Best EZ Curl Bar Review

updated January 1, 2019

The barbell curl is the most commonly performed exercise in gyms. That’s because everyone wants bigger biceps. Using an ez curl bar makes the curl more effective, allowing you to target the biceps more directly. It also takes pressure off your wrists and forearms. In this article, we discover the best EZ curl bars on the market in both standard and olympic bar formats, allowing you to make the smartest choice for your home gym.

A Quick Overview of the Top EZ Curl Bars

The best curl bar that we have found is the CAP standard barbell EZ curl, which features less pronounced angles than normal to more effectively target the biceps. It comes with quality collars and is offered at a good price. We also really liked the Titan Olympic curl bar, with its 47 inch length, revolving sleeves and double knurling.

Our third favorite is the Body Solid 47 inch bar, which has dual grips which are biomechanically designed to reduce forearm and wrist pain.

To allow you to easily make comparisons between the Top 10 bars, we have rated each of them on the basis of price and durability. Then we’ve given each one an overall rating out of 5. In the following section, we will provide a full review of each product.

The Top 10 In Depth

#1. CAP Standard

EZ Curl Bar

The CAP Barbell standard ez curl bar is framed from solid chrome steel. It has threaded chrome ends with EZ spin collars which come with the bar. It fits a one inch standard barbell plate and is able to hold up to 200 pounds of plate weight. The weight of this ez hammer curl bar is 13 pounds.

The curve on this CAP Barbell EZ curl bar is less pronounced than on most bar, allowing for reduced forearm and wrist strain and greater bicep involvement on each repetition. The CAP ez curl bar on this french curl bar is comfortable to hold with knurling on curved handle portions for added comfort. This is a solid, functional arm curl bar that comes in at a very good price point.


  • Collars included
  • Less pronounced angling
  • Good price


  • Collars take time to put on and off

#2. Titan

Olympic Ez Curl Bar

The Titan ez curl bar is a commercial grade Olympic bar that is ideal for home use. It has a 47 inch length with 7.5 inch knurled curling grips. The bolt fastened sleeves are 6.5 inches long, providing plenty of room to load plates. Sleeves are easily spun to allow for hassle free plate loading. Titan collars are sold separately.

The Titan curl bar has knurling on both the close grip and the wide grand hand positions to ensure a secure grip. The clear silver oxide finish gives this unit a stylish look. If you’re after a quality, stripped down bar from a top name at a bargain basement price, this olympic super curl bar is the one for you.


  • Commercial standard
  • Double knurling
  • Silver oxide finish


  • Does not include collars
EZ Curl Olympic Bar 47-Inch

#3. Body Solid

The Body Solid 47 inch EZ curl bar is 47 inches long and finished in chrome. This Olympic style unit weighs 18 pounds, with 31.75 inches of length between the sleeves. Sleeves rotate to allow for easy placement of the weight plates. Collars are not included in your purchase. The dual grips on this Body Solid EZ curl bar are biomechanically designed to reduce wrist and forearm pain when perform bicep and forearm exercises.

The inner angled grips on this adjustable curl bar are designed to target the inner head of the biceps, while the outer grip hits the outer head. As a result, this EZ curl has sharper angles than you will find on many other products on the market.


  • Effective groove angling
  • Easy rotating sleeves
  • Chrome finished


  • No collars included

#4. CAP Barbell Standard 47 in. EZ Curl Bar

Olympic Super Curl Bar

The CAP Barbell Olympic EZ Curl Bar is a solid chrome steel unit that features Olympic style ends to accommodate 2 inch center hole Olympic plates. This model features smooth ends that easily revolve to allow for quick on and off movement of plates. Screw type collars are included with your purchase of the CAP Olympic curl bar.

Knurling on both angled portions of CAP Barbell allow for secure hand grip, though you may wish to wear gloves when curling. The maximum plate loading capability on this unit is 200 pounds. Though not having as many on the rollers and being as robust as top commercial models, this is a great priced Olympic model that will give you an effective home based bicep workout.


  • Olympic Weight Bar Collars provided
  • Ends revolve easily
  • Max weight 200 pounds


  • Collars provided are not high quality

#5. Champion

Curl bar

The Champion barbell EZ curl bar is a solid bar made from a single piece of chrome plated steel. The unit is one inch in diameter all the way along, including the sleeves. It will, therefore, accommodate a traditional one inch diameter plate. This EZ curl model will take a maximum weight of 220 pounds. If you will be handling more weight than that, you will be better off using an Olympic style unit.

The Champion barbell super EZ curl bar has a standard level of bar angle, with a generous amount of knurling. Spring collars are provided with this unit, giving you a quick and easy way to secure the weight. This model represents very good value for money.


