Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar

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Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar Review Facts

Using a doorway pull up bar to get your home-based back workout is usually the standard, but once you really get serious it’s time to upgrade to a permanent wall-mounted version. You will need a sturdy unit that is capable of handling your bodyweight while also allowing you to move up to more advanced moves like muscle ups and lever pull-ups. That’s when people usually begin running into problems. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to wall-mounted bars, but not a lot that actually lives up to the basic requirements most people need. Read on to find out if Xtreme Monkey could be the solution to your wall mounted pull up bar quest.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Extreme rigidity

800-pound weight capacity

Extra-wide 45-inch bar

Wide wall clearance of 33 inches


Stud mounting bar not adjustable

No provision for neutral grip pull-ups

Installing the unit is a two-man job


It’s made from solid steel and mounts flush to the support brackets with high strength bolts. All the hardware you need to mount the bar comes with the unit. The Xtreme Monkey pull up bar is finished in a black powder coating to give a professional appearance. The unit comes with a two years manufacturer’s defect warranty. This unit can and is being installed in commercial gyms, so you know that it will provide the rigidity you need for a serious home work-out. From the solid steel construction to the flush bolt mountings, the Xtreme Monkey bar is one solid unit. The stud mounts are placed at a distance of sixteen inches, accommodating all standard wall designs. The textured black matte powder coat finish gives the pull-up bar an excellent group, plus it makes gripping the bar easier. It can still dig into your skin though, so you might want to wear some grips or gloves when you exercise on it. You can also use chalk, but then you must make sure to remove every last bit of the residue left if you want to avoid damage to the coat! The coat protects the bar from corrosion and abrasions. If the bar gets rusty, it will become unsafe since the structure of the steel will be damaged and it can lose some of the weight capacity.


A wall-mounted bar needs to absolutely solid and rigid when holding your body weight. A lot of this depends on the job you do when mounting the bar on the wall. Assuming you’ve done this correctly, you need a bar with no wobbling or give whatever. Installing the bar on your wall might be a bit problematic though. The instructions are not so detailed, and you will need a second person there to help you out, because there's a lot of parts that might get mixed up, plus someone will need to hold the bar while you bolt it into the wall. If you want the bar to be absolutely stable, you will need to find a wall that is made out of solid concrete, wood, or anything that is capable of actually holding up 800 pounds. This can be a problem since the bar is not so small, so finding a wall with enough space that's also sturdy enough to support you is truly a challenge. Once assembled though, the bar is extremely safe and stable. If you do the job well, and Xtreme Monkey actually suggests getting a professional to do the job, you'll be able to do kipping on the bar, which makes it sturdier than most pull-up bars out there.

Bar Width

You need a pull-up bar that will allow you to perform extra-wide pull-ups as well as side to side core movements. The bar width of 45 inches allows for extra-wide pull-ups as well as core movements that require back and forth movement. The width of the pull-up bar also matters if you're installing it onto a doorframe, but since this is a wall-mounted pull-up bar this doesn't concern you.

Weight Capacity

A wall-mounted bar will have a greater weight capacity than a door-mounted one. You should expect the bar to be able to handle 400 pounds. The Xtreme Monkey Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is the serious trainer’s pull up bar. It is rated to handle an amazing 800 pounds when properly installed. With that sort of weight capacity, you just know that this unit is built like a tank. This is double what most walls-mounted bars provide. This weight capacity allows you to lift your own weight in addition to any extra poundage that you decide to strap onto your body as you get stronger.


You want a unit that allows the pull-up bar to be a minimum of 16 inches from the wall. This will give you the clearance you need for moves like kipping pull-ups and hanging leg raises. The mounting bars should be spaced to accommodate the standard stud wall spacing of sixteen inches. Bonus points go to the bar that is adjustable to fit non-standard stud distances. The pull-up bar is 33 inches from the wall, providing you with plenty of room to do your lateral movements. The stud mounting bars are spaced sixteen inches apart, meaning that they’ll line up exactly with the majority of wall studs. You also need to make sure you have enough room on a good, sturdy wall before you get to install it!


This pull-up bar is an extremely versatile one. And this is just because it's wall-mounted! Doorway and free-standing pull-up bars are not too versatile, simply because they lack either the width, space or the weight capacity to support everything you want to do with them. Luckily, the Xtreme Monkey is a wall-mounted pull-up bar, and it's really wide enough to support you doing all kinds of movements, even lateral movements. But it doesn't have any extra handles when you want to change your grip, so you'll have to target your upper body muscles the same way. And you can't add any accessories to the pull-up bar either, so you'll just have to work with what you got!


The monkey pull-up bar itself is not extremely large, nor is it heavy, so moving it around when it's not assembled is not too complicated. The bar comes apart, so you'll be able to move it around with ease. But the problem arises because you do need to bolt it to the wall. So, if you want to move the bar, first you will need to unscrew it from the wall. Then, you will have to find the proper wall to mount it to, and you need a sturdy, good wall that's able to support all of that weight. And lastly, you will need to make sure that there's enough space around the pull-up bar and on the new wall you selected to actually do the exercises you want to. So, to sum it all up, the Xtreme Monkey pull-up bar is really not all that portable.


The Xtreme Monkey wall-mounted pull-up bar is really not so pricey, at least when you compare it to the price of other fitness machines. But usually, pull-up bars don't cost anywhere above 60-70 dollars, and this pull-up bar costs more than a hundred dollars, so some people may consider it a bit too pricey. Doorway pull-up bars cost about 10-50 dollars, which is really not too much. A leverage pull-up bar is in the 15-75 dollar range price, which is again not so pricey. A joist mounted pull-up bar is not very common, but if you want to give one a shot, it shouldn't cost you more than 80 dollars. Ceiling mounted pull-up bars are pricier, and the cheapest one goes for about 60 dollars, while p[ricier bars can go op to 250 dollars. Freestanding pull-up bars are anywhere between 100 and 400 dollars, which is the same as some benches and power racks, and finally, wall-mounted pull-up bars are the priciest, going for about 650 dollars at most. When you compare everything we just listed to the price we just mentioned, it doesn't seem so horrible!

The Final Word

The Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar is possibly the strongest home pull up bar on the market, which is why it’s become a favorite for Cross Trainers everywhere. It will provide you with many years of service as you perfect your pull up ability. And, with an 800-pound weight limit, 45-inch bar width and generous wall clearance, this bar will allow you to get in the shape of your life. Just make sure to call in a buddy when it’s time to install it. The wide grip bar gives you plenty of exercises to do, but it doesn't have any extra handles for you to change your grip. All in all, we truly do believe that the Monkey pull-up bar is worth your time, and it should definitely decorate your wall!