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Updated January 24, 2019

If you are committed to working out, you may wonder if the workout program you are currently following is the best workout plan for you. The P90X3 Workout, the Focus T25 Workout and the Body Beast Workout each have their own unique benefits.

Developed by well-known fitness trainer, Shaun T, the FOCUS T25 workout is one intense 30-minute workout routine. This workout was created after Shaun T’s students said they wanted a shorter routine that they could easily incorporate into their regular workday. FOCUS T25 ended up being the answer. This workout then will not cut into you day but will give you the energy and “focus” to accomplish regular daily tasks and activities.

However, as good as this routine is for professionals in the work world, it probably is not the best or first choice for anyone who is 50+. The pace of the exercises and intensity is definitely designed for people who are approximately 20 to 35 years old. You definitely should not take this workout on if you suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure without talking to a doctor. Again, the workout is superb and the product provides participants with a nutritional plan as well. However, older people or retirees might be taking on more than they can handle if they choose to exercise and follow the exercise approach offered by Shaun T.

The P90X3 Workout is a Beach Body workout that lasts 30 minutes, which offers a quick and effective way to stay in shape. You not only run through this routine in a record length of time, you also switch routines to keep everything lively if not interesting. This workout regimen is designed to create muscle confusion, thereby causing muscles and tissues, in time, to build up and expand. The workout routine not only assists in building muscle, it speeds up the metabolism too. Therefore, you regularly burn calories and fat and reduce any figure flaws.

This fast-paced workout is designed for a wide range of ages – from 20 years old to 70+ years. Exercisers not only lose weight, they also feel more energized when they follow the P90X3 Workout. If you want to get your day off to a good start, this is the exercise workout you want to follow.

If you purchase the exercise online, you will receive a basic kit. The basic workout kit features a fitness guide and a nutritional guide as well as workout training videos and backup support online. The advanced package of the P9OX3 workout features workout equipment and aids as well. If you are serious about incorporating a solid workout regimen into your day, then the P90X3 workout is a routine you will want to follow.

The P903X3 workout is designed so you don’t just lose water weight, which can be regained in a very short span of time. Instead, the P903X3 workout causes you to lose fat, all which makes any weight lost a permanent result. If you follow the P903X3 workout religiously, you will be able to see weight loss and fitness results in as little as a month.

The Book of Beast

If you are a guy who wants to pursue a full-fledge weightlifting workout routine, you definitely won’t be disappointed with the Body Beast workout. This workout routine, which is pursued by some women, is still more regimented for the male of the species. The name, itself, indicates that men will like this challenging exercise routine. Most weightlifters, after two weeks, cannot hold their enthusiasm about the Body Beast workout. They usually follow the workout videos after pursuing such routines as Insanity, wishing to follow a different workout. Needless to say, they will certainly receive what they are seeking in this Body Beach fitness regimen.

The training program is well organized and is broken down into blocks of time – great for anyone who wants to include this workout into a regular daily schedule. The scheduling gives you goals to achieve – goals that provide solid results if you fulfill all the workout’s criteria.

Lasting a total of approximately 12 weeks, weightlifters work out 6 days during the week. Each of the three program blocks are categorized. The first block of time is known as the “Build’ block. This part of the training lasts for about 3 weeks. It is followed by the “Bulk” block, which lasts for a month and one week. The final block of time is called the “Beast,” which is designed to last 4 weeks.

If you are seeking a workout routine that uses weights – one which you can pursue at home or the gym, you will love the Body Beast workout. A free mobile app is available if you want to pursue the workout at the gym. You never are far away from a great workout as long as you are carrying your mobile phone or device.​

The FOCUS T25 Workout

Our #1. Recommendation

The FOCUS T25 Workout

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