Joe Weider Home Gyms – A 2019 Review

updated January 1, 2019

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 Joe Weider has been in the body building world for a long time and has left an undeniable mark in the history books with his achievements and additions to the sport. His home gym system is doing the same for the home gym industry.

The Joe Weider home gyms have revolutionized working out at home. Typically, home gym systems will be extremely costly with limited versatility in the exercises that can be performed. Their current home gym system, the Weider 2980x home gym can isolate every single muscle group.

Fitness at home can be complicated , the Weider home gym does a great job at simplifying things. Lets take a closer look at some of the Weider home gyms and other gym equipment inspired by Joe Weider.

Looking For Weider Equipment Manual/Parts?

(If you’ve run into issues with your current model and are looking for spare parts, it may be a good idea to just purchase one of the newer models. Very few websites will carry the part that you need and the time involved and cost of the hard to find parts can easily be voided by just purchasing one of the newer models)

Weider Home Gym Reviews

#1. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Home Gym Review

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is the Weider answer to the iconic Total Gym that Chuck Norris has beens elling on late TV since the 1990’s. The Weider version makes use of the incline board gravity resistance system just like the total Gym but adds in an extra element in the form of resistance bands.This is an introductory level home gym that was never intended to compete with the more heavy duty Total Gym.

Features of Weider Ultimate Body Works:

  • Slide away technology
  • Power bands
  • Pivoting pulley system
  • 7-point adjustable incline
  • Workout guide

The resistance bands (Weider call them Power Bands) provide you with a maximum 50 pounds of resistance, while the pulley pivot system swivels to 360-degrees to accommodate all sixes of user. You get 7 angles of adjustable incline to increase or decrease the difficulty of each exercise.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a budget priced compact home gym that works the entire body, is extremely low impact and is very safe to use. A good choice for beginner exerciser.

#2. Weider 2980x Review

Home Gym Review

The Weider 2980x is the latest in a series of weider home gym equipment. It is a full body gym with six separate workout stations. You are able to rotate through each station for a great circuit workout. The 80 pound weight stack combines with built in resistance to provide you with a potential maximum resistance of 214 pounds.

The high pulley with lat bar delivers a smooth resistance level that allow for full range of motion with no jerkiness. We are impressed that this gym comes with a detachable preacher curl bench that allows you to isolate your biceps when curling. You also get a chest fly apparatus. However, as with the vast majority of home gyms, the range of motion on the fly is not sufficient to provide you with complete activation.

You also get a low pulley station on the home gym allowing you to a whole host of exercises that work your muscles from a unique angle.

#3.Features of Weider 2980X



80 lb. Weight Stack

Up to 80 lbs. of weight that you can lift with the cord. Great for any beginner

Up to 214 lbs. of Resistance

214 lbs. of resistance may seem like a lot now but it's a goal to chase after. For any beginner this is a great goal to aim towards

High Pulley with Lat Bar

Isolate your back/lats with the high pulley. This exercise is great for getting "wings" on your back.

Low Pulley

The low pulley is a great exercise for toning multiple muscles. Deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearms all included. With the 80 lb weight plates you will get a good work out in.

Chest Fly

Isolate your chest with the chest fly. This exercise is a great addition to any fitness routine and will stimulate quick muscle growth

4-Roll Leg Developer

Don't forget about leg day! The leg developer included is a comfortable exercise that will help you gain size OR tone in your legs.

Preacher Pad

An assisted exercise that aids with form. Great for your forearms and biceps

Ankle Strap with Handle

The ankle strap adds a ton of versatility to this already versatile exercise machine. With the ankle strap that is included your exercising options are multiplied ten fold.

Exercise Chart

While not completely necessary, the cherry on top that comes with this home gym is the included exercise chart. This is a highly overlooked addition to most workout routines and really seals the deal for the quality of product you are receiving

The Weider 2980x is one of the latest in a series of weider home gym equipment. Below we will talk briefly about the different models and where you can purchase them if they are still available.

#4. ICON FITNESS Weider 8500 Home Gym

Home Gym Review

The ICON Fitness Weider 8500 Home Gym is a heavy duty power cage with a smith machine and bench combined. Atttached to the Smith Machine is a 25 pound barbell. You also get pulleys, ropes and lat pulldown bar. However, the 8500 does not come with any weight plates.

The bench that comes with this unit is of a high quality, being adjustable to flat, incline and decline angles. It is also well padded and rigid. The bench also has a detachable preacher curl. The machine also includes a pec fly attachment, leg curl and extension pads and a low pulley station. You can even do cable crossovers with this machine.

Features of ICON FITNESS Weider 8500 Home Gym:

  • Smith Machine
  • F/I/D Bench
  • Power cage
  • Very smooth Smith Machine operation
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds

The Smith machine glides well and does not give you the jerky movement that is so annoying when you’re in the middle of heavy set of squats. This is a very impressive machine that will allow you to do everything you can do in a commercial gym. Thanks to the Smith Machine format you can work out in your home alone in safety.The maximum user weight on the 8500 is 300 pounds.

#5. Weider Total Body Works 5000 Review

Home Gym Review

This is a great home gym at a great price. It's absolutely perfect for beginners that are just getting into fitness as it uses body weight as it's main form of resistance. You can also opt to increase the weight beyond that of your body by up to 50 lbs when using all four resistance bands. You can currently purchase the Weider total body works 5000 online at Walmart and Amazon.

