5 reasons to incorporate Zercher Squats into Your Workouts

updated January 1, 2019

The Zercher Squat - Prepare Yourself

zercher squat

Once you have learned the basic squat, you will find that some of the variations will add to your enjoyment of bodybuilding and weightlifting even mptr. The zercher squat is an example of this kind of squat. Not only does the exercise increase a fitness enthusiast's power and strength, it can be executed in on of a number of ways, including the back squat, overhead squat, front squat, box squat, or sqats with bands or chains.

If you want to take your bodybuilding prowess to a whole new tier, then you need to incorporate zercher squats into your workout routine. According to exercise experts, the zercher squat is the squat to learn if you want to know the right way to squat. In simple terms, the zercher shows you how to push up your chest, push your hips out and correctly push the knees apart.

Benefits of the Zercher Squat

The zercher squats benefits are immense for beginners as well as seasoned bodybuilders. Follownig are five reasons you should add zercher squats to your workout.

#1 - Zercher squats reinforce hip dominant action

develop hamstrings

source: http://www.muscleandfitness.com/

This places a greater level of activity in the posterior chain.
Therefore, zercher squats increase the activity in the posterior chain over what is realized from sole back and front squat activities. This increase in activity greatly enhances the development of the glutes and hamstrings.

#2 - Zercher squats are great for de-loading cycles

recover spine

source: http://iscreamsundae.com/

Because zercher squats practically eliminate compression on the spine, the exercise permits your spine to recover when you are not practicing the back squat or a similar exercise.

#3 - Zercher squats cause your core to work overtime

strongman movements

As a result, the core becomes just that much more developed and strong. This kind of strength leads you to develop a number of strongman movements as well.

#4 - The weight during Zercher squats is loaded anteriorly

good for abs

source: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/

This forces you to maintain a posture that is more upright
An anterior load places a greater emphasis on the abs. Therefore, both the leg muscles and abs all benefit from the squat.

5 – Zercher squats help improve performance in every activities

improve performance

source: http://www.strongfitnessmag.com/

As a result, people who work in such activities as firefighting or construction find that they are able to perform better in the activities.

Two methods for doing the Zercher Squat

Named by for creator, Ed Zercher, the zercher squat offers zercher squats benefits that are unique to the exercise itself. To understanad how these beneftis are derived, you have to review how the movement is made. Actually, you have two techniques from which you can choose.

First Method

zercher-squats how to

source: https://acceleratedhealth.wordpress.com/

The first method involves placing a weighted barbell on the floor and deadlifting it just above the knee. Concentrate on the lower quad muscles while gradullay squatting down. Then balance the bar on the lower thighs while sliding the arm beneath the bar until it reaches the elbows.

Second Method

zercher-squats how to

source: http://www.stackhealthy.com/

The second technique invovles placing a weighted barbell in a squat rack (read our squat rack guide here) that is positioned waist-high. Squat and place the bar in the crook of the inside elbows. The elbows should be placed shoulder-width apart while doing the exercise. The feet should be extended just past the shoulders and turn the toes slightly out. Maintain the bar so it stays tight against the body while you are performing the squat.

zercher squat