Review of the Fitness Gear Pro Half / Full Rack – In Depth Look

Updated January 19, 2019

If you’re serious about lifting weight at home, you had better make sure that you’ve got a solid power rack. A quality rack is the one non-negotiable for any decent weightlifting home gym. This Fitness Gear review will be dedicated to the Fitness Gear pro half rack, the Fitness Gear pro full rack, the Fitness Gear pro power cage, Fitness Gear pro squat rack and fitness gear pro half rack accessories. The Fitness Gear range of racks have managed to combine quality, solidity, functionality and affordability to provide you with racks that do the business without breaking the bank.

Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack


600 Pound Weight Limit

The most important consideration when looking for a power rack is the weight capacity of the unit. This is the place where you’ll be doing your heaviest lifting and you need to know that the rack is always going to be up to the task. The max weight limit on this half rack is 600 pounds. That may not be a huge amount when compared to racks that come in at over thousand pounds. But those racks are going to e whole lot more expensive.

600 pounds is still a decent amount of weight. Seriously, asked yourself when was the last time you squatted, benched or dead-lifted more than 600 pounds. Unless you are an advanced lifter, the answer is probably going to be never!


This half rack provides you with 28 levels of adjustability on the uprights. That provides you with the freedom to customize your height settings for bar placement on squats and deadlifts. That makes it a great fit for taller as well as shorter people.


After its max weight rating, the second most important aspect of a rack is its stability. When you’re hovering under a few hundred pounds you need to have utmost confidence that the rack is going to be rock solid. The Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack provides you with wide, flanged feet that provides you with that solidity without having to attach it to the floor. That allows for portability and stability.

The rack provides you with six horizontal posts for plate storage. When loaded with plates this greatly adds to the overall stability of the unit.

Spotter Arms

The Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack comes with a pair of spotter arms. These are solid steel supports that are designed to catch the bar if you’re are unable to complete a rep. We don’t recommend relying on these all the time, but they’ll do the job on the odd occasion when you don’t have a real-life spotter handy.


This is not the most solid home gym power rack on the market. It is made from 14-gauge steel tubing (remember, the lower the gauge, the stronger the steel). It is definitely a beginner / intermediate rack. If you are benching 250 pounds or under, then this rack will give you everything that you need in terms of rigidity and performance.

Compact and Easy to Assemble

The Fitness Pro Half Rack provides you with an impressively compact footprint, which makes it a great fit for people with limited home gym space. This rack is also very easy to assemble, unlike most of the competition. In fact, a couple of people can put it together in less than half an hour.


The Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack is a real solid piece of equipment that goes for less than $400; that makes it both sturdy and wallet friendly. Not only that but it can hold up to 600 lbs, has 28 different levels of adjustability for the uprights, has spotter arms, reinforced for extra durability and made of high quality steel with a durable coat finish. This thing will do its job and last for a long time too.


  • Compact
  • Adjustable
  • Solid Build
  • Easy assembly


  • Not a full rack
  • 14-gauge steel construction
  • No j-hooks
Fitness Gear Pro Full Rack


Very Stable

As we mentioned in our review of the half rack, stability is a major concern when purchasing a power rack. This full version of the Fitness Gear Pro rack retains the stability of the half rack. You do not need to bolt this rack down to the floor to attain the rigid support that you need. It has a wide, flanged footprint that ensures that it will not move either laterally or vertically when you’re going heavy under the bar.

Importantly, this rack is just as secure when you start to perform such bodyweight exercises as pull ups as it is on the weight exercises.

Overhead Bars

The Fitness Gear Pro Full Rack provides you with overhead monkey bar as well as a fat pull up bar. This allows you to perform your lat width exercises at home on a secure, sturdy platform.

What’s Not So Good

Weight Capacity

There is a different set of requirements when you advance from a half rack to a full rack. So, the 60- pound weight requirement of the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to a full rack. Yet, that is what you get with the Fitness Pro Full Rack. We would have liked to see this beefed up to 1000 pounds.


Along the same token, the 14-gauge strength rating of the steel used in the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack really should be beefed up for the full rack version. But it is not. Competing power racks, even around this price point, offer 12 gauge uprights.

