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Adidas Power Perfect 3 Review Review Facts

We’ve all heard of Adidas before. They are a huge company that creates all kinds of apparel made for sports, and sneakers are one of them. Although we’re used to seeing shoes made for running come from Adidas, this brand also creates footwear made for weightlifting, and the Adidas Power Perfect 3 is one of them. This model is preceded by the Power Perfect 2, which many people deemed to be a mid-range weightlifting shoe. So, not perfect, but it can get the job done. Power Perfect 3 is an updated model that shows a lot of promise, so scroll down to discover whether this updated model is just what you need.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Sleek look and great design

Mesh and synthetic leather upper

.75" heel drop

High-density EVA midsole

Simple yet functional outsole

Basic lacing system and medial strap

Quite comfortable


Runs large

Build Quality

If you ever saw the Power Perfect 2, you could easily confuse that model for this one. In other words, the style of the sneaker didn't change that much. The colorways have remained the same, as did the silhouette. But if you look closely, you will see a lot of changes that the Power Perfect 3 brings. The Power Perfect 2 had a lot of stitches and seams throughout the upper, which gave it a rugged appearance. The Power Perfect 3 has a much neater appearance, with fewer seams and loose threads. The upper is made out of synthetic leather, while the tongue, the arch, and the toebox all have mesh. This makes the sneaker much more breathable than its predecessor, and breathability is an important aspect of weightlifting shoes. It will rid you of sweat while keeping you dry and cool. Bot the heel and the top of the toes have a little overlay that protects them from tearing and damage. The back end of the shoe has an overlay as well, with a color that matches the Adidas logo, giving the shoe a cool, updated look.

The Power Perfect 2, although not ideal, had a pretty good part that Adidas decided to keep. That part is the wedge EVA midsole. Having the midsole compress when you need it to support you when you lift does not seem perfect, but the foam is sturdy enough to actually give you support without endangering your safety. The heel is very thick and sturdy, as opposed to the one found on the older model. If you handle really heavy loads, the EVA can become an issue, but then again, this sneaker was made for beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters, not for competitors, and we're sure that not a lot of people will actually reach the levels needed to compress the foam significantly. The heel is 0.75", and the gradual drop gives you stability and support you need. The only thing we wish the Power Perfect 3 had was more color choices, but other than that, this sneaker is very well made.


The way the sneaker fits you says a lot about it. When you lift, the sneakers need to fit you perfectly, otherwise, you open ways for mistakes and injuries. Adidas does have some issues with sizing, but the Power Perfect 3 does give a very good fit. The sneakers are wide, so don't worry about them feeling too snug, but other than that, there's no anatomical insert and molded insole to make it snug. If you were blessed with wide feet, you won't have a problem in these shoes! But the Power Perfect 3 is a bit lengthier than it's supposed to be. Even when you get your size, chances are that you will feel some wiggle room between your toes and the front of the shoe. Our advice is to go half a size smaller than what you usually go for, and then use the lacing system and the velcro strap to secure your feet. That small amount of wiggle room will not be an issue since you will be strapped in safely and your feet won't shift in them.


The Power Perfect 3 is a very comfy shoe. Users report that they even feel as snuggly as their running shoes, which is surprising considering that most weightlifting shoes are firm and very supportive. We believe that the mesh upper is to thank for there - mesh is a very pliable material, and it will allow your forefoot to flex naturally when you lift. So they are perfectly balanced between support and flexibility. Obviously, the Power Perfect 3 has no cushioning whatsoever, but the padding is made for running and for Crossfit - when you lift, you need all the support you can get! You can expect to feel a bit sore after you're done using them, but nothing that should affect your well-being considerably. The medial strap acts as arch support, so at least you don't have to worry about cramping and tired feet!

Stability & Support

We mentioned that the midsole has EVA foam. Foam is a compressible material, but it takes a lot of force to compress EVA, so you shouldn't worry about feeling unstable while lifting in these sneakers. You can see some Olympic lifters sporting the power Perfect, even the older model, so that should tell you just how supportive they are. However, the Power Perfect 3 does have some stability and support issues. The mesh upper does breathe and it creates a comfortable environment, but it can be too flexible for lifting. The front and the back support of the shoe take a hit because of that. There is no TPU that holds your feet in place, but there is a heel cup that does a good job. There are actually two heel cups, one in the heel, and one just above it, and they grip your feet tightly, yet gently, and do they do not let it slip out of the sneaker. The only thing besides the heel cups that keeps your feet in place is the mesh and synthetic upper, and when you consider what it's made out of, it actually does a pretty decent job at doing so. You can easily do Olympic lifting in these sneakers, they are strong enough to support you. The lacing system is pretty basic, but the laces stay in place, and the medial strap does a pretty good job at securing the fit. Although it does sit a little bit too high, it's nothing that should seriously hinder your performance, so strap yourself in and get down to business!

When you flip the sneaker over, you will be met with a pretty basic outsole. The hexagonal patterns on the sides are all there is to it, but the rubber itself is actually sticky, so it will grip whatever surface you're standing on without problems. Although the pattern itself is nothing to write home about, the outsole does an amazing job that can be compared to some high-end weightlifting sneakers!


The heel is a very important part of the weightlifting shoe. It gives them support and stability a lifter needs when tackling heavyweights. The heel of the Power Perfect 3 stands at 0.75-inches, which is more than enough to support you, and paired with the high-density EVA foam, you've got yourself a great deal. The heel actually does have a cup, which hugs your heels and prevents them from slipping out of the shoe. The Power Perfect 3 has one more heel cup that sits above the raised heel, and with that, you get a very supportive pair of weightlifting sneakers. You will need a short period of time to break those heels in though. Users report that it took them anywhere between one and three weeks to do this, so don't be surprised if they feel a little bit too snug at first. If you got the right shoe size, you shouldn't worry about them being too small!


Adidas does create some outstanding footwear, and the price follows quality. The Power Perfect 3 costs about 130 dollars, which is more than what you would pay for a standard sneaker, but less than what some high-end, specialized weightlifting shoes cost. Although they are a bit more expensive than what one would usually like, we truly do believe that they have a lot to offer for that price. They perform as well as some weightlifting shoes that are pricier, maybe even better! And not to mention that they are quite durable as well, so you won't need to replace them time and time again. The construction is thick and sturdy, while the shoe is supportive and stable, which is everything a lifter needs in the first place!

The Final Word

The Adidas Perfect Power 3 is definitely an improvement when compared to the previous model. The design is definitely a step up, with fewer seams and threads to affect the style, and with a sleek finish and a mesh upper that gives the shoe a lot of flexibility and breathability. The laces and the medial strap secure your feet, while the heel cup keeps your heels where they belong. And you don't even need to pay that much to enjoy these sneakers! We truly believe that you should give the Power Perfect 3 a chance to prove their worth!