Nike Romaleos 3 Shoes for Weightlifting

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Nike Romaleos 3 Shoes for Weightlifting Review Facts

Nike is a brand we all know well, and they have been pumping out sports gear for decades, so it’s not surprising that you can find weightlifting shoes with their name. Weightlifting shoes are becoming more popular as time goes by, simply because the popularity of lifting and Crossfit is rising as well. The Nike Romaleos 3 are great weightlifting shoes, with plenty of features that make them a good choice. Read on to discover how we feel about them, and whether they deserve to be wrapped around your feet!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays

Flexible forefoot

Rigid, supportive heels

Two kinds of insoles

Velcro adjustable strap

Honeycomb rubber outsoles

Very grippy

Great design

Flywire technology creates a better fit



Not so durable


The upper of the Romaloes 3 is either very colorful or in a solid color. These sneakers do look good, and Nike made sure to include options for everyone. The upper is made out of mesh with synthetic leather overlays that add character to the sneakers. The overlays protect the mesh without restricting airflow. The Flywire technology is threaded into the upper, and you can see that the most are used around the front eyelets. Flywire is made out of thin but strong nylon cords that create a lot of support without the extra weight. These nylon threads keep your feet in place, creating an excellent fit. A thick velcro strap wraps around the upper and the laces, stabilizing the ankles. You can easily adjust the strap to customize the fit to your liking. The tongue of the Romaleos 3 is thin, and it has no padding. Although the padding is not necessary for lifting, some users reported that the tongue feels too thin.


The midsoles of the sneakers dictate the amount of support and cushioning a shoe is going to have. The Romaloes 3 is a weightlifting shoe, and weightlifting shoes are not meant to have a lot of padding. But you do need the support, and Nike made sure you have the right support when you lift heavyweights. You actually get two different insoles that you can change based on your preferences, or you can add any insole you like. The first insole is softer and comfier, but the second insole is much harder, creating that stable surface you need to drive your heels into. This is why the Romaleos 3 is versatile, and you can use it for other purposes besides weightlifting. The soft insole works well for Crossfit, but it's still too hard for walking or running, while the hard insole is ideal for weightlifting.


The outsoles of weightlifting shoes have to be durable, and they have to have a great grip to prevent you from slipping or wobbling when you need to focus on your form. The outsoles of the Romaleos 3 are made out of durable rubber, which creates a great grip on rubber surfaces and gym floors. This means that the Romaleos 3 is not meant to be used outside! The soles have a honeycomb pattern, which creates a suction effect, gluing you to the ground. The heels of the Romaleos 3 are made out of TPU. TPU is very resistant to all kinds of damage, making the heels very durable and supportive. The heel is hollow, but there are pylons inside of it which act as support. The forefoot has grooves which make the Romaleos 3 flexible where they need to be. The flat, hard heels allow you to squat and hold your form with ease, while the flexible forefoot allows you to move freely.


Weightlifting shoes are not meant for running or any kind of cardio, so they are allowed to be slightly heavier. Still, they shouldn't be too heavy, as the extra weight can tire you down faster. The Romaleos 3 is slightly lighter than the Romaleos 2 is, but it's not a lightweight shoe by any means. The type of insole you go for changes the weight slightly. When you use the softer insole, the shoe will weigh 13.3 ounces, while the harder insole makes it weigh 15.4 ounces.


When you perform any kind of exercise, you will sweat, and the air inside your shoes will heat up, causing you to sweat even more. Once your feet become sweaty, the socks and shoes will absorb that sweat, and create a moist environment where bacteria and fungus can thrive. Plus the friction will increase, exposing you to blisters. This is why a good weightlifting shoe must be breathable. The Nike Romaleos 3 is a breathable shoe thanks to the mesh upper. It does have a wrap and synthetic overlays, but they do not cover the spots where the air is most likely to circulate, allowing your skin to breathe and giving sweat space to evaporate and leave you alone.


Weightlifting shoes are not designed to be comfortable. Running sneakers must be very comfortable, but when you lift, you will not do any kind of movements where you will benefit from a lot of padding. Crossfit does require a slight amount of padding, but it's still not good to go overboard. The Romaleos 3 is a rigid shoe that tightly wraps around your feet. This creates a snug feel that supports and stabilizes the foot and ankles, which is what you need for lifting and Crossfit. The softer insole will make them slightly comfier, but nothing too much. These shoes tend to run a bit wide, unlike many Nike sneakers, but they can fit people with a narrow fit just as well. The heel collar is padded, and it will gently hug your ankles while preventing the heels from slipping out. It probably won't be a good idea if you decide to wear these sneakers every day. You will feel tired, and your feet will feel angry and sore, and you'll decide that they are uncomfortable, which they are not if you use them for the right purpose!


The honeycomb rubber soles are extremely durable. They will not come undone from the midsoles, and the rubber can withstand a lot of wear and tear damage. The midsole and the upper are sturdy as well, so don't expect to see any holes or loose threads any time soon! With that being said, you need to make sure that you are using the sneakers for the intended purpose. If you start wearing them any chance you get, they will fall apart fast. These shoes are not really meant for outdoors, and the different terrain will wear down the sturdy outsoles much faster. The upper and the tongue do feel kind of thin, and many users reported that they worry about tearing the shoes, but at least the upper is protected by synthetic overlays!


Any good weightlifting shoe should provide you with a lot of support. The heels and the upper should be very supportive, but they shouldn't restrict your movement too much. The heels of the Romaleos 3 are firm but responsive, so you will get all the support you need from them. You will be able to drive your heels into them without worrying about ruining your form or toppling over. The two kinds of insoles will give you a different kind of support. The softer insole is bouncier, so it's better for Crossfit, while the frim insoles only create an even more stable platform for you to rely on. The insoles of these shoes also help squatters that have a narrow stance, allowing them to go deeper into their squats without hurting the knees.


As we mentioned above, these shoes are designed to be worn indoors. This means that they work the best when worn on rubber gym floors. You can probably slide and wear them outside for time to time, but generally, you should avoid doing this in order to help the outsoles last longer. You can also safely wear them inside a Crossfit box, as they were designed for Crossfit as well. The outsoles create a lot of traction on gym floors, as slipping while holding a lot of weight can be very dangerous. The honeycomb pattern will adhere to the flat surfaces of gym floors with ease, but it will struggle as soon as you go outside.


Weightlifting shoes are designed for a specific purpose, so they will have a lot of unique features not usually seen in regular sneakers. This is the reason why they will be pricier than your normal shoes. Know that it's not obligatory to wear weightlifting or Crossfit shoes, as many lifters choose to go barefoot. But weightlifting shoes will give you the support and protection you need when tackling plenty of weight, so you should try and help yourself as much as you can. We believe that the Romaleos 3 is worth their price!

The Final Word

The Romaleos 3 is a definite step-up when compared to its predecessor. The upper of this sneaker is a synthetic mesh with synthetic overlays giving it rigidity and support. The sneakers are breathable and supportive, while the cushioned collar protects the ankles and prevents the heels from slipping. There are two insoles you can choose when using the shoes, one designed for lifting and the other for Crossfit. The heels are rigid and hollow, with pillars creating all the support you need. The outsoles are grippy and stable, and they can survive a lot of abuse. With that being said, these shoes are pricey, and the upper and tongue feels cheap and flimsy, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to give them a chance!