No Westside Hole Spacing

The Westside hole spacing system originated in Westside Gym on the US east coast. It involved having a two inch hole spacing above and below the bench press range of the rack uprights. During the bench press range, where you need more precise placement, the distance is just one inch. You do not get Westside hole spacing on any of the Fitness Gear Pro power racks.


Then Fitness Gear Pro Full rack is really just a full version of the half rack. The features are quite similar except you can do even more; it holds up to 600 lbs and has uprights with 28 levels of adjustability. It also includes a monkey bar and a flat bar for even more versatility and choice of exercises. There’s also a dual storage compartment for kettlebells, medicine balls, and Olympic plates. It has a cross functional design that is made of 12 gauge steel. However, it doesn’t really stand up to some of the competition (think Titan and Atlas) in terms of weight training and strength of build.

Up next for review is the fitness gear pro squat rack.

This squat rack can also hold up to 600 lbs with its heavy duty steel frame. J-hooks and spotter arms included; you can do bench presses and cleans too! There’s a storage rack for your plate weights as well. It’s another great piece of exercise equipment. The fitness gear pro power cage is even better; it’s not very expensive at all and it’s really a great improvement on the full rack. The power rack or power cage will get you pumped and ripped for sure!


  • 28 levels of height adjustment
  • Monkey bar and fat bar
  • Posts for plate storage
  • Very stable


  • Not very compact
  • Max weight limit just 600 pounds
  • Only 14-gauge steel construction

Fitness Gear Pro Half / Full Rack Accessories

to go along with the half rack. These things are all really useful, from extra J-hooks to increased storage space and increased weight holding capability. All around the fitness gear pro equipment is really great and makes for excellent work out equipment for people of all shapes and sizes.

Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Weight Bench


The Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Weight bench is more than simply weight bench designed for use with an Olympic bar. It is actually a bench that is attached to a half rack. This provides the benefit of having a built-in safety apparatus but it does not allow you to separate the bench from the rack, so that you lose out on functionality.


This bench / half rack set-up is very stable. It comes with wide feet and a very rigid bench platform. The weight capacity of this unit is 600 pounds, which is plenty for a unit that is primarily designed for bench pressing.

Safety Features

This unit comes with a couple of important safety features. You get j-cups for bar placement and adjustable safety bars to catch the weight if you fail on a rep. Both of them are easy to use and can be securely locked in with a secure mechanism.


The Fitness Gear Pro Olympic Weight bench provides you with 22 levels of adjustability so that you can customize your bar placement. You can also adjust the bench to flat, incline and decline positions to allow you to work your chest from a variety of angles.


The bench provides you with a good level of padding, which is 2.5 inches thick. This is a good medium between not being too soft that it will detract from your benching performance and delivering the comfort and support that you need. The material used on the bench is non-porous, making it easy to clean.


  • Flat, incline, decline settings
  • Safeties and j-hooks
  • Good value


  • Bench is attached to rack

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench


The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is a basic bench in comparison to the Olympic bench which has a half rack attached. This bench does not come with my uprights so is a stand alone bench.

Incline Adjustability

This bench comes with incline angle functionality. It can be adjusted to eight different levels, which allows you to adjust to unique angles to really target your working muscle groups. However, there is no decline angle adjustment on this bench.

The set of this bench also adjust to three levels. This a rather advanced feature that you do not find on too many benches. This allows you to get a far more secure position when you are doing your incline chest work.

Weight Capacity

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds. This includes the weight of the user and the weight that you are lifting. So, if you weigh 200 pounds, you are still able to hoist 400 pounds on this bench – good luck with that!

Solid Construction

This bench is made from solid steel at 14 gauge. That gives you the confidence that the bench will not wobble, even when you are going really heavy. The bench is covered in non-porous vinyl material. It is easy to clean and comfortable to lie on. The thickness of the padding is 2.5 inches, again giving you a good blend between rigidity and comfort.

Ease of Adjustment

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is very easy to adjust in terms of moving from one bench angle to another. The seat adjustment is also very fast.

What We Don’t Like

The glaring omission of the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is that it does not allow for decline angling of the bench pad. This prevents you from doing decline chest pressing movements.


The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is a solid, secure bench that provides you with multi handle bench and seat adjustment. However, it does not give you any decline adjustment and, therefore, is rather limiting in terms of functionality.


