Rogue SM-1 Squat Stand

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Rogue SM-1 Squat Stand Review Facts

The Rogue SM Series bridges the gap between a hardcore squat rack and a full-blown power rack. The SM-1 provides you with the thickest, most rigid framing that you will find on any Rogue rack anywhere. This compact, solid, upright squat rack is very secure and stable. While it doesn’t include a pull-up bar option, the SM-1 will provide you with some great safety features.

In this article, we review the SM-1 Squat Stand and show you why you should consider adding it to your gym!

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 x 3 inch, 11 gauge framing
Large walk-in space
Very rigid spotter arms
1,000-pound max weight allowance
Black powder coat finish for excellent protection


No pull up bar
A Bit too tall


The SM-1 is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio in Rogue’s state of the art manufacturing facility. The Monster j-cups come with plastic UHMW inserts and backs, and they are pretty strong without the inserts, but they send the j-cups in the super-strong category. The whole squat stand is made out of Rogue signature laser-cut 11-gauge steel, promising durability and strength. The hardware is one-inch thick, and the hole spacing is 2-inches on center. The textured black powder coat finish is a cherry on top, giving it an excellent look and supreme protection. The stand is not compatible with pull-up bars though, but you still have plenty of options left without it!


Every Rogue unit is incredibly durable, and the same is true for the SM-1. What makes it so durable is the construction, and all the little details Rogue made sure are perfect. For starters, we have the 11-gauge steel frame. This might seem like it's a bit too thick, but believe us when we say that it's just thick enough to last the mile. The j-cups are strengthened with the plastic inserts and covers, withstanding up to 1000 pounds, which is much more than most of us will handle. The black coat finish really seals the deal here, sealing away the fragile infrastructure of the steel from moisture and corrosion. The lifetime warranty promises durability, and even if something does go wrong you will be covered!


The Rogue SM-1 Squat Stand is an extremely sturdy pared-down version of the Monster power rack series. With uprights that are made of 3 inches by 3 inches, 11 gauge square steel, this is a mega solid unit. The bolt-together base and triangle plate provide you with a maximum level of stability. The footprint is wide enough to give the frame the stability it needs to withstand a lot of weight, which is what truly matters here. This unit is not made to be bolted down, but if you want to do so for extra stability, you can always just anchor it to the ground. But you won't be able to move it around though, so keep that in mind!


The SM-1 is a really safe machine. As we said, it's extremely stable, so you don't have to worry about the whole machine tipping over and pinning you under all of that weight. The Sm-1 is not a nit that is supposed to be bolted down, so if you want to kip while using it, you might want to secure it by placing down sandbags or extra weight around the base. One more thing that you can do to up the safety of the machine is getting the spotter's arms. Although you will need to pay extra, they are just one more step towards complete safety! After all, if you prefer to exercise alone, there won't be anyone near you to help you if you misjudge your strength and go for a bigger amount than you can handle! The spotter arms will make sure you remain safe, holding that extra weight down for you as you compose yourself and give it another go!


A new keyhole pattern on the uprights provides you with a greater range of attachment compatibility. This allows you to use your squat rack as the base from which to perform a large number of additional exercises. The spotter's arms are extremely solid and easy to move. The max user weight of this squat rack is 1,000 pounds. You can get a bench for this stand, making the number of exercises you can do with the stand much bigger. Plus, you can get a bar and weight plates as well, and the collars are free with the purchase! You will have to pay more, but if you don't have any accessory this is a very valuable purchase.

Moisture Resistance

One thing that Rogue definitely does good is protecting their equipment. Even though their items have a lifetime warranty, they still deemed that the coating is a step they cannot skip when it comes to protecting your valuables. So, as a result, every Rogue product has a black powder coat finish, that gives them a great look. This powder finish protects the frame from wear and tear damage, and it also keeps corrosion away. This is done by repelling all of that water and sweat particles, which can wreak havoc if they somehow manage to get inside the steel! You still need to wipe down the excess moisture after you're done, and if you use chalk, do not forget to wipe that down either!

Release Date

The release date of your piece of equipment may be the last thing on your mind when buying fitness equipment, but it's a very important aspect that you must think about. The SM-1 is the oldest squat stand model Rogue offers. The SM-3 is the newest one, and it blurs the line between squat stands and power racks! It is definitely their best squat stand yet, but it is quite pricey, so settling down for the SM-2 or the Sm-1 is still an excellent idea. They are great rigs too, and they still have a lot to offer, especially the updated 2.0 models which feature everything their newer models do, like the plastic protection for the j-cups and the signature black-powder finish!


At 73 inches in height, the uprights are not as tall as on either the SM-2 or most Rogue power racks. However, it is an ideal height for low ceiling garages and basements. The hole spacing on the uprights is two inches. The unit is finished in a black satin powder coat finish. With a 50 inch by 54-inch footprint, this rack gives you a generous amount of room to move. But that generous amount of room can be the pitfall, since some users may not have enough room to house such a big unit. And although it shouldn't be bolted to the ground, moving it around can still be quite a hassle! So remember to check whether you have enough room to store this rig, or you might have trouble with using it properly!


One thing that Rogue definitely doesn't do is create cheap machines. The ES-1 is an exception here, but it doesn't feature a lot of great aspects other Rogue machines have, and even though the stand itself is cheap, the accessories are not, and you can still go way above the thousand dollar point if you decide to get everything! The SM-1 Squat stand is a mid-range item. It will not significantly chip your budget, but you might need to save up just a little bit to get it. Plus, if you want to get the accessories, like the bench or the spotter's arms, you can spend a significant amount of money. But, as a result, you will get a very versatile piece of equipment that is sure to be better made than the rest of the competititon!


The Rogue brand is widely accepted all around the world, and since they create high-quality items their fame is very well-deserved. The Rogue brand saw the light of day in 2007, and it happened in Ohio. The reason for their creation was very simple, - one man just couldn't find a single place that held all of the items he needed for his Crossfit gym, and so he took it upon himself to create such an object. Once he did that, he still saw plenty of problems, so the next logical step was to begin creating his own fitness items. And although they do create some quite expensive pieces, they are high-quality and supremely hardy, packed with a lifetime warranty! You can find just about anything nowadays in their store, and we recommend you definitely give them a try!

The Final Word

The Rogue SM-1 Squat Rack is a heavy-duty rack that allows you to squat, bench and deadlift in complete safety and security in even the tightest of training environments. It is compact and solid, yet provides you with a solid walk in space. With a 1,000-pound max weight allowance, this is a great rack for compact spaces. The SM-1 is the oldest model though, and it is the cheapest for that reason, but it can still be a bit pricey for some people. Nevertheless, we whole-heartedly recommend the SM-1 to every fitness enthusiast that is in dire need of a high-quality squat stand!