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Alexa Jean Fitness Review Facts

Alexa Jean Fitness is the online home of Alexa Jean Brown, a fitness loving mom who knows how to sweat her way to an awesome body – she’s already done it. And her website is all about showing others how to do it too. is an extremely popular site among the ladies which means that Alexa Jean Brown is a key fitness industry influencer. In this article, we take a close-up look at the Alexa empire.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very influential fitness mom

Great workout plans with detailed instructions

Nutritional plans which complement the workout plans

Three-stage pregnancy guides

Fun and detailed blogs

Great value


Does not include anything related to lifting

Who is Alexa Jean?

Alexa Jean is actually Alexa Jean Brown. She a mother of two in her mid-twenties who lives in Arizona. Having a couple of toddlers, she knows how hard it is to get in the regular workouts and follow the proper nutrition needed to stay in great shape - and get rid of that baby body. Alexa has learned through trial and error what works best and how to package the fitness lifestyle in a way that works for busy moms.

Alexa encourages moms to actually make their workout time an opportunity to bond with their child rather than slipping in a workout when the baby is sleeping. By using the weight of the baby as the resistance a whole new experience opens up to both parent and child.

In February 2016, Alexa founded the Wild and Free project, which is committed to supporting charitable organizations who fulfill a critical role in promoting high-quality research in health-related areas such as childhood cancer research. The Wild and Free project works to bring encouragement to people who are battling critical health issues.

Alex Jean Fitness started life in 2014. It began as an online resource for new mothers and women who were looking for fun, accessible health and fitness content that was also immediately usable. Over the years Alexa built the website into a channel with millions of viewers. Alexa fitness is now one of the biggest fitness brands on the planet.

Alexa Jean Products

As well as providing a whole lot of practical training and nutritional information, provides a number of fitness products. The site offers both workout plans and nutrition plans to set you straight on your fitness journey. Here workout plans include the Sore to the Core 30-Day Ab Challenge, Fight For Fit, Fight For Fit, 30-Day Leg and Butt Challenge. The nutritional guides are the Eat Clean Jumpstart Meal Plan and the Clean Eating Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle.

These plans are quite versatile and are enough to get anyone started on their fitness. Although some challenges last only 30 days, they are enough to keep you motivated, and then create the habit of working out and staying healthy. If you combine every work-out video together, you're set to get the body you always dreamed of! Although it should probably be said that there is no work with heavyweights, and if you want to start lifting you should look somewhere else. The nutritional guides are quite detailed and descriptive, and they will explain why you need to avoid certain foods. However, they are no replacement for a dietician and should be used as a suggestion, not a real meal plan. If you want to know what works best for your body and your health, consult a physician!

The Workout Plans

The Alexa Fitness Workout programs are provided in the form of a series of 30-day challenges. The body is covered in the form of an Upper Body challenge, a Leg and Butt challenge, and an Ab challenge. Each of the guides is presented in a very easy to follow format. They progressively increase in intensity to allow you to make continuous improvements at your level while avoiding burnout. Every workout features photo demonstrations of every exercise. The workouts can be done anywhere so you are not restricted to working out at a gym when you sign up to Alexa’s programs.

The workouts can all be completed in under twenty minutes, making them ideal for busy moms. They include plyometrics, core strength and cardio aspects of training. All of the training programs are in the form of digital ebooks that can be instantly downloaded.

Sore to Core

The 30-Day Sore to the Core provides you with a circuit of different ab exercises every day. Circuits are completed in rounds, with one minute rest period between circuits. The workouts are completed three times per week. Even though the program only runs for 30 days, it can be repeated monthly for ongoing results.

Upper Body Challenge

The 30-Day Upper Body challenge focuses on the chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. It provides in-depth exercise explanations for every move. Dumbbells are needed for some of the exercises in this program.

30-Day Butt and Leg workout

The 30-Day Butt and Leg workout provides you with a 4-week workout program of high-intensity interval training. This is a great program to target the typical problem areas for women - the thighs and hips.

