The Body Beast Workout Reviewed

Most fitness buffs and weightlifting enthusiasts favorably endorse the Body Beast workout. The exercise video allows the weightlifter to bulk up and build muscle in a 12-week span of time. The Body Beast workout is segmented into three blocks of time – one which is classified as “Build,” the next which is referred to as “Bulk,” and a final segment known as “Beast.”

Here’s How Body Beast Works

Fitness aficionados work out 6 days out of the week during the 12-week period. The “Build” block of time lasts 3 weeks while the “Beast” block goes on for 5 weeks. The last block of time, the “Beast” takes up a month. Users exclaim they begin seeing a difference in their body after about two weeks or after they have followed most of the “Build” block part of the regimen.

Average Workout Time

During the first week, workouts are begun with a workout description. The routine is made up of warm-up exercises, the workout itself and then a stretch. The workouts can vary in time, so allow for more time as there are variances. Most of the repetitions last about 30 to 40 minutes.

A Kind of Balancing Act​

During the first part of the Body Beast workout, exercises consist of drop sets and super sets. The “Build” block, in total, is made up of mainly 8, 12 and 15 rep sets for almost each exercise. Exercisers can really feel pumped from this routine as the sets are made to begin with lighter weights with more rep sets and heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Therefore, you increase the reps for lighter weights and decrease the number of reps if you are lifting heavier weights. This kind of balancing act creates a better workout session as the reps are leveraged with the lifted weights.

Classic Weightlifting Exercises​

The Body Beast workout features all the classic weightlifting exercises too, such as dumbbell flys, tricep kick-backs, incline bench presses and close-grip presses. To increase your muscle building capacity, decline push-ups round out the offerings. As you can see, the kinds of exercises in this grouping are especially designed for men who want to enhance their physique and increase the width of their shoulders and chest.

Expect Soreness

The second day of the Body Blast workout concentrates on the legs. If you are not used to working out and focusing on this part of the body, you can experience some very sore muscles after this initial session. While the workout lasts about 40 minutes, the pain and soreness from this part of the Body Blast routine can last several days.

The Leg Work – It Is Actually A Challenge

This leg workout focuses on a number of muscles that are not usually worked during such exercises as dead lifts and squats. The workout proceeds with drop sets featuring 15, 12 and 8 reps for most of the exercises. One set offers an interesting combo of straight leg dead lifts, Bulgarian squats and parallel squats – one exercise following the other exercise for each set. Therefore, you are doing 45 reps in total (15 + 12 + 8) in one set of the exercise series in addition to calf raises, lunges and step-ups.

The exercise routine, indeed, is definitely made for the committed and advanced weight lifter – one who is devoted to developing a muscular body through intense lifting and conditioning. Some of the exercises presented in this series of working out are also devoted to 30 minutes of a highly intense workout.​

The Cardio Portion – You’ll Burn Some Calories

The cardio portion is guaranteed to make you sweat. This session combines running in place, squat jumps, squats, jumping lunges, pushups, deadlift and planks. All the exercises really give exercisers the burn. Because of its intensity, the cardio portion will keep you burning calories throughout the day long after you have completed your workout.

Last, But Not Least – The Abs

The Body Beast workout would definitely not be a Body Beast workout without the inclusion of abdominal exercises too. Although this portion of the workout routine is just over 10 minutes, it certainly can be felt the following day. Some exercisers cannot get through the entire routine when they first participate. Planks are well-utilized that are quite challenging.

For example, exercisers perform a plank that requires they bring their knee to their elbows. The bucket drop necessitates performing a plank, then bringing the knee across and under the body and placing the outer hip virtually to the ground. The routine is completed with a leg raise where participants spell out the word “Beast” using the feet – both forward and backward.​

Definitely Make Time to Regroup

Needless to say, the body Beast workout is not replete of diversification and challenge. However, the workout does make allowances for the body to rest. The body needs some time to relax and repair, especially when the Body Beast is regularly practiced and followed. Over-training can really set a person back in achieving his exercise goals and maintaining a regimen. The Body Beast workout plan takes this into consideration in its exercise regimen.​