Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3 Trainer Shoe

Updated January 11, 2019


Performance Men's Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Adidas Performance Men's Powerlift 3 Trainer Shoe is a specialist weightlifting shoe designed to enhance your Olympic lifting sessions. This shoe is designed for the serious trainer who wants a shoe with the rigidity and stability to power them to new max lift numbers. To achieve this the Powerlift 3.0 is manufactured with a wide, solid base and a high-density mid-sole. It is not designed for non-lifting activities. This shoe is an entry level model into the sole weightlifting shoe category. It is about half the price of it’s bigger brother, the AdiPower.​


The sole of the Adidas Powerlift Trainer is completely flat, without flex grooves. This provides a perfectly flat, balanced surface to power the weight upward. The hardened EVA polymer heel is raised at a height of 15 mm. This reduces angle strain and allows you to go deeper on the squat and have better lifting leverage. The shoe has a synthetic upper which is extremely strong and stable. The heel area is as rigid as you need, while providing a lot of comfort with the padding.

Powerlift Trainer shoe

The area around the heel cup is extremely secure. This will keep the foot very stable, ensuring that you won’t roll your ankle when under the heavy iron. The front of the shoe is narrower than your average shoe. This provides a tight fit to ensure that the user feels secure in the toe area.

The open forefoot of the Adidas Powerlift 3 gives you a flexible toe support area for enhanced comfort and breathability. This also adds to the flexibility of the shoe, making it well suited for CrossFit training. Your stance is stabilised by way of a midsole wedge, combined with the anti-slip rubber outsole.

The shoe features a single Velcro strap in addition to the laces. This keeps the foot snugly in place, preventing any lateral movement during the lift. The mesh tongue is well padded to prevent any discomfort to the instep while exercising. The collar and lining of the shoe also feature air mesh, allowing for maximum breathability and comfort. The strap of the Powerlift 3 is a little thicker than that found on the Powerlift 2. This makes for a more secure fit than the previous model. You will also appreciate the fact that you don’t have to contend with any strap overlay when you pull the strap tight, unlike what you find with the Nike Romaleo.

The Powerlift 3 features an anti slip rubber outsole designed to provide maximum grip to the floor. However, the sole does compress into the shoe a little too much which may provide some lateral movement when you are weighed down with a heavy load.

Adidas Performance shoes

The upper of the shoe features lightweight leather complemented with a breathable mesh. As a result, the shoe breathes well so you won’t be bothered by sweat build up or odor problems. The open toe box of the Powerlift 3 also provides a good level of flexibility to the shoe.

The Powerlift 3 is available in a limited range of colors, including Starburst Orange, Electric Blue, Green, Black /Gray. The women’s version also comes in a purple shade.

Improvements over Powerlift 2

Feedback from the Powerlift 2 motivated the people at Adidas to widen the strap on the Powerlift 3 in order to provide a more secure and solid fit. There are also enhanced design features which provide a more streamlined look to the newer version. The Powerlift 3 is slightly heavier than the previous model.

What We Like

The Adidas Powerlift Trainer has a great aesthetic appeal. It looks stylish yet functional. The shoe comes in a range of colors. The rigid heel elevation will allow you to drive a lot more from the ground. You’ll also get an extra range of motion from the heel. The style of the Powerlift 3 is completely revamped in comparison to the Powerlift 2. It retains the synthetic leather finish, and a single strap. The word ‘Powerlift’ has been added to the strap. The style of the Adidas stripes on the size of the shoe has been revamped making them similar to their soccer cleats. The overall width of the shoe has not changed from the previous version so, contrary to some of the marketing, this is not an especially wide shoe.

Adidas shoes

The Adidas Powerlift Shoe is available for less than a hundred dollars, making it an extremely affordable specialist weightlifting shoe. The heel height of this shoe is 0.6 of an inch. This compares to the industry standard of 0.75 of an inch. This lower heel height with the Adidas Powerlift 3 is a good thing. It is great because it will help with movements like squats, but won’t be too high to impair performance on movements like deadlifts, where you need to be lower to the ground. You will be able to stay more upright when squatting, while also hitting a greater squat depth. Some higher weight lifting soles make you feel like you’re having to hunch over when performing deadlifts – that’s not the case with the Adidas Powerlift. The lower heel height can also help with the bench press, especially for those who prefer to bench with a flat foot.​

The Adidas Powerlift 3 weighs in at 15 ounces. This makes it a little lighter than the Adidas AdiPower and the Adidas Leistung. For the rigidity and hardness of the heel, it comes in quite light. The shoes runs true to size. Even when you don’t tie the laces or secure the strap, your feet will feel snug in this shoe. When lacing up and securing the velcro it becomes like a fortress for your foot. That means absolutely no movement or shifting around with your feet. And that means that you will feel a whole lot more confident when stepping up to the weight.​

The sole is made of a very stiff rubber. It’s quite hard but it does still compress. Despite their rigidity and super secure fit, the Adidas Trainer is very comfortable. It doesn’t give you that heavy weighed down feeling like the Nike Romeleo or even Adidas’ own AdiPower.

You feel very stable when wearing these shoes. When you’re trying to get a good grip on the ground in order to lift weight off the ground or to go down deep in a squat, stability really comes into play. The Adidas Powerlift 3 has stability plates built into it. It is very solid, without a lot of bend.

What We Don’t Like​

The Adidas Powerlift Trainer 3 has a rather narrow width. People with wide feet will want to buy a size larger than their normal shoe size.

Powerlift Trainer 3

The sole of the shoe features a little too much compression. This can lead to a little instability when squatting due to the ‘squishiness’ factor. Also the insole of this shoe is made completely from foam, which adds to the instability.

The build quality of the Adidas Powerlift 3 is much less than the Nike Romaleo or the Adidas AdiPower. As a result, you will feel more cemented to the ground when wearing those shoes. Of course, you will pay about double the cost of the Powerlift 3 for either of those shoes.

The EVA heel construction of the shoe is not as resilient as the TPU material which is used on more expensive shoes. This means that the shoe is lacking in heel rigidity, which may be factor when you are working with a heavy load. However, the EVA material is a better fit for Cross-Training.​

Ideal User​

The Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift 3 is an ideal shoe for a person who has never squatted in heels before. The lower heel height will provide an ideal entry point for you. If you are currently using a shoe with 0.75 inch heel and want to experiment with a slightly lower heel height then you, also, will benefit from this shoe.


  • Ideal entry level weightlifting shoe
  • Reduced heel height of 0.6 inch
  • Wide strap for tight fit
  • Open forefoot and flexible
  • Enhanced comfort and breathability
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole


  • EVA Heel lacks durability
  • Excess sole compression
  • Width a little narrow


The Adidas Powerlift 3 is a great addition to the entry level weightlifting shoe market. It is a powerful shoe with an enhanced lockdown fit. We highly recommend them for someone who is in need of a specialised shoe in which to perform Olympic lifts, squats, bench presses and deadlifts. They’ll do a great job and are built to last. The shoe looks good and is available in a range of color options. It’s easy to find the right size and the shoe is comfortable while providing very good heel rigidity. The heel height is a little lower than the industry standard, allowing for both squatting and deadlifting. They’ll do a great job and are built to last. For the price, you will be hard pressed to find a better entry level weightlifting shoe.

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