VS Athletic Weightlifting Shoe Review 2019

updated January 1, 2019

The VS Athletic weightlifting shoe is a value proposition on par with the Wei Rui Warrior. Both are capable, well built shoes. Both are priced under $100. And neither one will garner much attention during Paris fashion week, but that’s fine. They’re built to help you lift weights over your head, not make the cover of GQ. In this VS Athletics weightlifting shoe review we’ll go into detail about what makes thisremarkable shoe tick.

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

Our VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe Review

vs athletics

The weightlifting shoe by VS leaves the flash in the pan and hits all the notes any serious lifter will want their footwear to hit. They aid your ability to project force efficiently, aid in your ability to achieve and maintain proper alignment and positioning and keep your feet stable and secure in all circumstances. Here’s a look at some of the secrets to the VS success.

Build Quality

The shoe displays solid, sturdy construction throughout. In spite of their spartan appearance quite a bit of thought and weightlifting know-how has gone into the engineering of this shoe, with every effort made to get the most out of the materials while maintaining the affordable price point. Key features include:

  • Leather upper
  • Leather sole plate
  • Twin metatarsal straps
  • Raised heel for proper positioning


With VS lifting shoes comfort goes hand in hand with performance. The same features that ensure a safe, effective lift also ensure a high degree of comfort regardless of whether you are in the midst of recording a new personal best or are taking a few moments to stroll around the gym. Pretty amazing! Highlights of the comfort-driven design include:

  • Highly breathable upper
  • Genuine leather that breaks in quickly
  • Promotion of optimal foot positioning within the sh
  • Dual hook and loop system to prevent lateral drift


Happily the VS proves that affordability and performance are not mutually exclusive. The shoe’s hardened rubber heel creates maximum upward drive and the dual tarsal straps keep your foot locked into place. The 1.5” heel, while high, expresses zero instability and you’ll find yourself exploding straight up into the lift. Key performance features include:

  • Near total elimination of lateral drift
  • Excellent grip provided by the rubber sole
  • Effective transfer of upward force through the heel
  • A high degree of comfort through all dynamic transitions

Additional Considerations

VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe


The VS athletics lifting shoe will not set the fashion world on fire and doesn’t have to. It does the job it was intended to do reliably and without compromise. We’re actually quite fond of the no-nonsense appearance of the shoe. It doesn’t make promises it can’t keep.

For Women

The VS athletics weightlifting shoe for women is the same VS shoe for men. While this lifting shoe does not sport the increasingly popular wide toe box, women should actually find that a plus that makes it a better fitting shoe for them.

Overall Value

At 85 bucks or thereabouts (depending on where you buy them, shipping costs etc...) the VS shoe is a marvel of modern athletic footwear value that somehow manages to display most of the performance characteristics you expect of more expensive shoes. Lifters who take the plunge with the VS may end up wondering why they ever spent $200 or more on other shoes.

Final Thoughts / Additional Information

The weightlifting shoe by VS was designed as a kind of entry level shoe for novice lifters but is one of those rare products that has found admirers among some of the sports accomplished veterans as well. Incredibly affordable, sturdy as the day is long and comfortable like shoes costing two or three times as much the VS is great overall value.

Check out this video to learn more about this incredible weightlifting shoe and why you need any weightlifting shoe to begin with.


The VS Athletics weightlifting shoe is one of the best overall value shoes available to today’s Oly weightlifter. The shoe won’t buckle under even the most extreme pressure and can be counted on to provide solid performance every time. If you’re a novice lifter switching from running shoes to the VS you’ll notice dramatic results immediately and if you’re an experienced lifter you’ll realize virtually zero drop off in performance from the elite shoes. All around a highly recommended, no-frills lifting shoe.

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VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

Our #1. Recommendation

​VS Athletics Weightlifting Shoe

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