Best Ankle Support Wraps, Straps and Sleeves Review 2019

Updated January 12, 2019

The difference between a good and great ankle support can make the difference between functional ankle mobility and a painful exit from the gym. Getting it right means that you’ve got to scour the entire market, including wraps, straps and sleeves. Fortunately, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we review the best ankle straps, support wraps, and supports on the 2019 market.

A Quick Look at the Top 9

The best ankle support on the current market is the Zensah, which provides a unique ribbing pattern to deliver targeted ankle compression and movement flexibility . Our second favorite ankle stabilizer is the Copper Compression ankle recovery sleeve, with its 88% copper nylon construction and graduated compression. Rounding out our top 3 athletic ankle supports is Shock Doctor ankle sleeve, providing you with a low profile double strapping system made from N-Tex compression neoprene .

To make it easier for you to compare the premium brands, we’ve rated each of the top 9 on the basis of price, effectiveness and then given an overall rating out of 5. In the following section, we provide in depth reviews of each product.

The Top 9 Up Close

Zensah Ankle Support

The Zensah ankle support features a unique ribbing pattern on the sole which is designed to enhance plantar fasciitis support. It does this by compressing the plantar fasciitis ligament. Targeted compression is directed to the ankle by way of an original horseshoe shape. This very effectively boosts circulation, oxygenation and nutrient supply.

The Zensah sports ankle support provides you with maximum compressive support without restricting your range of mobility. It is so unobtrusive that you comfortably wear your running socks over top of the sleeve. In fact, you’ll soon forget that you are even wearing it. This support is made from the most advanced moisture wicking material available, so you know that it won’t overheat, build up sweat or slip while you’re training.


  • Unique ribbing pattern
  • Targeted ankle compression
  • Very flexible


  • Doesn’t feel tight enough
Recovery Ankle Sleeve

The copper compression ankle recovery sleeve is a copper infused lower leg support that provides you with the ultimate blend of compression and copper relief. Unlike many suppliers who claim to have copper infusion then supply a low percentage, this copper ankle support is made from 88% copper nylon. Copper infusion is a proven method of bringing relief to nagging ankle pain. Combining it with graduated compression allows for quicker relief.

Copper compression ankle support sleeves have a higher rate of compression at their base, reducing as it makes its way up the ankle. This very effectively improves the circulation and oxygenation to the area. In addition, these sleeves are flexible enough to allow you to perform a range of movements without restriction.


  • 88% copper nylon
  • Graduated compression
  • Flexible


  • Material too thin
Ankle Sleeve

The Shock Doctor neoprene ankle sleeve is a low profile support with a built in wrap. If you need a moderate amount of support along with joint alignment, this is the product for you. It is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric and N-Tex compression neoprene. This provides you with a very light, breathable support that is both flexible and compressive.

The Shock Doctor neoprene ankle support comes with a pair of multi directional straps, meaning that you have complete control over the amount of pressure that it applies. The anatomical design conforms to your foot, providing the ultimate mix of comfort and functionality. It also features odor reducing technology and has moisture wicking properties. A secure Z-grip strap enclosure ensures rigidity.


  • Low profile
  • Double strap
  • N-Txs compression neoprene


  • Contains latex
Ankle Support Brace

BXT elastic breathable wrap is made from a blend of nylon and polyester to deliver a lightweight, stretchable material that is extremely user friendly. The breathable mesh makes it airy and sweat resistant so you won’t have to contend with the wrap bunching up or slipping due to sweat build up. N-Tex compression neoprene provides you with a graduated compression to increase oxygenation and compression.

BXT elastic breathable wrap will fit any size ankle, providing the therapeutic warmth needed to facilitate recovery without restricting natural movement. It does a very effective job of protecting the ankle from side to side torsion. This wrap is so comfortable and lightweight that you can wear it over your shoe. The wrap is 2.95 inches wide and 27.5 inches long.


  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • N-Tex compression neoprene
  • Very lightweight


  • Could be a little longer
Compression Brace for Arthritis

The Bracoo Breathable Support is a neoprene ankle support with a open heel. This allows for a max range of movement during training and sport, while also allowing for optimal breathing. At the same time, this sturdy brace provides the support that your bones, tendons and joints need to keep them safe. It is made from a lightweight neoprene material and supported by heavy duty velcro strapping.

