Rogue RM-6 Monster Power Rack

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Rogue RM-6 Monster Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue RM-6 2.0 power rack is not the most expensive rack Rogue makes–that distinction belongs to the behemoth RM-8 Banshee–but it offers unparalleled upgrades, options, and versatility for your home or commercial gym. This is a rack you might see if you visited an NBA or NFL training room.


The RM-6 2.0 comes in three different upright heights, which we’ll get into below. It is made of 3X3 inch 11 gauge steel throughout, with super-secure 1-inch black oxide mounting bolts. As big and effective as the RM-6 is, it ships unassembled so you can transport it into your tight space for assembly and permanent installation. 


The rack comes in a choice of 11 colors and, with Rogue’s accessory catalog, an almost endless array of configurations. It is compatible with any of the racks and attachments in the Monster line. With an 80” by 53” footprint, the RM-6 is not built for small workout spaces. But the big footprint gives you plenty of working depth for Olympic lifts and bench attachments.


Let’s take a look at all the features, options, and possibilities the Rogue RM-6 2.0 power rack has to offer.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Compatible with any Monster Series accessories

Massive working depth

Optional safety upgrades offer peace of mind during solo lifts

3 X 3 inch steel tubing on frame and base

Westside hole spacing for dialing in start positions

Comes with band pegs, weight plate pegs, and wrenches for assembly


Can’t be wall mounted and extended like the Monster Wall Mount model


Although the safety features for the rack are pretty great, we should point out that they cost extra. They are optional, enabling you to lift heavy weights, using any Olympic or other exercises, by yourself without the need for a human spotter. These safeties will prevent accidents and save the day in case of a dropped barbell.

They include the Monster pin and pipe safety set, which mounts between the uprights. The main goal of the pin and pipes is to save a failed bench press before the loaded bar causes injury or equipment damage. The Rogue pin and pipes feature a one-inch diameter zinc coated steel pipe. The pipe connects by way of a quick-release lever that looks like a curved 20 mm Allen key. The pipe turns to lock the pipe in place. Pipe lengths are 24, 30, and 43 inches.

The Monster Strap safety system 2.0 is a 3-inch nylon strap with hardware on the ends to mount to uprights. Each strap is rated to 10,000 pounds. A pair of safety straps will both protect the finish on a barbell, and make the barbell roll away from the user so no injury occurs in case of an incomplete lift. The strap pins in place; it does not bolt, so it is easy to remove and place at the desired height.

Finally, the Monster flip-down safety is a 43” piece of rectangular steel that serves the same purpose as the straps. The flip-down is only available in 43” lengths and, like other Rogue hardware, is only compatible with Rogue racks. It features evenly spaced laser-cut holes, making it match the look and feel of the uprights themselves. The flip-down is also easy to remove and reposition as desired.


Rogue lets you customize everything about this rack, including the height. Steel uprights come in either 90 inch, 100-inch, or 108-inch versions, so you can match them to your ceiling height. This also means that the pull-up bar will be high enough off the ground for just about anyone’s needs.

In addition to the 11 custom colors for the framing, you can choose either a powder coat finish or Cerakote stainless steel coating. Either one will resist rust, corrosion, and dings or scratches. Cerakote is an ultrathin ceramic coating typically used in the gun industry. It is tough and resilient even in very thin layers. Stainless steel, though coated, will have some blemishes from the welding and laser cutting process. Rogue fabricates and assembles all its own racks, so the supply chain is easy to verify and Rogue is just a phone call away if you have any issues or concerns.

You can even choose the type of hardware mounting bolts you use with your rack. Black zinc matches and compliments darker frame colors, while bright zinc has the classic look of steel nuts and bolts used in construction and home remodeling. A cross member with laser the laser-cut Rogue logo, in thick black stencil font, adds the final style touch to the rack. The nameplate default is red, but Rogue will change the color to match any other custom color you choose.


The RM-6 rack comes standard with 1-inch mounting bolts, assembly wrenches, 4 pegs for bands, and 8 plate storage posts. All other hardware, including J-Cups to hold the bar in place, counts as an extra and has its own price. We’ll talk about a few of these extras, from basics to more advanced pieces, but you can get the complete list by calling Rogue or visiting their website.