12-Week Healthy Body Guide

The 12-week guide brings the three separate body part programs together into a comprehensive 12-week routine. It includes a combination of high-intensity interval training, plyometrics, core strength, and effective cardio methods. The guide increasingly ramps up the intensity allowing you to progressively make progress at your own level without burning out. This 12-week program provides you with photos to accompany each exercise. You should consider this 12-week guide to be an adjunct to, rather than a replacement for the three 30-day body part programs. You should start with the 12-week program before going on to the individual body-part programs.

In terms of pricing, Alexa strives to make her products as affordable as possible. Most of her training programs run between $7-$15. In addition, she regularly bundles programs together, providing even better value.

Alexa is not focused on building muscle, so if you are looking to put on muscle mass then this is not the program for you. But if you are looking for a program that will allow you to lose body fat while, at the same time, toning and sculpting your muscles, then Alexa’s programs are probably going to be ideal for you.

The three-body part 30-day programs do not include meal plans, so you will have to purchase the Eat Clean 30-day Meal Plan to get the complete exercise and nutrition solution. Alexa doesn’t provide much in the way of direct support. However, she is accessible through a range of social media platforms.

Nutritional Plans

The Eat Clean program includes a complete day-by-day breakdown that includes 36 recipes. These include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and smoothies. The recipes are practical and easy to follow and designed to jump-start your metabolism.

Alexa also provides a unique 3-stage pregnancy guide series of ebooks. They cover each of the three trimesters. Each of these guides covers everything you need in order to provide both you and your baby with more energy​, better sleep, fewer aches and pains, lower risk of diastasis recti, more intelligent babies, and shows you the preventing and treating of gestational diabetes with less weight gain. Alexa often bundles the three pregnancy guides for a small price, which provides new moms with great value.

Her pregnancy guides are probably what gave her praise and fame in the first place. There were viral articles floating around the internet that showed what a post-pregnancy belly of a fit mom looks like, and that mom was Alexa. She strives to be honest, and she showed true integrity by showing what you should expect after giving birth. She explained why belly rolls and stretch marks are perfectly okay and explained why it's never good to compare yourself with other moms you see online showing you their perfectly flat stomach just days after giving birth!

Blogs features a blog written by Alexa. She updates the blog several days per week, which is great to see. She provides lots of easy to prepare recipes. She also regularly adds workouts that add variety and challenge. As an example, she featured 12 days of Xmas workout challenge through February of 2019. Alexa encourages her community to share their experiences, challenges, and results through her various social media platforms. In this way, she has created a strong community of women who support and encourage one another. The website also features a challenge page where women are able to post their before and after photos.

Alexa also has a Squarespace website, which you can find here: On this site, you will find a more intimate portrait of Alexa and her family with plenty of family snaps and posts about what her crew is up to. The fitness section of the site features recipes and workouts, some of which are a repeat of what you will find on the original site’s blog. The site also features a travel page, which provides a lot of very practical information about how you can make a success of travel with toddlers and babies. There are also, of course, plenty of tips on how you can maintain your health and fitness lifestyle while you are on the road. A Fitness guides page links back to the main site where you can buy all of the ebook products mentioned above.

The Final Word

Alexa Jean Brown has established herself as a legitimate fitness industry influencer. Her target audience is mothers with babies and toddlers, but her programs are beneficial for all women who are looking to lose some weight and tone up their bodies, with an emphasis on the traditional female problem areas - hips, thighs, and glutes.

If you’re a woman who is wanting to get into some heavy, bodybuilding type training, this is not the program for you. It does not involve heavy resistance training. Instead, the majority of exercises utilize your bodyweight (the upper body program does require dumbbells) and are done in circuit training fashion. The 30-day workout programs do not include any nutritional content, which is a little disappointing. Also, Alexa does not supply very much in the way of direct support with each program (though they are covered by a guarantee) though she is accessible through social media (and usually responds in a timely manner). The programs that Alexa offers are all well priced. If you’re a new mom looking for a practical series of programs that will provide you with the tools you need to create your new body then the Alexa Fitness series of training, pregnancy and nutrition programs may be just the thing you need.