The Bracoo support has been ergonomically designed to contour to the shape of your foot. This makes it a very confortable aid to wear. Your support will work equally well on both feet, delivering the arch support you need while still allowing for the lateral movement you need to perform naturally.


  • Open heel design
  • Extremely breathable
  • Ergonomically contoured


  • Too tight for large feet
Ankle Support

The Futuro Comfort Lift is constructed from dual stretch power-knit material that is extremely lightweight. It is also extremely flexible, molding to the shape of your foot without inhibiting your freedom of movement. In addition, this support is ultra breathable, meaning that you don’t have to contend with sweat build up, over heating or lateral movement while you’re exercising.

The open heel design of the Futuro Comfort boosts the mobility of this support while enhancing its breathability and moisture wicking potential. It also features a clever comfort zone in the heel area to prevent the bunching that you get with lesser brands. This minimalist nature of this support allows you to easily wear your sock and shoe over it.


  • Dual stretch power knit material
  • Very lightweight
  • Open heel


  • Sizing runs too small
ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO stabilizer strap surrounds your ankle in a complete figure 8 pattern to provide the maximum protection possible. This, in effect, provides a ballistic nylon boot to support you throughout your entire day. It features an elastic cuff enclosure, complete with heavy duty velcro to provide a very secure fit. Laces and stabilizing straps add to the compressive support that the boot provides. Finger loops help you to tie the laces more securely.

The ASO stabilizer lace up ankle support has a low profile, making it unobtrusive and lightweight. It is surprisingly breathable, featuring moisture wicking and anti odor properties. These braces are unilateral, so will fit either foot. A contoured tongue provides for an exceptionally comfortable fit.


  • Figure 8 strapping pattern
  • Elastic cuff enclosure
  • Low profile


  • No return policy
Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

Mueller adjustable supports feature a sectional design to minimize the risk of slippage and lateral movement during activity. It also provides for a custom fit to allow for maximum wearing comfort. There is minimal irritation or chafing, with the lightweight elastic material having anti odor and moisture wicking properties. The open heel design makes this a very functional support which provides for free and easy range of motion.

Mueller supports feature criss cross tension straps to allow you to control the level of tension that is applied to lower leg area. You won’t get any bunching or sweat build up with it’s lightweight design and ergonomic profile. These ankle protectors are bilateral, so they can be used on either foot.

McDavid have one of the most complete ranges of ankle support products on the market. Go deeper with the impressive McDavid range with our in depth feature McDavid Ankle Brace Review 2019. We’ve provided detailed reviews of all of the top McDavid products and then put them head to head with the best of the rest.


  • Criss cross tension straps
  • Sectional design
  • Open heel


  • A little small for one size fits all
Compression Ankle Support

The Ace knitted ankle support features Aces’ unique seamless design to provide for an amazingly comfortable fit. It is ergonomically contoured to the shape of your foot, providing maximum support without compromising mobile integrity. This support provides a mild level of compression and heat retention. This makes it the ideal choice for minor sprains, strains or arthritic pain.

The ACE support is made from breathable dual-stretch power knit materials to provide the most durability and functionality. A comfort panel has been fitted behind the heel to eliminate the bunching which is common with lesser products. There is no rubber latex material in this product.

Need an ankle brace to give your lower limbs the ultimate support when training? Check out our Best Ankle Braces 2019 Review for a comprehensive coverage of the market’s best offerings.


  • Seamless design
  • Mild level of compression
  • Dual stretch power-knit material


  • Dual stretch power-knit material


The top overall ankle support on the 2019 market is the Zensah, which delivers a unique design featuring ribbing and graduated compression to deliver a great mix of compression and comfort. The next best is the Copper Compression ankle recovery sleeve, delivering the highest level of copper nylon on the market, combined with compressive qualities.

Our bronze medal winner is the Shock Doctor sleeve, which blends a low profile, powerful double strapping and high grade compressive neoprene material.

Zensah Ankle Support

Our #1. Recommendation

Zensah Ankle Support

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