  • 8 levels of adjustment
  • 3 levels of set adjustment
  • Easy adjustment


  • No decline
  • Rather expensive

Fitness Gear Pro Alternatives

Rep Fitness Power Rack PR-1100

The Rep Fitness Power Rack is a very functional, budget priced combination of power rack and squat stand. You get a 1000 pound max weight capacity, making it rock solid for heavy lifters. The hole spacing up and down the uprights provides you with two inch hole spacing. You don’t get the Westside spacing which is common with Rogue racks, so the Rep Fitness rack is not as customizable.

This rack gives you a generous walk in space with a depth of six feet, so you’ll have plenty of room to work within. The rack can be bolted to the ground for enhanced rigidity. A pair of two-foot spotter arms, along with lined j-hooks. The spotter arms can also be used as dip bars.


  • 1000-pound weight capacity
  • Six foot walk in depth
  • Spotter arms


  • No Westside hole spacing

Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Power Rack

The Fitness Reality Olympic Power Rack is a heavy duty, highly versatile system. You get a very solid frame, with 2 inch by 3-inch square steel tubing. The maximum weight capacity of the unit is a very impressive 1500 pounds. You also get a pair of rubber encased 600-pound capacity dip handles as standard.

A pair of height adjustable, multi grip pull up bars are provided with this rack. You also get an Olympic lat pull-down and cable row attachment with this impressive unit. Your safety is assured with two 11.5 safety bars and two 35.5 dual mounted safety bars. The dimensions of the rack are 86.5 inches long by 52 inches wide by 86 inches high. Your purchase of the Fitness Reality Olympic Power rack comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • 2 x 3-inch framing
  • 1500 pounds max weight capacity
  • Lat pulldown


  • No Westside hole spacing

Valor Fitness BD 7 Power Rack

The Valor BD7 is a full power cage made from 2 inch by 2 inch, solid steel uprights. It has four 8 inch plate storage pegs, and four chrome adjustable weight bar supports. A full range of holes allow for flat, incline and decline bench pressing. The hole spacings range from 17.5 to 68 inches.

The Valor BD7 is a solid, reliable olympic bench press set that comes in at a great price point. It allows you to safely squat up to 585 pounds and bench at every conceivable angle. It will not take up a huge amount of space and comes with a lat pulldown and low pulley attachment to allow you to work your lats and biceps.


  • Excellent price
  • Compact
  • Lat pull-down attachment


  • Limited range of motion on lat tower

CAP Barbell Flat Bench

The CAP Barbell flat bench is an extremely solid bench that is lightweight but rigid. It features comfortable and durable stitch padding. This bench has a maximum recommended user weight of 300 pounds. As such this is a very good bench for use by beginners and intermediate users but may not be suitable when your bench press weights start to get up.

The bench is neither to high nor too low but sits at the ideal height for proper positioning when pressing. While many budget benches give you a bench width which is too wide to allow for proper scapula movement when bench pressing, this bench allows you to get the proper freedom of movement that you need to get your best performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Rigid


  • Max user weight only 300 pounds

Valor Fitness BF-7 Olympic Bench with Spotter

The Valor Fitness BF-7 Olympic bench is a very solid, rigid bench, being constructed from 2 x 2 inch 12 gauge steel. The bench is well padded with 3 inch rebounding padding. A great feature is the contouring bench width which narrows down to a width of 9.5 inches at the shoulder to allow for greater freedom of movement through the shoulders as you perform your upper body workout.

The Valor BF-7 provides you with a steel spotter plate which measures 18.5 inches by 12 inches. There is also a solid steel striker plate with two bar holder positions. These are welded on all four sides, which allows them to support a max weight of 450 pounds. You get 47.5 inches of working space from the outer edge of the uprights.

The feet of the BF-7 are encased in rubber caps to protect your flooring and to provide a better grip on the floor.


  • 2 x 2 inch 12 gauge steel
  • 3 inch padding
  • Steel spotter plate


  • A little bulky


The Fitness Gear Pro range of power racks and benches provide you with affordable gear that is solid, functional and compact. Beginning and intermediate weightlifters will find the half rack and full rack to provide the strength, rigidity and performance that they need to work out securely and safely at home. More advanced users, however, may find the 600 pound max weight limit too limiting. For these people, we recommend paying a little more for the Rep Fitness PR-110 or the Fitness Reality Olympic Power Rack.

Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack

Our #1. Recommendation

​Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack

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