The Best Youtube Fitness Channels Reviews

Finding fitness tips online has never been easier. Whether you are just getting into lifting or trying to find the right weight lifting program to help you reach your goals, there are free fitness videos on Youtube that can tell you exactly what you need to know.

Below, we put together a list of some YouTube channels we think are great for a little guidance and advice on getting started. We split them up into 3 categories.

Most of these channels will have videos about other categories, however, I have put them into the category that I believe represents them the most. Without further ado, Enjoy!

Best Youtube Channels for Lifting Form


Buff Dudes

The Buff Dudes Youtube channel is funny and extremely informative. Their form videos are great for newbies that are just starting out and do a great job of breaking down proper form for workouts that can be potentially dangerous if done wrong.

Alan Thrall

Alan Thrall is a guy with an awesome beard and an awesome personality. His videos are fun and extremely informative. Watch the video above to get a taste of what you’re in for when you watch an Alan Thrall video.

Elliott Hulse’s strength camp

Elliott Hulse’s body building channel covers everything fitness related. It’s a great channel for motivation, nutrition, and workout plans. It has a great section for learning proper form as well, which you can see here in his E-Coach series. Strength camp is a must subscribe for anyone entering the fitness world.

Candito Training HQ

Jonnie Candito is an absolute beast. He is a collegiate athlete with a ton of experience. His channel is value packed with free workout videos and filled with great strength training and all around fitness tips. Just check out that squat form above!

Best Toning Youtube Channels



BeFit has daily workouts that are guaranteed to help burn fat and tone up your muscles. They have celebrity fitness guests like Jillian Michaels, and another famous Youtuber, Scott Herman (listed below).


Blogilates has exploded with her positive attitude and motivational videos. Her videos are a lot of fun and her fans are extremely loyal. Definitely worth a watch!


Lisa-Marie from BodyRock will leave you speechless. Her workouts are intense and her body is the definition of fitspiration. Her channel is value packed with tips for stretching, toning up, and gaining muscle. It’s a great channel for beginners and advanced alike.


XHIT daily has fun workouts for any occasion. Where you want to ‘burn off a starbucks frappucino in 5 minutes’ or train like a Victorias secret model they’ve probably got a workout for you.

Best BodyBuilding Youtube Videos



Interested in the science behind muscle building? BIOLAYNE has some great videos about the hard facts behind what you should be eating based on what your goals are. BIOLAYNE is a must subscribe to channel for anyone who is serious about GAINS.

Physiques of Greatness

I asked the reddit bodybuilding subreddit what their favorite youtube channels were. Physiques of Greatness got mentioned more than anyone else. His channel is a no B.S information hub for all things fitness. Check him out and subscribe!

Omar Isuf

If you have been in the fitness game for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Omar Isuf. He is one of the few youtubers out there that started when he was small. A truly motivational channel with some of the best actionable advice out there.


The Hodge Twins are hilarious. Combine that with the fact that they have a value packed channel and are yolked out of their mind, this one is a no brainer. Check them out for gains and comedy.

Scott Herman Fitness

Another great Youtube channel for building muscle and getting ripped. Scott Herman has been featured on quite a few youtube channels because he is one of the best out there. His videos are inspirational and packed with valuable information.

There are so many channels dedicated to bodybuilding, weight loss, toning, workout guides, and fitness in general. These are just a taste of what is available. Once you start to really search, there is no doubt you can find a fitness YouTuber who checks all the boxes for what you are specifically looking for.