Rogue proprietary J-Cups hold bars in place while not in use. They snap into the uprights to provide an ultra-secure, but easy to move, stationary platform. All J-Cups are rated to 1,000 pounds, the maximum amount of weight you can store or work with on this rack.

Standard J-Cups look a little like larger steel versions of the plastic hooks you use to hang pictures, the ones with peel-off adhesive backs. The hook part is big enough to accommodate a 2” Olympic bar. Rogue J-Cups are coated with plastic, inside and on back, which protects the finish of your bar including knurled bars.

Monster Sandwich J-Cups, the next step up, have a more squarish look and also feature plastic at the core and on every working surface.

Finally, Rogue 2” Sandwich Monster J-cups offer the maximum protection including a hard rubber backing that keeps any steel part of the J-Cup from damaging uprights or injuring the user’s hands.

The rest of the extra hardware, which you can see without leaving the RM-6 product page on Rogue, includes a single fat or skinny pull up bar or the option of both bars combined on one mountable frame. You can also choose a cross member with the laser-cut Rogue nameplate, the socket pull-up and curls bars (which can be Cerakote coated), and a 43” gusset beam which makes the upright connections flush and adds rigidity to the whole upper rack.

We’d be remiss to leave out Rogue’s safety spotter arms, which look like steel ramps or jack stands that mount to the part of the uprights near the floor. A spotter arm provides peace of mind by catching a dropped barbell during Olympic squats. We don’t know of any other way to make heavy solo squats safe. If that is something you plan to pursue, a pair of arms will cost less than $200 USD and will install in minutes once assembled.

Even More Extras

So far we have touched on those extra pieces of steel and plastic that make the rack safer or let it perform basic functions, like holding barbells in place. But since the RM-6 is compatible with the Monster series, you get access to over 100 add-ons that extend the frame and let you perform exercises a squat stand can only dream of. Here are some of our favorites. Remember that some of these extras can get expensive.

The Squatmax MD is a large, lifter-sized steel platform that you can stand on and do belt squats with the aid of a large lever handle. Belt squats target your entire leg muscle group, as traditional squats do, but with no pressure or strain on your spine.

The Matador is a removable snap-on steel frame that lets you do chest and arm dips from any height on the uprights. It is quick and easy to remove and store the Matador when you need access to the entire upright surface.

The low priced rack mount leg roller is a foam pad with a steel center, just like those you see on leg stations attached to benches. The roller does not move, but instead locks your leg in place for Bulgarian split squats, standing leg stretches, and similar moves that require stability and balance aids. You can use the roller to facilitate pistol squats, with or without dumbbells or kettlebells.

The Monster Shrimp Trawler is a pair of sturdy, durable polished steel gymnastics rings that hang from the rack frame with Rogue’s thick nylon Monster shackles. You can do exercises where you pull and hold yourself in space using the rings and your upper body, but you can also use the Shrimp Trawler to hang a heavy bag from your RM-6 rack.

The Final Word

There are so many exciting features and upgrades for the RM-6 that we had to work extra at not missing any. If you’d like to know more, you can visit the Rogue product page or get in touch with Rogue customer service. Many commercial gyms rely on Rogue equipment for their client use, so it may be possible to visit a local gym and test drive the RM-6 without having to go to a fitness supply house.

This rack is customizable in just about every dimension and offers stability with a durable and rigid solid steel frame. As usual, the rack is backed by Rogue’s warranty and customer service department. We don’t have any complaints, though it bears repeating that the RM-6 is not for everyone. The need for a stable heavy lifting platform, with enough upgrades to make the rack its own gym, is not something we all share. If you are happier with a bench, uprights, and barbell set, that is perfectly OK.

But if you are an experienced lifter, and you know that consistent use will make up for the high purchase price, we recommend the RM-6. Just make sure you have the space for it and are ready to finagle it into your space. Assembly is straightforward but time-consuming, and you may even want to grab friends or hire an installer to make sure everything goes according to plan.