The Weider Total Body Works 5000 is another Weider version of the Total Gym. This one is a little more upscale than the Weider Ultimate Body Works but still not up to the level of the Total Gym. It is another budget home gym that is ideal for beginner and intermediate users. You get more than 100 exercises with this machine, which includes all of the major exercises that you can do in most commercial gyms. The difference is that, on this machine, you can do them completely safely and without any impact on your joints.

Four adjustable power bands have been strategically fitted at key points to provide an extra element to your workout, adding an extra 50 pounds of resistance. The slide away design makes for a very compact unit that can easily slide away when not in use. The Total Body Works 5000 comes with a comprehensive workout guide so you can get started working out straight away.

Home Gym Equipment by Weider

Weider Power Tower

Dip Stand Review

The Weider Power Tower is a combination Pull Up/ Chin Up and Hanging Leg Raise station. This is a solid unit that is constructed from solid tubular steel. It features multiple grips on the pull up bar and includes a dip station to work your pecs and triceps.

There is also a push up station that allows you to get a deeper range of motion. You get a generous amount of padding on the arm rests to provide comfort while you are sweating.

Weider Pro 265 Bench Press

Weider Pro 265 Bench Review

The Weider Pro 265 Bench Press is a beginner’s weight bench that comes with a bar and 80 pounds of vinyl weight plates. Included attachments are a preacher curl bench and leg curl / extensions. The bench can be adjusted to several incline positions. This bench is made from high quality tubular steel.

Weider Pro 255 L Slant Board

Weider 255 Weight bench

The Weider Pro 255 L Slant Board is designed to allow you to maximally work the muscles of your abdominals and core. It allows for flat, incline and decline positioning to extend your workout options. The comfortable sewn vinyl seat is built to last, while the four roll leg lockdown ensures controlled and secure movement. Your purchase comes with a comprehensive exercise guide.

Weider Pro 395 B Olympic Bench Press

The Weider Pro 395 B Olympic Bench Press is a two piece unit that is designed for serious weight training. It has a separate bench and rack, giving you the option of using the bench with or without the rack overhead. The bench is fully adjustable to flat, incline and decline positioning. A rolled preacher bench attachment allows you to target the biceps, while the leg developer provides a full range of motion to hit your quads and hamstrings. The sturdy metal uprights provide you with capped shelves for the bar to rest on safely and securely. You also get a complete exercise chart that allows you to get the most out of this impressive bench.

Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbell

The Weider Speed Weight Adjustable Dumbbell is a silver plated adjustable dumbbell that provides resistances between 5 and 25 pounds.It comes with a heavy duty storage tray. This is an easy to use system that allows for quick change of dumbells so that your workout is not interrupted. A bevelled comfort grip provides stability while you’re grasping the dumbbell.

Other Discontinued Models By Joe Weider

Weider 8530 Home Gym

You will be hard pressed to find the Weider 8530 home gym available through a traditional outlet store but may get lucky with a garage sale. The Weider 8530 makes use of weight instead of resistance and goes all the way up to 275 lbs! The Weider 8530 includes exercises for legs, chest, lats, and shoulders. This piece of equipment will be hard to find and to be honest, probably not worth the price. It's a bit outdated and can't hold flame to the current models.

Weider 8510 Home Gym

Another exercise machine that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Very similar to the 8530. Again I would not recommend searching for this as the newer models are more well kept, and are easier to set up​.

Weider 1200 Home Gym

Many of the old Joe Weider models have been discontinued. Again this is one of the discontinued models. Buy the updated model, it’s a great product.

Weider 8630 Home Gym

The Weider 8630 is a fantastic piece of home workout equipment, with a level of quality that other manufacturers should reach for. This gym has a leg press! This is one of the few home fitness equipments that actually come with a leg press. It’s a shame that the manufacturer no longer makes this. If you can get your hands on one that’s not in terrible shape get it!

Weider Pro 9635 home gym

There's really nothing too special about this model. It's an older version that has many of the same aspects as the 2980. Again, I would recommend purchasing the 2980 over this, even if you can get it at a good price. The maintenance involved would not be worth the hassle.

Weider Pro 9940 Home Gym

The different models of the Weider home gym don't change too drastically and this is another case of a lazy sense of innovation coming out of the Weider manufacturer. Essentially the same machine with the same workouts as previous models. The Weider 9940 is nothing to write home about.​

Weider Pro 4300 Home Gym

The Weider 4300 is interesting in that it has a pretty high resistance setting. With weight plates that go up 120 lbs and a resistance level of 330 lbs you are sure to be using this thing for a very long time before you out grow it. The build of the machine is very similar to the other models and the exercises included are the same. You may be able to find this at some outlet stores like Sears. I would recommend purchasing this over the 2980x if you can find one and you can afford the extra cost.​

Weider Pro 4850 Home Gym

Another instance of a lack of innovation. The Weider 4850 has seven different stations, just like many of their other models. This is another discontinued model. Again I can not recommend purchasing this product even if you find it a great price. The newer models do more, have more, and cost less.

Weider Pro 4100 Home Gym

Nothing too impressive here. An old model with no new tricks.

Weider Pro 4250 home gym

Another old model. You will be much better off purchasing one of the newer models. Trying to find these particular models will be a huge drag for you.​

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Our #1. Recommendation

Weider Ultimate Body Works

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