Adipower vs Romaleos 2 | Battle of the Weightlifting shoes

Updated January 11, 2019

When it comes to “best Olympic weightlifting shoe” Adipower vs. Romaleos is generally where the debate begins and ends. Adidas became the consensus #1 a while back and with their Adipower line have reaffirmed their status. But with the Romaleos Nike has made a compelling case that they should be the ones holding the brass ring. We’ll take our own look at Adipower vs. Romaleos 2 to see if we can figure out which is the better shoe.

Adipower Weightlift Shoes

When it comes to performance the Adidas Adipower has ruled the roost due to, among other things, its incredibly durable yet lightweight construction, its breathability and rock solid base. You won’t find them of much use in the CrossFit box, but there’s other shoes for that. This shoe is for Olympic lifting and it does that job brilliantly. It fits you like a glove and performs like the beast it is. Key features include:

  • Top of the line comfort
  • Incredible attention to detail
  • Won’t lose structural integrity over time
  • Noticeably improved ventilation over Adistar

The original Romaleos was designed for the 2008 Olympics where it took center stage by helping the Chinese team dominate the WL medals count. Its offspring, the Romaleos 2, has been with us for a couple of years now and is a very worthy successor to its famous progenitor. With the Romaleos you’ll enjoy ironclad stability, remarkable flexibility when needed and the luxury of a changeable insole. Other features include:

Nike Power Lifting Shoes
  • First rate design
  • Dual lockdown metatarsal straps
  • TPU heel counter for added stability
  • A high degree of customization available

One more advantage of the Romaleos is the wider toe box which is something a lot of lifters either need to accommodate their wider feet or want to accommodate the foot’s natural tendency to splay under heavy loads.

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Nike Romaleos vs. Adipower: Head to Head Comparison

Best Value

In the case of Nike Romaleos vs. Adidas Adipower both of which tip the scales around the $200 mark and both of which are among the best weightlifting shoes you can buy, value is a relative term. The bottom line is they’ll both improve your lifting, both make lifting a more enjoyable sport for you and both last a long time. If that’s not value we don’t know what is.

Winner: Draw

Adipower Weightlift Shoes

Style Versatility

These are both great looking shoes but what really separates them from the competition is the attention to detail. No loose threads or glue smears here. No misaligned eyelets or frayed edges. Both shoes are put together like high performance race cars. That said the Romaleos 2 has a distinct advantage when it comes to styling options and to be honest it’s not even close.


Nike Mens Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes


At the risk of sounding like a broken record we’ll say again that the difference between these shoes is so small as to be almost negligible. That said, the Romaleos, with its wider toe box, is bit more comfortable during the lift and the fact that it’s a tiny bit heavier than the Adipower provides a slightly greater feeling of stability.


Nike Mens Romaleos Weightlifting Shoes

Our Favorite

Nike Romaleos 2

Mens Romaleos Weightlift Shoes

Trying to pick a winner when it comes to Adipower vs. Romaleos is like trying to pick a winner between a Bentley and a Rolls. To a great degree it’s a matter of taste. For our taste the Romaleos has the clear advantage in styling and a tiny advantage in performance which when combined with the slightly more attractive price point (and we mean slightly) makes it our winner in this heavyweight competition.

Final Thougts...

If you have a couple of hundred bucks to drop on Olympic weightlifting shoes and you’re torn when it comes to Adipower vs. Romaleos 2 keep in mind that you simply can’t lose by picking one over the other. Either shoe will have you establishing new PBs in short order and wondering why you waited so long to enjoy state of the art performance. But, as we said, they’re so evenly matched that which one you choose is largely a matter of taste. Both shoes will help your Crossfit game immensely. Learn more about

You can learn more about the Adipower weightlifting shoe by watching the video below. Learn more about our winners, the Nike Romaleos 2 and benefits of weightlifting shoes. I hope you will find some useful information in those articles.

Nike Romaleos 2

Our #1. Recommendation

Nike Romaleos 2

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