Monster Lite RMC-3WC Power Rack

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Monster Lite RMC-3WC Power Rack Review Facts

The Rogue Lite RMC-3WC Power Rack is a fold-back rack that is the ideal solution for the space-challenged iron pumper. Whereas many foldable racks that are out there inevitably compromise on strength, you don’t have any of those issues with the Rogue foldable. This rack can be folded both inwards and outwards for more space savings. Yet it still provides all of the sturdiness that you’ve come to expect from the Rogue Monster Lite series.

In this article, we take a close look at the Rogue Lite RMC-3WC Power Rack.

Editor's Pros & Cons

3 x 3 inch 11-gauge steel frame

Foldable inwards and outwards

Choice of depth

Customizable colors

Great value

Very adjustable

Compact and small

Westside Hole Spacing


Difficult assembly


In order to provide an easy to operate and sturdy folding mechanism, the team or engineers at Rogue developed a unique pin and hinge system that is easy to install and yet still remains rock solid. The frame is made out of an 11-gauge steel laser-cut to perfection. You can choose whichever color you want for this frame so you can liven up the old gym and enjoy your favorite hue. The depth is also up to your choice, making this unit very customizable. The best part about the RML-3WC is the fact that it can be folded away, as it becomes virtually invisible, and you get your full function of the garage or room where you decided to place it! You can also customize this rig to your needs, adding benches and weight plate pegs.


The Rogue RMC-3WC fold-back power rack is constructed from the most heavy-duty steel in the Rogue factory - 3 x 3 inch 11 gauge. That means that you have the most rigid, supportive uprights to support your heavy squats that are on the market. This steel is laser cut in Columbus, Ohio to Rogue’s high specifications. The RMC-3WC makes use of heavy-duty ⅝ inch nuts and bolts to ensure that this unit fits together with rock-solid rigidity. The j-cups of this unit are steel as well, with a protective plastic casing that guards the frame against chipping and the barbells from knurling damage.


The RML-3WC is an extremely durable unit, and it's all thanks to those material choices and the way it was made. Rogue also gives out their lifetime warranty for this unit, so you get to keep your peace of mind as you rack up more and more weight on it. The very hardy 11-gauge steel is thick and expertly welded, never bending or warping, as it can withstand up to 1000 pounds. This was tested over and over until the creators were absolutely sure that the frame can actually withstand all of that weight, so don't worry about overloading this rig! The innovative system used to help this rig fold away is not the breaking point, as many may think, as it was crafted with supreme precision, and no matter how many times you fold and unfold it, it will just not give in. And the black or colorful coat only makes the rig more hardy!


The RML-3WC has an excellent protective black powder coat that guards it against all sorts of things which can potentially damage the unit. The coat keeps away every single drop of water away from the steel, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. The coating also guards the frame against chipping, abrasions, and deep cuts, making it look sublime for many years to come. But you also get colorful options here, unlike with the RMC-3WC, and the coat changes according to color to make it pop. These coats are glossy and smooth, as opposed to the satin-like black coat, but the properties remain the same. Just make sure to get rid of sweat that sticks to the frame, because it's more corrosive compared to water, and it can potentially damage the coat.


The rack is available in two depths, 21.5 and 41.5 inches. When you swing the sides of the rack inward or inward they will position themselves flush with the wall. The 21.5-inch depth is the ideal choice for most powerlifting application. It will provide plenty of room to squat, bench or deadlift. If you are planning on doing gymnastic moves you should consider the 42.5-inch depth. When stowed away this fold-back power rack takes up less than 5 inches of space from the wall. That means that you can have a world quality Rogue power rack in your garage and still be able to park your car in the garage.


As you may have already guessed, this rig is definitely not portable. And there's no need for it to be portable in the first place! You don't need to move the rig around from one corner to another, as it will be literally stuck to your wall. It doesn't even have a footprint! The mount is super compact, especially compared to other Rogue units, as it becomes as flat as a pancake when you fold it away. You won't even know it's there once you're done using it. But, if you're moving away, or if you just want a different place to hand the wall, you may run into some issues. The wall mount needs to be supported by a thick, sturdy wall, preferably made out of concrete or wood. This is already difficult enough to find, and doing that twice is no one's idea of a good time. The installation process is meticulous too, although it's not really that difficult, so having to do that all over again may put you off the whole idea of moving it around. Do this if you really have to, but otherwise, leave the mount where it is, we promise it won't bother you!


Many users probably wondered about just how safe this wall mount really is. It's supposed to withstand about 100 pounds, al the while hanging down from a wall and having the ability to be folded away. The concern is understandable, but there's nothing you should worry about! Rogue has a knack for creating outstanding units, and this wall mount is one of them. The hinge-and-pin system is the one we have to thank for making all of that possible. The pins anchor the mount into one place, and then it functions just like any other regular rack. You can then overload the mount as much as you want, squatting and benching to your needs!


Rogue RMC-3WC fold-back power rack uses Westside hole spacing, which provides you with a highly customized way to get the ideal bar placement. Throughout the bench press zone, you get one inch on center hole spacing, which spreads out to two inches above and below that zone. And of course, let's not forget the fact that you can fold and unfold the unit whenever you want to! The depth can also be changed whenever you feel like it, so you can easily and quickly adapt the mount to whichever exercise you have on your mind. But, you will need to purchase a stringer that actually does that changing, but it doesn't cost that much so we recommend you get it. You can also adjust the color to whatever you like! The Westside hole spacing gives you the chance to add even more accessories that were simply made to enrich your squatting or benchi8ng experience!


This rig is truly amazing, and what makes it even better is the affordable price point! Rogue is known for creating truly excellent products, but they are usually quite pricey, but this is not the case with the RMC-3WC! It won't reach the thousands price point, not even with all the added accessories you can get for it, which makes this unit a piece that everyone should strive to have in their gym. This mount, along with Rogue's other foldable wall mount rigs, is extremely popular, and we believe that the affordable cost is one of those reasons, along with the many sublime features it has to offer you!

The Final Word

The Rogue RMC-3WC fold-back power rack is the best foldable power rack that we have yet come across. It is made from extremely solid 3 x 3 inch, 11 gauge square steel uprights to provide with a level of rigidity that is very rare in a foldable home use power rack. You also get the Westside hole spacing pattern which is a Rogue trademark and is foldable both inwards and outwards. We highly recommend this product.

In terms of alternatives to the Rogue foldable power rack, there is nothing out there that provides the same level of frame rigidity or foldable integrity. The best cheaper option is the Fringe Sport Retractable Power Rack, which provides you with a 90.5-inch height, one-inch hole spacing and inward and outward folds options.

Read our Fringe Sport review, and find out what we think about the company.