Adidas Cloudfoam Pure

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Editor’s Conclusion
As the name suggests, the Adidas CloudFoam Pure feels like you are walking on a cloud. This minimalistic trainer is the type of shoe that just melts to your foot as you put miles behind you. It is composed of super-light materials in the outsole all the way to the upper, and it is designed for a wide variety of workouts. Users love wearing this shoe when going on a nice and easy tempo run, but it is also able to transition easily to the gym for weight training or CrossFit.

One of the things that I love most about this gym shoe is that it boasts a modern design and comes in a wide variety of color options. There are about 44 different color options in the CloudFoam lineup, so you are sure to find a color that you can get excited about lacing up in the locker room. The midsole materials are light and responsive, and the outsole is made to really grip the floor under your feet.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into all of the features that make the Adidas CloudFoam Pure a versatile and comfortable shoe that can keep up with all of your varied workouts at the gym!
Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Very lightweight
Breathable mesh upper
Grippy rubber outsole
Great for running and lifting weights
Comes in many color options
Flared heel collar


Runs a little wide
Limited durability
No arch support
The lace-free design makes it difficult to put on your feet

Key Features


While other cross-training shoes often boast a thick and responsive midsole, the midsole on this design favors weight over cushioning. This lightweight midsole offers nice step-in feel that is incredibly soft, but the thin construction makes it less ideal for running. If you want a minimalist midsole that provides excellent ground feel when lifting weights, this is a great choice.

The lightweight construction of this midsole is ideal for quick and snappy movements. It provides an excellent level of flex that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, which is great for drop sets and plyometrics. The lack of stability features in the midsole feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all, and helps to keep the overall weight of this shoe surprisingly low.


The outsole on the Adidas CloudFoam Pure is very thin, but it is made to move. It is composed of a grippy rubber material with subtle lugs that really ground you down to the floor. The slightly grippy texture of this outsole allows you to make quick and snappy movements like you aren’t wearing anything at all. Plus, the rubber materials offer good responsiveness and energy feedback to keep you light on your toes when engaging in CrossFit or speedy drop sets.

While the outsole is thin, flexible, and responsive, it isn’t as durable as some of the thicker outsoles out there on the market. Overall, the construction of this outsole makes the durability of this shoe low.

If you plan to take this shoe out on long-distance runs, you will notice that the rubber will break down rather quickly. Due to the durability issues, I would recommend wearing this shoe for weight training or CrossFit and steer clear of the treadmill.


One of the best features of the Adidas CloudFoam Pure is the construction of the upper. It is built a little bit differently when compared to other cross-trainers out there on the market. It is composed of a single layer of stretchy mesh knit that eliminates hot spots to keep your feet nice and cool. The stretchy materials fit your foot like a bootie, which helps to increase lockdown and feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all.

The laces on this shoe are purely decorative. Some users love this feature, while others wish that the laces were functional. The benefit of no laces is that these shoes slip onto your feet like butter, and you won’t need to constantly adjust or re-tie your laces. The downside to decorative laces is that it makes these shoes a little difficult to slip on.

It has a pull tab on the flared heel collar and tongue to make it a little bit easier, but there are still some users that find popping these shoes on is a little difficult.


Overall, I would recommend this shoe for those that like to float from machine to machine at their gym. Personally, I think they are excellent for powerlifting or weight training. The slim midsole and outsole provide an excellent ground feel with just enough cushioning to help you really dig into your lifts. Many powerlifters like to omit shoes altogether, which is something I never really liked. The minimalist design of this shoe feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all with just a little extra push from the cushioned midsole and springy rubber outsole.

While this shoe really shines at the weight bench, its minimalistic cushioning becomes quite obvious when you hit the treadmill. Technically, you can run in these shoes, but you may find that your feet and joints are screaming at the end of the run. Plus, the thinner outsole just isn’t as durable, which means that they will wear down more quickly when you start to rack up the miles.


The overall fit of this shoe is really hit or miss. Some find that they fit like a dream, while others find that they are a little too tight or wide. The reason the verdict on the fit is all over the map is due to the design of the upper. Omitting laces means that there is no room to adjust the fit of the upper to your feet. If your feet are narrow, you may feel that this shoe is too wide. If your feet are wide, the upper may fit a little too tightly to your shoe.

Due to the design of the upper, I highly recommend that you head to your local shoe store to give these shoes a try before you buy them. The sizing chart can determine how long the shoe needs to be to fit your foot, but it doesn’t take into consideration wide or narrow feet. The stretchy knit materials will fit most feet quite well, but it’s incredibly important that you try these on before you make your purchase.


Personally, my favorite feature of the Adidas CloudFoam Pure is the sleek and modern style. It boasts a flared heel collar that reflects the modern design found in most trainers, and subtle Adidas branding along the sides of the foot. The best part about this shoe, however, is the wide variety of color options available.

This shoe comes in 44 unique color choices that include basic black and white, as well as other neutral shades. The knit also includes unique textile designs that look like tweed, and some even include floral print patterns that are bound to generate quite a few compliments.


If I haven’t quite sold you on this shoe, let's talk about the price point. I was pleasantly surprised at just how affordable this shoe is. It comes in at a price point that costs about half as much as other budget-friendly cross trainers out there on the market.

Sure, it may have limited durability, but if you are looking for a casual training shoe to work out a few days a week at the gym, this shoe clocks in at a really amazing value. If you find that this shoe doesn’t quite work for your needs at the gym, it can easily transition to a stylish casual shoe for running errands without taking that big of a hit to your bank account!


The Adidas CloudFoam Pure suffers from a few performance issues that may limit its overall durability, but the style, comfort, and super affordable price point make it a shoe worth checking out. What I love most about this shoe is that the EVA foam midsole offers immediate step-in comfort, and the single layer of stretch knit helps to keep my feet cool and dry on those intense workout days.

If you need a minimalist shoe to wear while lifting weights or powerlifting, this Adidas shoe has you covered. What makes it a great powerlifting shoe is that the slim frame offers an excellent ground feel while the EVA foam midsole and bouncy outsole helps to drive power up through your central chain.

It’s important to note that while this shoe really shines in the weight room or when engaging in bodyweight floor exercises, it’s not exactly built for the treadmill. The EVA foam midsole will offer you a little bit of extra cushioning and spring in your step, but the slim rubber outsole just doesn't provide the durability needed to tackle long distances.

Overall, I would recommend this shoe for CrossFitter or weight trainers that are looking for something minimalistic, affordable, and incredibly stylish!