Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Power Rack

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Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot Monster Lite Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot is a slightly pared-down version of the RM-390 Flat Foot. While it features the same robust 3 x 3-inch square, 11-gauge steel framing, the hardware is slightly less hardcore, with ⅝ inch hardware as opposed to one-inch diameter bolts on the RM-390. As with the larger version you do not need to worry about bolting the unit down, making it more portable and versatile than the other power racks in the Rogue stable.

Let’s get a closer look at the Rogue RML-390F Flat Foot.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Doesn’t need to be bolted down

Generous walk-in space

Westside holes

Black powder-coat finish

Can be converted into SML-3 or SML-2

Pine/pipe Safety System


No built-in safety system

Quite tall


Pin pipe safeties come as standard and you get a set of high-quality j-cups. This rack also makes use of the Westside spacing system, so you get one-inch hole spacings between the bench press zone and two-inch spacings between the upper and lower portions.​ The frame is made out of 11-gauge steel, coated with a black powder that keeps it safe from corrosion. The flat feet of this rack give it enough stability to negate the need to bolt it down to the floor, which is excellent because you'll be able to move it around if need be. You can easily convert this rack into the SML-2 or SML-3, or you can go the opposite way and convert them into this wonderful unit! You have the choice between a flat or skinny pull up bar, and every bit of the additional hardware required is included in the order.


Rogue Flat Foot features 3 x 3 inch, 11-gauge square steel tubing. That is as heavy-duty as it gets with Rogue and provides you with extremely high-end rigidity. The bolts to put this thing together are ⅝ inch in diameter. While not as hardcore as the one-inch bolts used on the RM-390 F, it still provides you with all the structural integrity you will ever need. Every part of the lite rack is covered with Rogue's signature black powder coat, which gives it a sleek look and excellent protection from corrosion and wear and tear damage. The steel j-cups have plastic inserts that are quite strong, giving them stability, and they also protect the frame from chipping, and your barbells knurling pattern stays safe at the same time.


The RML-390 F is a very durable product, just like every Rogue product out there. Rogue takes pride in creating high-quality items that can withstand so much more than what we're used to seeing, but the price will be higher because of this as well, so keep that in mind. What makes the RML-390F so durable is the 11-gauge steel frame. It's super strong, as it can withstand up to 1000 pounds, which is much higher than the upper limit of what some people will decide to tackle in their lifetime. The black powder coat extends the life of the unit generously, as it makes corrosion and abrasions things of the distant future. Of course, the RML-390F has the well-known lifetime warranty issued by Rogue, so if anything does manage to go wrong, you'll be safe!


The foot-print of this unit is quite conservative, at 48 x 49 inches. Even still, it gives you a generous 30-inch walk in space. The Monster lite rack is not so light though - it weighs almost 300 pounds! But it's that weight that keeps it still on the ground, and it won't even wiggle when you overload it or accidentally drop weights on the cups. The RML-390F is quite tall though, measuring at 92.375". This is taller than most ceilings found in regular homes and gyms, so it's likely that you will have some issues trying to fit it inside your room or garage. However, you won't need to bolt it down, so even if you do see that you actually do not have enough room to house it, you can always move it to a different room, or you can even move it outdoors!


The rack has a special triangle base set-up which provides you with a superior level of balance and rigidity. That means that you don’t have to bolt this unit to the ground, giving you a lot of flexibility as to where you locate the rack. The unit also weighs about 300 pounds, so that will give it even more stability. The flat feet are wide and stabilize the RML-390F, giving you the chance to kip on it if you wish. It might wobble slightly, but you can solve that by placing some sandbags around the base.


This rather large unit is surprisingly enough, portable! It is heavy though, so you might struggle with moving it around. But you don't need to bolt it down to the ground, so you won't need to settle for having it on just one location in your home. The installation is simple and fast, and you can even take it apart if you wish to move it somewhere else, without worrying about ugly holes in your floors!


Some users may worry about just how safe this unit is, considering it's pretty large and heavy, yet there's no need to bolt it to the ground (unless you really wish to do so). This is an understandable concern, as no one wants to be trapped down under all of that weight, and having the unit chip and break away as soon as you bought it is no one's idea of a good time. Luckily, the RML-390F is a very safe unit! The 30" pin/pipe safety system will keep those weights where they are meant to be when you're done using them, and the wide, flat feet stabilize the unit completely. However, there is no built-in safety system here, but you have the option to buy spotter's arm if you wish, which sort of evens out the situation.


Rogue takes great care to coat every little bit of their units in their specialized black coating. This step ensures that no part has any visible, or invisible, damage that could potentially endanger you. This black powder coat looks great, and it will keep looking great because it simply repels moisture and water away, removing the risk of rust. You also won't see any scratches or cuts, since the powder coat is quite resistant to those as well. Still, you will need to wipe down the unit properly every time you're done using it, to soak up every last drop of sweat. Sweat is more corrosive than water, and the powder coat can fight it off, but not for long, and if you just leave it piling up that way it will damage it, so make sure you get every last bit of sweat off! Remove chalk reside as well, as chalk attracts moisture, and that is the last thing you need.


The Rogue Monster Lite Flat Foot can be used as a single unit or it can be converted using an existing SML-3 or SML-2 squat rack. Converting the SML-2 or SML-3 back into the Monster Lite Flat Floot Rack is also a possibility, giving you a lot of room to work with here. You can also check the Monster Lite RMC-3WC review here.

You get a good level of customization choice with this unit. You can select between a fat/skinny 43-inch pull-up bar or skinny pull up bar, although you will have to give a little bit of extra cash for them. We recommend going for the skinny bar if you're a beginner, or if you're into Crossfit. You can also add a bench and weight plates to the order, opening up the world of exercise possibilities significantly, but you will again have to pay a bit more, which we think is a fair trade-off.


You will rarely find a Rogue product that is not pricier than what you're used to seeing, although there are some affordable products made by Rogue out there. The RML-390F is somewhere between affordable and pricey, as some people may find it to be a bit too expensive, but nothing that you can't save up for if you're just patient enough. The RML-390F is a really commendable product that every user would be lucky to have! With that being said, you don't get any other accessory besides the basic frame, and if you want a bench, weight plates, or anything else that is compatible with this product, you will need to pay even more, and that can put some people off!

The Final Word

The Rogue RML-390 F Flat Foot power rack is a very sturdy stand-alone rack that doesn’t require bolting to the floor. It has a triangle base that adds to its structural integrity. With Westside hole spacing you get plenty of customization ability with bar placement. While not quite as hardcore as the Monster RM-390 F, it will provide you with all the power you need. The signature black powder coat keeps it safe from rusting and corrosion, and you can easily convert this stand to other racks from Rogue, and vice versa, giving you plenty of ways to work with this stand. The stand has no built-in safety system though, and it is quite tall, but we really believe that the RML-390F is an excellent product which is fit for every home and commercial gym alike!