Adidas Powerlift 4

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Adidas Powerlift 4 is a shoe worth considering if powerlifting is your main jam. When shopping around for powerlifting shoes, I noticed that many brands opt for a hybrid power/cross-training model that allows the shoe to fluctuate between different types of exercises. Hybrid lifting shoes may give you the biggest bang for your buck, but they often fail to give you the support that your body needs when engaging in compound heavy lifts.

What I love most about the Adidas Powerlift 4 is that it is built for power and nothing else. It boasts a wedged heel that really allows you to drive up through your central chain for an extra boost and a strong and supportive upper that really locks your feet in place. The outsole is composed of a responsive rubber that is non-marking and has a slightly tacky finish that really sticks to the floor under your feet.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the advanced features that make the Adidas Powerlift 4 one of the best true powerlifting shoes out there on the market.
Adidas Powerlift 4 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

15 mm heel stack
Upper is composed of 50 percent recycled materials
Provides users with excellent lockdown
Affordable price point
Offer in a wide variety of colors
Padded heel collar and tongue
Strong EVA midsole is great for driving through your central chain


Not ideal for cross-training
The break-in period is longer than expected

Key Features


The midsole of this trainer is composed of die-cut EVA foam that provides users with a slight lift in the heel to generate more power. The compressed foam midsole material won’t give you that nice and plush or responsive feeling that you get with many training shoes out there. The design of this shoe is built to be strong and stable. The EVA foam allows your feet to sink in slightly, but the goal of the midsole is to provide a strong platform to drive up through your central chain. When slipping your feet inside of these shoes it may seem a little too hard and stiff, but that stiffness translates to more power generated when lifting.

What also makes this midsole unique when compared to other hybrid training shoes out there on the market is that it has a dedicated heel lift that is great for deadlifts and squats. The heel lift on this design measures to be 15 mm in height, which gives you just a slight edge when engaging in compound lifts. It shifts your foot forward slightly, so it will take a little time to get used to the unusual fit!


Typically, when shopping around for new workout shoes, the upper is important but it is not the most important feature. However, when it comes to powerlifting shoes, the build quality of the upper is super important. This design is composed of strong materials that really lock your foot in place, while still offering modest breathability. It is composed of eco-friendly Primegreen materials that consist of no virgin polyester. The canvas material on the upper contours to the shape of your foot and boosts lockdown without feeling overly stiff.

The upper on this design also boasts reinforced double-stitched laces, which is a big improvement when comparing the Powerlift 4 to previous designs. What I also love about the fit of this upper is that the tongue, as well as the heel collar, surround your foot in plush cushioning. In addition to the laces, it also comes equipped with a velcro strap to help boost lockdown along the top of your foot.


Adidas uses the same style of rubber material on their powerlifting shoes as they do on their tennis shoes. For tennis, you need a non-marking outsole that allows you to really grip the ground under your feet so that you can quickly turn on a dime. There are no quick and snappy movements involved when powerlifting, but firm contact with the ground is insanely important. In the middle of a heavy deadlift, you need the outsole to have firm contact with the ground to prevent slipping, and this outsole really delivers.

Another thing worth noting when looking at the outsole of this design is that it is very firm and rigid. The firm foundation with the light wedge from the midsole gives your feet a strong and stable base to dive up through your central chain. It may not feel as plush and cushioned as other training shoes, but it performs quite well under super heavy weights.


The Adidas Powerlift 4 is made for powerlifting and nothing else. Sure, you could attempt to wear this shoe while cross-training, but the stiff and heavy materials used will slow you down quite a bit, and won’t provide the same level of cushioning and performance needed when cross-training. What makes this shoe ideal for powerlifting is that it gives your feet a slight lift in the heel to drive through your central chain, and the stiff upper helps to really lock your feet in place. Think of this shoe as tiny lifting platforms for your feet!

Overall, this is one of the best powerlifting shoes out there on the market because it hosts all of the features that powerlifters need. Many of the power shoes out there on the market attempt to create a hybrid cross-training design to help users get the biggest bang for their buck. While versatility may be important to some, it means that the features for powerlifting are a little lacking.

If heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are your main focus, this is one of the best shoes that can help you reach a new PR.


For me, these shoes fit my feet like a glove. I love that this design boasts a wide toe box that allows my feet to naturally splay inside of the shoe. This wide frame allows me to ground down through all four corners of my feet to aid in stabilization when engaging in heavy lifts. They were a little stiff at first, but I was able to break them in fairly quickly.

Plus, the dynamic lacing system and velcro forefoot strap allows you to tinker with a perfect fit that feels tight, but won’t cut off the circulation to your feet.

I combed through hundreds of user reviews and found that many users felt the same way that I did. These shoes fit a little tight at first but quickly adapt and contour to the shape of their foot for an ideal fit. This shoe runs true to size, so if you are a size 10 in other Adidas shoes, the same can be said for the Powerlift 4. Due to the unique feel of this training shoe, I recommend giving them a test drive at your local shoe store before you slam down your credit card.


I was pleasantly surprised by the super affordable price point of this shoe. While other bonafide powerlifting shoes can creep up into the triple digits, this design boasts a budget-friendly price tag. It’s important to note, however, that the design of this shoe is only for powerlifting. While it really shines on the weight rack, it underperforms when engaging in cross-training or other snappy movements.

It’s not the most versatile shoe out there on the market, but it’s an excellent value for dedicated powerlifters!

Comparisons to Previous Versions

Over the life cycle of the Adidas Powerlift series, there have been very few changes made to the design of this shoe. For serious powerlifters, this shoe checks all of the boxes needed for heavy compound lifts. Adidas knew better than to make big, sweeping changes to the design of this shoe. However, they did make small changes to the upper that make a big difference.

One of the biggest changes made to this design is the material used for the upper. Previous versions used leather and synthetic overlays to boost stability, but they weren’t very breathable. The use of canvas on this design boosts stability while also offering a bit more breathability when compared to leather and synthetic materials.

The good news here is that opting for an older model won't save you all that much money. This shoe boasts a very modest price point so you can feel good splurging for the newest model with the more fine-tuned designed details without draining your bank account.


Reaching a new PR when powerlifting is a finicky game. Small adjustments from the belt and shoes you wear to your diet can make all of the difference in the world.

What I love most about the Adidas Powerlift 4 is that it is composed of strong and supportive materials that really allow you to dig into the 3 big lifts to generate a little bit of extra power. If you find that your powerlifting game has hit a wall, it may be time to experiment with the shoes that you wear.

Adidas knows what powerlifters need, and put all of those components into this design for one really great powerlifting trainer. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of fun colors and a price point that won’t break the bank.