightlifting you should be equally serious about your equipment. Shoes designed for weightlifting provide the support, stability and flexibility you need under the bar thereby helping you achieve your goals and avoid injury. Exactly which Inov lifting shoes you choose will depend on the amount and type of lifting you’ll be doing, but you can be certain there’s one that will fit your needs. Check out this video to learn more about the importance of weightlifting shoes.


Inov8 F-Lite 240 F-Lite 235

Inov8 has done a masterful job expanding from their CrossFit origins into the world of weightlifting footwear. Their dedicated Fastlift 370 and 335 Olympic weightlifting shoes are among the best you’ll find while Innovate CrossFit shoes continue to evolve and improve in both form and function. Finally, while not cheap, Inov8 lifting shoes will typically run some 25% below the top of the line competition making them an attractive alternative to Adipower, Romaleos, or the Asics. (click here to read our Asics weightlifting shoe review). If you would like learn more about best shoes for deadlifts and squats and other different types of weightlifting shoes currently on the market check out this article, where we do a comprehensive breakdown.


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