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updated January 1, 2019

Your home gym will never be complete unless you have a reliable piece of equipment to hand from while doing pull ups and chin ups. In decades past, home pull up bars were cheap and unreliable, depriving the serious trainer of the benefit of two of the best upper body movements out there. Fortunately, times have changed. The home trainer is now spoilt for choice when it comes to his pull up equipment.

One area that has truly come into its own in recent years is that of the free standing pull up bar. These units have evolved to become virtual stand alone gym towers, providing the user with the ability to not only perform pull ups and chin ups, but also dips, elevated push ups, hanging leg raises and crunches.

Free standing pull up towers are the most expensive of all the home pull up options. Prices range between $90 and $600.

In this article we will point you toward the best pull up tower on the market. We’ll also give you a heads up on what to look for when selecting a pull up bar stand.

Overview of Best Products

The best free standing pull up bar ratings fall into 3 categories: “Best In Class”, “Best Value” and “Most Affordable.” Our choice of Best in Class indicates the bar that we feel is the best overall door pull up bar on the market today, regardless of cost. The Most Affordable designation goes to the bar that most closely meets the standard set by the Best in Class bar, but comes in at a more attractive price point. The Most Affordable bar is our selection of the best pull up bar on the market that comes in under $100.


Best Pull Up Tower on the Market Regardless of Cost

XMark Fitness

Multi Function Power Tower

The Go Beast Pull Up / Dip Station really is an all-in-one gym. It’s designed to support eight basic movements, but it comes with suspended rings that can accommodate a variety of extra movements for the upper body, lower body and the core.

A major advantage of the Go Beast pull up / dip station is that the unit is adjustable so that it can be used by people of different heights.The Go Beast is a rigid, secure unit that will allow you to perform on a solid base. It carries a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.The Go Beast comes in a massive box so you might want to plan to be home when it arrives. The machine is easy and relatively fast to put together.The Go Beast Pull Up / Dip Station is a stylish piece with a solid design that looks great while doing a whole more than you’d expect from a free standing pull up bar.



Body Champ PT620 Power Tower

Fitness Power Tower

The Body Champ PT620 Power Tower provides a robust, padded all in one upper body gym that is built to stand the test of time. The sewn vinyl cushioning for the arms to rest on while doing leg raises, along with the back pad, are made from comfortable durable material. Anatomically angled VKR forearms pads allow for ideal positioning and comfort when doing hanging leg raises and other core exercises. The ergonomic design of the back-rest also provides extra lumbar support. 

The footprint of the Body Champ PT620 Power Tower is 41.5 inches wide by 84.6 inches deep. The actual pull up bar is padded along its length to allow you to do chin ups as well as pull ups. This unit has the following separate stations:

  • Pull Up
  • Push Up
  • Dips (padded grip handles)
  • Vertical Knee Raise (cushioned arm rests)
  • Made of durable steel tubing this unit comes with complete, clear assembly instructions, making it a no hassle assembly job. The maximum capacity of the Body Champ PT620 Power Tower is 300 pounds. The sturdy construction of this unit features a handy step-up design.



Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Exercise Power Towers

Here’s a no frills pull up bar stand that offers ergonomically designed stability over a range of exercise options and at an unbeatable price. The unit features comfortable, secure foam hand grips for pull, chin ups and pull ups. It also features triceps dips, vertical knee raises and crunches. Stamina 1690 Power Tower has a 250 pound weight capacity. This unit is incredibly rigid, giving you the peace of mind that is can withstand some serious punishment.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Free Standing Pull Up Bar Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The unit is portable.
  • The unit can be collapsed for storage when not in use.
  • Unlimited movement without restriction from walls or ceilings.
  • Provision for extra movements such as dips, hanging knee raises, push ups and crunches.
  • Many units are height adjustable.


  • Less rigidity than a fixed bar.
  • More expensive than other home pull up bar options.

What to Look For in a Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Free Standing Pull Up Bar Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Stability - This is the biggest concern with a free standing unit, so make sure to dial in on this aspect. Some units will look great and offer a ton of exercise options, but if they are going to wobble around, they’ll be one big training headache!
  • Adjustability - You’ll want a free standing pull up bar that will allow you to customise the height of the tower to the user. Make sure, though, that the adjustability function does not compromise the overall strength of the unit.
  • Versatility - If you are going to buy a tower, you will want to get the most out of the investment. Look for a tower that provides, as a minimum, pull ups, chin ups, triceps dips, hanging leg raises, push ups and crunches.

Adjustable Power Tower

The K KingKANG Power Tower is an impressively solid free standing unit that features a u-shaped base design. The feet have been extended to 1.3 meters with suction caps and non-slip foot sets. Two cross bars on the base provide unparalleled rigidity. This unit allows you to perform all 

The ergonomic design of the K KingKANG Power Tower puts you in an ideal position for your core exercises. Fully cushioned elbow pads provide enhanced comfort for your elbows when doing hip flexion exercisesof the expected exercises including pull ups, chin ups, dips, hanging leg raises and more. . 


A free standing pull up bar will allow for a whole new dimension of training in your home gym. Within a compact space, you’ll be able to perform all of the key upper body and core movements that you need to sculpt your physique. Keep in mind, though, that the trade-off for that versatility is in the stability of the unit. Mounted bars will always be stronger than free standing ones. So, make sure that you check the integrity of the unit before you lay down your money. You may also want to read this article for the best doorway pull up bar and this post about the P90X Pull Up Bar for more information.

XMark Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower

Our #1. Recommendation

XMark Fitness Multi-Function Power Tower

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