Fitness Gear Pro Full & Half Rack Review December 2018 Plus Accessories Review

Review of the Fitness Gear Pro Half / Full Rack – In Depth Look

updated December 1, 2018

Working out and exercising is a really important part of life. Whether you’re lifting 50 lbs or 500 lbs, the point is that it’s good for you. This fitness gear review will be dedicated to the fitness gear pro half rack, the fitness gear pro full rack, the fitness gear pro power cage, fitness gear pro squat rack and fitness gear pro half rack accessories. In my personal opinion all of these items are great for both beginners and experts and they come at a surprisingly affordable price.

fitness gear pro

It is a real solid piece of equipment and goes for less than $400; it’s sturdy and wallet friendly. Not only that but it can hold up to 600 lbs, has 28 different levels of adjustability for the uprights, has spotter arms, reinforced for extra durability and made of high quality steel with a durable coat finish. This thing will do its job and last for a long time too.

The fitness gear half rack review is definitely great, it gets 5 out of 5 stars. The fitness gear pro half rack is really good for professional and Olympic weight lifters indeed.

fitness gear pro

Is just as good, it’s really just a full version of the half rack. The features are quite similar except you can do even more; it holds up to 600 lbs and has uprights with 28 levels of adjustability. It also includes a monkey bar and a flat bar for even more versatility and choice of exercises. There’s also a dual storage compartment for kettle bells, medicine balls, and Olympic plates. It has a cross functional design that is made of heavy duty steal and will last a whole lifetime. This full rack is a great piece of equipment and if you think the half rack isn’t enough for you then this is definitely the item to get!

Up next for review is the fitness gear pro squat rack. If you haven’t been able to tell yet I’m quite a big fan of fitness gear pro. The squat rack can also hold up to 600 lbs with its heavy duty steel frame. J-hooks and spotter arms included; you can do bench presses and cleans too! There’s a storage rack for your plate weights as well. It’s another great piece of exercise equipment. The fitness gear pro power cage is even better; it’s not very expensive at all and it’s really a great improvement on the full rack. The power rack or power cage will get you pumped and ripped for sure!

Fitness Gear Pro Half / Full Rack Accessories

to go along with the half rack. These things are all really useful, from extra J-hooks to increased storage space and increased weight holding capability. All around the fitness gear pro equipment is really great and makes for excellent work out equipment for people of all shapes and sizes.

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Review of the Fitness Gear Pro Half / Full Rack – In Depth Look
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