Weightlifting Shoes for Flat Feet

updated January 1, 2019

Flat footed athletes face unique challenges when it comes to finding just the right footwear for weightlifting. What can make things doubly confusing is that there are some weightlifting shoes that seem like they may fit the support and stability bill but come up short in the comfort arena. Here we’ll present our three choices for top weightlifting shoes for flat feet, then whittle things down to one such shoe we consider the best.


Best Weightlifting Shoes for Flat Feet - Top 3

As mentioned, due to the high level of support built into them, many types of weightlifting shoes are potentially good weightlifting shoes for flat feet. There are some however, that will do a notably better job than others and of those we believe these three are the best.

​#1. ASICS Men’s Gel Fortius TR

ASICS Men’s Gel Fortius TR

These shoes were engineered for CrossFit which means the support and stability folks with fallen arches are seeking has been built right in. Also built right in is Asics’ commitment to quality along with the ability of these shoes to be their best when the stresses are the worst. While the sleek, contemporary design might make you wonder if they can deliver on the promises they make, a few workouts in the Gel Fortius TR will make a believer out of you. Other key features include:

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Abrasion resistant rubber sole
  • Shock resistant gel also provides optimal support
  • Extra strong toe cap provides excellent forefoot protection

#2. Pendlay Do Wins

Pendlay Do Wins

Pendlay Do-Wins won’t win any awards for best looking weightlifting shoe but that’s hardly the point here. The Do-Wins will win points for their superior support and wide toe box. Both features add up to a greater all around experience for those with flat feet who don’t want to wear orthotics. The best words we can think of to describe the shoe are: firm yet flexible, comfortable but capable. Other features include:

  • Surprisingly lightweight feel
  • ¾ inch raised heel for stability
  • Excellent overall build quality
  • Wider than normal forefoot area

#3. Nike Romaleos 2

Nike Romaleos 2

If you’ve read our comparison between the Adipower and Romaleos 2 you know we already think highly of this shoe. The fact that it also provides firm but non-interfering support on both the interior and anterior sides plus the fact that you can swap out the insole of the shoe are just two more reasons to pony up some love for the Romaleos 2. Plus, let’s not forget that they just look great. Other features include:

  • Serious breathability
  • Strength and flexibility throughout
  • Customizable looks in addition to several great standard looks
  • TPU Power Bridge heel wedge for additional support and stability

Our Favorite

Nike Romaleos 2

Nike Romaleos 2 - no stamp

While it’s true they’ll cost you more than the other shoes highlighted here what you get for the extra money is not only the best weightlifting shoes for flat feet, but the best weightlifting shoe currently made, period. While the others may leave you with money in your pocket to go out with your friends after the workout, the Romaleos will have your friends buying you congratulatory drinks as you establish new PBs on a regular basis. Plus, they’ll last forever, a true measuring stick of value regardless of the product.

Final Thoughts

Either of the Asics or Pendlay shoes featured here would be excellent weightlifting shoes for flat feet if, like many of us, you happen to be on a more conservative budget. The main thing is that you find the shoe that’s right for your particular needs. While we’re going with the Romaleos you should be sure to try on different brands before laying down your hard-earned cash. For more information on the Romaleos 2 watch the below video.


Most weightlifting shoes will provide you with an extra level of support ordinary athletic shoes won’t. A key to that added support and stability is the metatarsal strap. We’d suggest any athlete with fallen arches make sure the WL shoe they buy have at least one of these straps. All the best weightlifting shoes for flat feet will have them and it will make an important difference, so try not to overlook it.

You may want to read more on minimalist weightlifting shoes to find out if they suit your style and need.

ASICS Men’s Gel Fortius TR

Our #1. Recommendation

​ASICS Men’s Gel Fortius TR

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