  • Collars provided
  • Good value for money
  • Generous amount of knurling


  • Knurling is a bit rough

#6. XMark Convict Warden’s Package

Rackable Olympic EZ Curl Bar

The XMark Convict Warden’s Package Curl bar is a high grade model from one of the most respected names in the industry. Thi package includes 65 pounds of Texas Star rubber coated Olympic weight plates, representing great value for money.Constructed to XMark’s exacting standards, this unit has a great balanced feel to it and is extremely durable. The bar has an impressive weight limit of 400 pounds.

The XMark bar that is part of this package is chrome plated, and is corrosion resistant. It features revolving end sleeves that fit 2 inch diameter olympic weight plates. The sleeves revolve easily so that you can quickly slide on the plates that you need and are extra long at 10 inches. The Texas Star Olympic rubber weight plates feature five recessed grip handles with spacious openings that fit comfortably in the hand while the stainless steel precision hub ensures perfect fit and ease of loading.


  • Respected company
  • Great package deal
  • 400 on weight capacity


  • Collard not included

If you’re wondering how much does a curl bar or an olympic bar weigh and why you should be using a curl bar vs straight bar, check out this clip below:

#7. X Mark

Olympic EZ Curl Bar

The X Mark Chrome Olympic EZ curl bar comes in you choice of chrome or black finish. The gripping portion of this model is 28 mm long and features medium knurling to allow for a secure, comfortable hold on the bar. The coating on this unit is black manganese phosphate. In addition to looking very smart, black manganese are the hardest available and they are the most abrasion and corrosion resistant.

​This X Mark Chrome Olympic bar weighs in at 22 pounds and has a maximum plate loading weight of 400 pounds. Quality bushing are used in the internal workings of the sleeves to ensure easy revolving. This makes it a piece of cake to slip the plates on and off.


  • Black manganese phosphate coating
  • 400 pounds max weight capacity
  • Easy revolve sleeves


  • Knurling is a little aggressive

#8. Impex

Olympic Weight Bar

Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Curl Bar:-
The Impex Apex Olympic solid EZ curl bar is a chrome plated bar of solid steel construction. The angling on this model is not as aggressive as you find on most bars. This places less stress on the wrists and allows you to more naturally target the mid portion of the bicep. Solid black plastic collars are included with your purchase of this unit.

This is a gym grade model that will allow you to target your biceps, triceps and forearms without causing undue strain to your wrists. The sleeves revolve easily, allowing you to quickly replace the plates. Impex Apex Olympic ez curl model is offered at a good price and comes with a manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty.


  • Less aggressive angling
  • Collar included
  • Good price


  • Olympic plates fit slightly loosely

#9. XMark CHISEL

TRI-GRIP Olympic Plate Weight Sets

The XMark Chisel Prop Barbell Olympic curl bar is made of solid steel and is presented in a stylish black finish. It provides you with 4 needle bearings to ensure a smooth and quiet spin. Deep diamond knurling provides for a secure, comfortable grip.

The Chisel Pro is the top of the line curl bar in the XMARK line up. The black manganese phosphate bar is 28 mm in diameter. The sleeves spin perfectly and are completely noise free and feature a zero maintenance snap lock system. This is a very high quality bar that is reasonably price. 


  • Deep diamond knurling
  • Manganese phosphate bar
  • Noise free


  • Knurling is a little aggressive

#10. Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Bar

Olympic Weight Bar and Weight Plate

The Marcy solid steel olympic bar is a serious curling bar for serious weightlifters. It is made from sturdy, reliable solid steel and manufactured with precision to ensure high tensile strength. The chrome plated finish provides you with a sleek, ergonomic nd clean finish. The bar comes complete with a pair of plastic twist lock collars. 

The 47 inch chrome steel bar is ergonomically designed to allow you to place maximum tension on your biceps when curling. This standard bar is compatible with all two inch hole diameter plates. 


  • Well priced
  • Included 6 x collars and dumbbell handles
  • Ergonomically designed to target the biceps


  • Only suitable up to 120 pounds of resistance

Now that you know where to find your next EZ curl bar, learn how to get the most out it with our 9 Workouts and Exercises You Can Do With a Curl Bar - it’s the path to huge biceps.


The best EZ curl bar is the CAP standard barbell EZ curl, which is a budget unit that delivers all the quality you need for great curls at a very good price. Our second favorite is the Titan 47 inch ez curl bar ergonomic hand position and rotating sleeves. Our bronze medal winning EZ curl is the Body Solid 47, featuring a biomechanical design to make it more wrist friendly.

CAP Standard

Our #1. Recommendation

CAP Standard

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