Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 4.0

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Editor’s Conclusion
Buckling under peer pressure to lift barefoot, I compromised and lifted in my socks one day. Not only did I absolutely ruin my socks, but I also missed the modest support offered by my sneakers. The Adidas Lite Racer Adapt gives you the freedom and flexibility of lifting barefoot with the added support in the modest midsole and outsole. It also boasts an upper that swaps out laces for a wide elastic band that comfortable locks the shoes to your feet.

This shoe is super lightweight and breathable, and the flexible design is made to move. I would suggest this shoe for anyone that is considering lifting barefoot, as well as those engaging in WODs or CrossFit. It’s even a great shoe to take for a spin on the treadmill on recovery days. I love this shoe because it’s stylish, affordable, comfortable, and insanely versatile.

Below, I wanted to take a deep dive into the advanced features that make this shoe a great choice to take to the gym.
Adidas Lite Racer Adapt 4.0 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable lace-free design boosts lockdown
Made from eco-friendly materials
Available in a variety of colors
Modest midsole allows for excellent ground feel
Great for powerlifting or cross-training
Very lightweight and breathable


Can fit too tightly for some
Not great for daily running

Key Features


The midsole on this design is fairly modest. While it won’t give you an insane amount of cushioning in support, it will give you an enhanced ground feel which is beneficial when engaging in WODs or weight training. What I love most about the midsole of this shoe is that it walks that fine line between minimalism and support. The cushioning is modest, but it gives you just enough support to really dig into those lifts and protects your joints.

The midsole is constructed from Adidas’ Cloudfoam technology. What I love most about this midsole material is that it provides effective cushioning without increasing the overall weight too much. Cloudfoam is an EVA compound that is incredibly strong and resilient, and won’t squish down into a pancake over time.

It provides a squishy memory-foam like feel, and contours to the shape of your foot over time. It’s one of those midsoles that just gets better and better the more that you wear it.


I’m quite certain the reason that you are here is because of the unique upper of this design. Does the lace-free design perform well, or is it just a stylish gimmick? Overall, this lace-free design does work incredibly well at locking your shoes in place and providing a super comfortable overall fit. Laces have a tendency to restrict movement or create hot spots over the top of your foot. The elastic band creates a sock-like fit that is not only comfortable but insanely breathable as well.

While the upper performs quite well, it’s also made from materials that you can feel good about. The breathable mesh upper is composed of Primegreen, which is made from recycled plastic. This means that no new plastic is made in the manufacturing of this sneaker, which is something that the planet will thank you for!


The outsole of this design is fairly basic. It is composed of 100 percent rubber materials that give this shoe its classic bounce. While the upper and midsole are fairly minimalistic, the outsole of this design provides excellent movement and energy feedback.

When engaging in a heavy lift, the thick layer of rubber on the outsole really lets you dig into the lift while taking it easy on your joints. What I love most about this outsole is that it is flexible and responsive, while still offering modest energy feedback.

The groove treads along the bottom of the outsole aren’t just for show, they serve a specific purpose. It provides users with loosely spaced shallow lugs around the midfoot, and tightly spaced grooves around the heel counter and toe box. The lightweight and responsive design of this outsole provide users with excellent movement and agility, making it a shoe that is perfect for high-intensity and snappy workouts.


Due to the simplistic design of the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt, this shoe is ready to tackle just about anything (but does have some limitations worth mentioning). I would suggest this shoe for users that prefer to float from various workouts at the gym. If you love weight training and powerlifting one week, and then switch over to fast-paced WODs or cardio machines, this shoe is versatile enough to transition with ease.

The only downside to this shoe is that it’s not necessarily built for running. While it can handle short HIIT or nice and easy (and short) tempo runs, it’s not built for the long haul. If running or cardio workouts are your main jam, you will find that this shoe falls a little short.

Its lightweight and easy design are made to move, but the modest cushioning in the midsole will not give you the proper support needed for daily runs or long-distance running.


The fit of this shoe can be a little tricky for some. Traditional laces have their disadvantages, but they also serve to craft an overall better fit. The unique sock-like design of the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt may fit a little too snug or loose for those that have wide or narrow feet.

If you have the option, it’s a good idea to take these shoes for a spin before you buy them. Due to the fact that Adidas is a highly distributed brand, you won’t have much trouble tracking this shoe down at any shoe store, and it is even available at many department stores.

It’s also important to note that these shoes tend to run a little large. Many users have reported buying a half-size smaller than they normally would buy. If you can’t make it to a shoe store to give them a spin, be sure that you take good measurements of your feet and compare them to Adidas’ sizing chart.


The style of this shoe isn’t for everyone, but I love it. It boasts a slim and minimalistic frame, and the elastic band in place of the laces makes it stand out in a world of boring gym shoes. The elastic band is also accented with the Adidas logo, which really makes it stand out in the crowd. It has a low profile that sits low on your foot, and a modest outsole that is anything but chunky.

I also love that this shoe comes in a wide variety of color options. If you love your neutral shades, this shoe is offered in solid black or gray color selections. If you want a pop of color (like me!) it is also available in fire engine red with white accents, and a fresh and poppy white with red branding along the top.


One of my favorite features of this shoe is that it comes in at a really affordable price point. When compared to other weight lifting or cross-training shoes out there on the market, the Adidas Lite Racer Apart costs a fraction of what similar brands charge. While it doesn’t boast high-end stability or comfort features, the simplistic design of this shoe gets the job done. If you want something sleek and versatile without breaking the bank, this is a really great option.

Plus, if you find that it doesn’t quite work for your workouts, it can easily transition to a stylish casual shoe for running errands.

Comparisons to Previous Versions

The bones of this Adidas shoe have remained generally unchanged throughout its life cycle. Previous iterations of this shoe still utilize the Cloudfoam technology in the midsole and use a modest layer of rubber for the outsole. One of the biggest (and best) changes made to this shoe is the construction of the upper.

Previous versions of the Lite Racer Adapt feel like they wanted to do away with the laces, but couldn’t quite commit. They offered up a weird lace/elastic hybrid that wasn’t functional or aesthetically pleasing. The good news is that with this newest model, they ditched the laces completely and committed 100 percent to a stylish and functional elastic band that just makes this shoe fit better, as well as boost lockdown.


What I love most about the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt is that it is made to tackle just about anything. The modest cushioning and good ground feel makes it an ideal powerlifting shoe (and is a great compromise if you are feeling the pressure to lift barefoot like I was). The incredibly lightweight design and flexible outsole also make it the perfect shoe for quick and snappy movements when engaging in CrossFit of WODs.

It boasts a stylish and sleek design and comes in at a super affordable price point that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for a great general training shoe that can keep up with your varied workout schedule, the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt is an excellent choice!