Rogue RW – Foldback Wallmount Rack

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Rogue RW – Foldback Wallmount Rack Review Facts

With the inclusion of the RW-Foldback wall mount rack to its stable power racks, Rogue has taken a huge leap forward in the home gym market. Now you can train on the most widely regarded home gym power rack system on the planet in even the most challenging of home gym spaces. The RW-Foldback introduces a cool new hinge and pin system that makes foldback fast, easy and extremely secure.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Rogue RW-Foldback Wallmount so you can discover if it’s a good match for your garage gym space.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Folds up to be 5 inches width from the wall

Has UHMV rubber feet which protect your floor while you are using the rack

There is a huge variety of accessories you can add to your rack to get the precise workout you are seeking


You may have to install stringers before you install the rack


The Rogue RW Foldback is fully compatible with the complete Infinity range of power racks. When fully set up, this rack acts just like the WF rack.

What makes it special is the hinge and pin system which is attached to Rogue RW Foldback and allows it to fold flat back against your wall when not in use. You simply slip out the pull-up bar which sits at the top of the unit and swings the sides of the rack back to completely free up your space.

This rack is not quite as solid as the RMWL-3. The framing is constructed from 2 x 3-inch 11-gauge steel uprights, compared with 3 x 3 inch for the RML. Both of them have ⅝ inch hardware. You have your choice of rack depth, allowing you to fit the unit to the size of your gym space. You can choose either a 20.5 or 40.5-inch depth. When folded away, you are left with just 5 inches of frame depth.

Unlike the vast majority of foldback power racks, this one gives you virtually no loss in rigidity over the W4 power rack. However, when you mount the unit against a wood, drywall or metal stud wall, Rogue recommends using stronger support.

The max height of this unit is 90 3/8 inches, which provides you with plenty of space to do your pull up work. You also get a pair of plastic-coated j-cups.

What To Look For

When you are getting ready to purchase a retractable wall rack there are a few things you should take into consideration, though it is not a lot different than when you are choosing a regular power rack or squat stand. Probably the first thing you will want to note is the ceiling height requirements. The room needs to be tall enough so there is plenty of room for pull-ups or other such exercises. Take a look at the dimensions and gauge of the steel used in manufacturing. You will want to check where it was sourced and the quality of the build, as well as the size of the hardware it is built with. The price might also make a bit of a difference though most of them are reasonable.

The U.S. steel units have many advantages over the imported counterparts. There is less imperfection in the steel and a better powder coat protection. They also have laser-cut components and holes. It is high quality with consistent hole sizes, hardware


The R-3W rack is made with 11-gauge steel which is 2 inches and 3 inches. It uses some of Rogue’s highest quality, heavy-duty ⅝ inch hardware. The rack comes in two available depths of 20.5 inches and 40.5 inches. The two racks sell for $475 & $555 respectively. They both stick out from the wall less than 5 inches when stowed away. This gives you plenty of space to work out when it is opened and keeps it compact and out of the way when it is closed.

How It Folds

Setting up and stowing away the Rogue R-3W is very quick. You just need to pull or place a couple of pins. The 20-inch version folds inwards, and the 40-inch version can fold in whichever way works best for you. It can go with both sides to the left, both to the right, or both to the outside. No matter which way you fold it, all versions are 5 inches from the wall once the rack is stowed away. You can purchase a stringer from Rogue Fitness as well.

What Is A Stringer

A stringer is a piece of wood that is horizontally mounted and screwed into wall studs so that something can be mounted to it and stay secure. Stringers are used in house construction to give more support for things like stairs or bathtubs. In the fitness world, a stringer can be used to mount your squat rack, rig, or pull up bar to the wall or ceiling.
Stringer's help provides structural strength to give you a more secure installation. It also helps you when you are working with a concrete wall. If you screw a bar into concrete, the stress of your workout can pull the mounts out over time. A stringer would help this.

Another reason for a stringer would be to help you install your rack when the studs in your wall have spacing which is not the standard. Studs are usually at 16-24 inch intervals, but in some older houses, they are not set up this way. So you can screw the stringers into your studs, and then your rack into the stringer.

Rogue Fold Back Rack Stringers

To give you the best optimal support, we recommend you add a pair of stringers to your Fold Back Rack order. These are made especially for Rogue equipment from 11 gauge steel and finished with a black powder coat for the utmost durability. They are 59 inches long and a little over 10 inches tall. You can mount one to the top hinge brackets and one to the bottom hinge brackets to keep your rack stable and secure. These stringers have pre-cut slots which let you mount them to a wood stud wall. All the hardware you need is included with the stringers.


This innovative design is mounted on the wall instead of taking up a lot of floor space, which is perfect for a limited space area. When you are not using it, you can fold the rack almost flat, and reclaim even more space. It is a sturdy unit, made of 11 gauge steel and is a little over seven feet tall. So it should easily fit into any garage.

The rack also comes in two different depths. You can get 21.5-inch or 41.5-inch depth. We recommend you go with the 41.5-inch depth. It will give you a bit more breathing room in case you need a spotter behind the uprights. You should note 41.5-inch depth rack will not fold as tight as the 21.5-inch model.

The rack also includes a set of J-Cups which hold your barbell and a pull-up bar which you can attach to the rack once it is extended. It is also compatible with the standard accessories if you are interested in adding more attachments.

Having your power rack is all about being safe, so we highly recommend a set of the Safety Spotter Arms. They are extremely tough but also feature a plastic piece along the top so the knurling on your bar is protected.

This rack is great for pull-ups and chin-ups. Be sure to equip your rack with a pull-up bar so you can do exercises like pull-ups, hangs, and leg raises. This is one of the huge benefits of having a power rack.

What It Contains

This rack comes with a whole list of pieces starting with the 11 gauge steel uprights which are a little over 90 inches tall. It also comes with a set of Infinity J-Cups so you have a spot to put your bar. There are four mounting brackets included along with four detent pins. You will also receive a quick-attach pull-up bar as well as two 4-inch hitch pins with a lanyard for locking in your pull-up bar, just another good safety measure. There are two UHMW plastic caps that you can use to protect the floor and all of this is topped with a black powder coat finish.

The Final Word

If you have limited space in your home gym, the R-3W is a must-have. This is a slick set up with everything you need to have your power rack on the wall. It is very handy to have a rack you can pull out, use, and put back. What makes it even better is the stability and sturdiness of this rack. You can feel perfectly secure pulling up your full body weight or performing any intense workout. You can rely on the quality of Rogue Fitness.

This rack gives you all of the quality and benefits of a Rogue power rack with the added convenience of being retractable. You will get in a great workout with a rack that is easy to use and easy to stow away when you are not using it.