Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar 2019 Review

updated January 1, 2019

I’d been using a doorway pull up bar to get my home based back workout done for a couple of years, and now I was ready to step it up to a permanent wall mounted version. I needed a sturdy unit that was capable of handling my bodyweight while also allowing me to move up to more advanced moves like muscle ups and lever pull ups. That’s when I began running into problems. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to wall mounted bars, but not a lot that actually live up to the basic requirements I needed. I was almost at the point of building my own bar, when I can across Xtreme Monkey. I’m glad I did. Read on to find out if Xtreme Monkey could be the solution to your wall mounted pull up bar quest.

What To Look For in a Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

  • Stability - A wall mounted bar needs to absolutely solid and rigid when holding your body weight. A lot of this depends on the job you do when mounting the bar on the wall. Assuming you’ve done this correctly, you need a bar with no wobbling or give whatever.
  • Bar Width - You need a pull up bar that will allow you to perform extra wide pull ups as well as side to side core movements.
  • Wall Clearance - You want a unit that allows the pull up bar to be a minimum of 16 inches from the wall. This will give you the clearance you need for moves like kipping pull ups and hanging leg raises.
  • Stud Spacing - The mounting bars should be spaced to accommodate the standard stud wall spacing of sixteen inches. Bonus points go to the bar that is adjustable to fit non-standard stud distances.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - A wall mounted bar will have a greater weight capacity than a door mounted one. You should expect the bar to be able to handle 400 pounds.

Presenting the Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar

Xtreme Monkey Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Xtreme Monkey Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is the serious trainer’s pull up bar. It is rated to handle an amazing 800 pounds when properly installed. With that sort of weight capacity, you just know that this unit is built like a tank. It’s made from solid steel and mounts flush to the support brackets with high strength bolts. All the hardware you need to mount the bar comes with the unit.

The pull up bar is 33 inches from the wall, providing you with plenty of room to do your lateral movements. The stud mounting bars are spaced sixteen inches apart, meaning that they’ll line up exactly with the majority of wall studs.

The Xtreme Monkey pull up bar is finished in a black powder coating to give a professional appearance. The unit comes with a two years manufacturer’s defect warranty.

Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar Pros and Cons


  • Extreme rigidity
  • 800 pound weight capacity
  • Extra wide 45 inch bar
  • Wide wall clearance of 33 inches


  • Stud mounting bar not adjustable
  • No provision for neutral grip pull ups
  • Installing the unit is a two man job

Features and Benefits

  • Very Sturdy - This unit can and is being installed in commercial gyms, so you know that it will provide the rigidity you need for a serious home work-out. From the solid steel construction to the flush bolt mountings, the Xtreme Monkey bar is one solid unit.
  • Wide Bar - The bar width of 45 inches allows for extra wide pull ups as well as core movements that require back and forth movement.
  • Weight Capacity - The Xtreme Monkey pull up bar offers a maximum capacity of 800 pounds. This is double what most wall mounted bars provide. This weight capacity allow you to lift your own weight in addition to any extra poundage that you decide to strap onto your body as you get stronger.
  • Stud Spacing - The stud mounts are placed at a distance of sixteen inches, accommodating all standard wall designs.


CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

CFF Wall Mounted Bar

The CFF bar is a heavy duty, commercial grade bar that will provide the rigidity to max out on your pull up workout. The pull up bar is 46 inches wide and provides a generous 30 inch clearance from the wall and one and a quarter inches thick. The bar is rated to 300 pounds weight capacity.

The CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar comes with heavy duty bolts. It is black powdered coated for a quality finish.

Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Titan bar

The Titan bar has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. it can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The mounting bars are adjustable to fit studs that are 16, 32 and 52 inches apart. At 53 inches, this is the widest wall mounted pull up bar that we have come across. It has a diameter of 1.3 inches.

Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar does not come with mounting hardware.

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar by MS Sports

Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar by MS Sports is a no frills piece of hardware that will provide you with solid and stable pull up options for years to come. The addition of neutral grip handles gives you more options to work the back from a range of angles.

The Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar by MS Sports has angled ends for a more ergonomic pull up that is easier on the wrists. The knurled grip will ensure that your hands won’t give out before your back does. There is just one weld here, so you won’t find any compromising weak links. The pull up bar is 48 inches long to allow for extra wide grip pull ups and chin ups.


Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar

The Xtreme Monkey Pull Up Bar is possibly the strongest home pull up bar on the market, which is why it’s become a favorite for Cross Trainers everywhere.

It will provide you with many years of service as you perfect your pull up ability. And, with an 800 pound weight limit, 45 inch bar width and generous wall clearance, this bar will allow you to get in the shape of your life. Just make sure to call in a buddy when it’s time to install it.

You can go further by glancing at this comprehensive guide about doorway pull up bar and this article about the J-Fit Doorway Pull Up Bar.

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