5 Reasons to start learning the Anderson Squat Now

Weightlifting Benefits of the Anderson Squat


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With respect to anderson squat benefits for weightlifters and bodybuilders, the following five reasons will give you the motivtion to learn the Andeson squat now, especially if you are working toward achieving a muscle-toned and thinner physique.

#1 – The Anderson Squat Leads to More Progressive Movements


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The Anderson squat, just like the zercher squat, enables weightlifters to progress to various powerlift movements as it leads weightlifters to perform movements they could not master without learning the biomechanics of the Anderson.

#2 – Core Musculature is Quickly Developed and Realized


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Anderson squats enable exercisers and bodybuilders to quickly engage and activate core musculature, all which builds strength as well as stability.

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#3 – The Exercise Enables the Athlete to Develop Explosive Moves Out on the Basketball Court and on the Football Field

The movement not only allows the exerciser to support a good deal of weight but also permits him to support excess weight while using acceleration.

#4 – Because of the Deloading Phase in the Exercise, Weightlifters Can Employ Explosive Jumps on the Athletic Field

Eccentric and concentric contractions during the exercise make it possible for athletes to execute explosive jumps on the ball court and ball field.

#5 – You can Advance Your Skills in Other Weightlifting Routines

Being able to quickly engage and stabilize the core enables you to partake in advanced weightlifting activities with more ease.

The Origin of the Anderson Squat


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Squatting off pins in the power rack is another way to reference an Anderson squat – a movement that was invented by a top weightlifter and powerlifter in the 50’s. Paul Anderson. Anderson, who was also an Olympic gold medalist and two-time national Olympic weightlifting champ, was a major influence in the development of powerlifting as a competitive sport. Still considered one of the strongest men in the history of weightlifting (learn more about CrossFit games history), Anderson, the inventor of the Anderson squat, has provided weightlifters and fitness buffs with a number of benefits by developing the movement and exercise.

The Pin Squats Exercise


When Anderson “deloaded” his barbell to perform the squat, the term “deload” meant the barbell was resting on the pins of a power rack. Today, the pins of a squat rack are still utilized to execute the exercise. In turn, the Anderson Squat is sometimes referred to as a pin squats exercise.

The health benefits of the Anderson squat can assist many bodybuilding enthusiasts to advance to powerlifting superstars by mastering the technique. Anderson squat benefits are numerous and include the development of muscular strength and the optimum burning of fat. Generically, the health benefits associated the Anderson squat include whole body muscular development, better mobility and balance, stabilization of the core and enhanced self-confidence. The specific benefits of the Anderson squat for bodybuilders and weightlifters are also listed as follows:

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